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Morning run & breakfast


Recently ive gotten my running motivation back and it feels like all i want to do is to run…. But because of my busy weekday schedule its hard to find time. But its about making time for the things you love. So i woke up a little earlier than usual on a weekend and drank some coffee and BCAAs and ate an apple and some raisins and then i went out for a run, I wasnt sure how far i would run…. a 5km, 10km, 7km etc… but i just kept running (with a break half way to do some stair intervals i.e run up really fast, jog down and then repeat how many times i like). My run finished at 6.6km and feeling energised and tired at the same time! My stomach was rumbling for a proper breakfast 🙂

Today my breakfast was: chocolate egg cake & raspberries, quark, nuts, raspberries, an egg and my favourite celsius!!

My favourite combination right now: chocolate egg cake, quark, raspberries, nuts, an egg and a celsius 🙂

Today im going to pack, clean and study as i have lots of tests coming up in the next 2 weeks and also….im moving house on Monday (and not to mention, its my birthday tomorrow!!!!) 🙂

Tips to run a 5k or a 10k


Ill start with the basics:

Running form and basic tips-

My suggestion is to run outdoors… because it is more challenging that on a treadmill but also it can get so boring on a treadmill that after 5 minutes you want to give up. There is no motivation pushing you forward and you just sort of stay on the same speed.

But also remember, if you want to run races, they will be outdoors. Its so much more motivating to see others running or to feel yourself running past a walker or just to see how far you are coming…. and to notice progress in a few weeks time when you realise that the route you ran 3 weeks ago you now run 3 minutes faster!!!

But i also find that its easy to set upsmall goals while running outside like… reach that rock and then you can stop, and then i pick a new object and run twards that.

Though that trick doesnt always work, instead…. my favourite running tip for when you want to give up is: Imagine your friends and family are ahead of you, stnading there cheering you on…. and then i get that extra motivation and keep running, just imagining all my friends and family on the sides cheering 🙂

But also good music is very motivating!

So there you have the motivational tips for when you are running and the basics.


How to get your self to run? Well ask yourself WHY you want to run…. if you want to improve and get better at running, then the only way is to do it!

And i suggest mixing it up with HIIT intervals, and steady pace running and if you live near a hill or somewhere, try doing some hill runs/intervals!! All good and will help your running. Doing HIIT on the treadmill can be easier than outside, but either way works 🙂

While running, dont forget about your breathing and your foot work. You shouldnt slam your foot down ,it shouldnt feel like you’re lifting concrete blocks. And dont forget about how you breathe.

Also know that its ok to stop and walk, just try to keep moving forward. You can find that once you stop, its harder to start running again… so even if you just slow down to a slow jog thats ok, just one foot infront of the other 🙂

Running with others can be a motivation as well, but if you run with someone who is alot faster than you, then its just demotivating… according to me!: )

Remember the more you practise, the easier it gets 🙂 And if you dont practise… then youll never get better!

Also know your shoes are THE MOST IMPORTANT. I cant stress this enough. If you dont have the proper shoes you can injure your knees, hips, calves, feet, back…. So before you begin training more seriously with running, then make sure you have proper shoes. They are an investment for the future you and your body 🙂

Also having comfortable running clothes – i recommend Dry fit!

And another thing i cant stress enough ENJOY RUNNING.  Some might read this and think… are you kidding me. But if you dont get some sort of enjoyment out of it.. not even afterwards. Then skip running, why are you doing it? Find another sport to do. But running is something amazing and i love it. Even when my legs are heavy and i feel like my lungs are going to explode, i still get this sense of I love running! I never want to stop.

Also… when you run a race, its alot easier (according to me) as you get motivated by all the other people running 🙂

Here are some other helpful running schedules:

If you have any questions or want any more advice you can just ask 🙂

Morning run


Waking up this morning not sure whether i should take a rest day or not… i was half tired but also filled with so much energy! This week my training has been super spontaneous… it hasnt been so structured as normal. Technique training, running, a shoulder workout with no contact…. I feel my strength has decreased a little. However that is just because i have done so much cardio and running the past fwe weeks and havent focused as much on strength.

But once the race is over this Saturday then it will be full focus on strength training for the next few weeks/months and cut down on cardio again!

This morning when i went thinking ill take a short walk or a 5km run, but once i began running i realised i had so much energy so i kept going and ran 9,4km!! Maybe not so good to run that distance 2 days before the race… but im hoping to recover properly, do some stretching and foam rolling and that i will be fine on race day!!! On days when i have extra energy i dont see why not to go that extra km or do that extra 20 minutes of workout 🙂

Beat boredom during cardio


First things first…. Cardio is boring at the gym, whether you admit it or not 🙂 At times its fun and exciting and you have so much energy its like somone has to drag you off the machine to you get you to stop. But most times… well, you stand on the machine and the timer ticks by slowly… you turn your gaze away and it feels like you’ve been running/stamping on the pedals for 10 minutes but its only been 1,5 minutes… You know that feeling? Yeah, you’re not alone.

I used to do ALOT of cardio at the gym…. anywhere from 40-90 mionutes 5-6 times a week. I did running/cross trainer or step machine. And it was boring, but i felt i had to. But now that is all over and if i do cardio i mostly do it outside through powerwalking, hill walking or running. Though i still do intervals at the gym as that is super fun and i feel that i cant run as fast outside as i can on the treadmill.

But here are some tips on how to make cardio fun – for all of you who feel you need to or want to do cardio at the gym (though i reccommend outside as its so much more fun!!!)

  1. Listen to podcasts. On the days where i choose to do more than 15 minutes cardio at the gym i turn on a podcast…. it makes the time go buy so much faster. You find yourself maybe smiling or laughing with what the people say. And you dont feel as alone… its like you tune out. So find some good podcasts online which you can download!
  2. If you are on the cross trainer, step machine or bike then you can watch a film or series on your phone or ipad. (If you have downloaded of have internet connection). This is a good way to pass the time… however, it can also make you slow down. So try not to become too unaware of where you are stop peddling/stamping all together – as i have seen this happen numerous times where people just stand/sit on the machines so absorbed in their show 🙂
  3. Have a good workout playlist!!! Sing along with songs, do some dance moves 🙂 Dont care about the people around you!!! Just make cardio fun!
  4. Do intervals… you can do intervals on any cardio machine. And this will make it more fun and intense. But also, its more beneficial and you dont need to do as long to get the same amount of burn and effects as steady rate cardio.
  5. Compete with the person beside you 🙂 Yup… they will hate you, but it will get you working faster!!! hahaha (Though do also try to focus on yourself as focusing too much on the person beside you wont be fun for them!)
  6. Look at people around you, make up stories about them…. who are they? What are they doing there? etc
  7. Make lists in your head!!! This can entertain me for a while just thinking of what i need to do, what are my goals etc
  8. If there are TVs infront of you and you cant hear what the peopl are saying… make it up 🙂 This has gotten me smiling and laughing before while doing cardio as i begin making up what the people on the TV are saying 🙂 Try it, this is super fun!


Also, try a different form of cardio!!!! Try spinning, bodypump, circuit training, tabata. It doesnt just have to be running on the treadmill for 40 minutes or on the cross trainer for 55 minutes. Cardio is anything that gets your heart beat up for a certain period of time. Try incline walking instead of jogging. Put together a cardio and strength cricuit or do tabata or intervals!!! All great forms of cardio. Even swimming or dancing.

And also, try cardio outdoors!!! Switch things up if you are feeling bored of the same thing all the time!!! 🙂IMG_20130818_120717 IMG_20140301_090607 IMG_20140612_094217 IMG_20140615_085146

^^My favourite forms of cardio. Boxing/outside training, intervals, running and powerwalking!



10km running & tips on how to keep running


Today my plan was to run 10km this morning to see how it felt as i have a race next Saturday (10km) and not sure if i can participate or not. So i wanted to test running 10km first… but then i overslept and realised that i wouldnt have time to run it as i had a doctors appointment.

So instead i powerwalked to the gym thinking i will do a biceps and triceps workout and run tomorrow. But as i stood on the tredmill – planning to do some warm up, my legs just carried my forward. I kept running and after 10 minutes i didnt feel any tiredness at all and i thought, i might as well run as far as i can and see how much i can do. And it resulted in 60 minutes running (10km in 57 minutes). I am very proud of myself… first off, i havent run 10km on the treadmill since last summer. 2) i havent ran 10km in several months and 3) this was my first long distance since i sprained my ankle a few weeks ago. And it felt fine…no pain in my ankle. Though its a different story when its on outside ground and not a treadmill.

But i am just so happy that i can still run, and also little tiredness. Though by the 30 minutes mark the time went slower and slower and i got bored and wasnt feeling as excited to run on a treadmill… but i still had energy, so i kept going!!!

So now i have 9 days on me to run a 10km outside and see how it feels before i decide whether i will participate in the race/run or not 🙂

Below are some of my best tips on how to keep running when either you are bored on the treadmill or feel like giving up while on a run.


  1. The best thing that works for me when i feel like giving up is imagining my friends and family standing there infront (at the sides) and cheering me on. Its like i can hear them cheering me on and it keeps me motivated…. for 5 minutes or so, then i need to do something else before i return back to this technique.
  2. Sing with the music you are listening to!!! I love doing this, it always pushes me forward. However, sometimes i begin sprinting because i just feel so enpowered by the music and then i lose my tempo which isnt always good 😉
  3. Make a checklist of things…. things you want to do afterwards, things you have to do… or even what you want to eat after your run? 🙂 Though that can at times just make you extra hungry.
  4. Look at your surroundings… people around you/infront of you? Really analyze and look at them… sometimes i make up stories about the people while running – then i forget im running!
  5. Set up small mini goals along the way such as ill run to this rock,and when you reach the rock put up a new goal so this keeps you running forward all the time. However…This technique doesnt work for me. Because i just say, ill run to the rock and once i reach the rock i stop 😉 hahaha but it might work for some!
  6. Do intervals 🙂 If you feel that you are really lacking energy, run/spring as far as you can and then walk 1-2 minutes and repeat!!
  7. Fix your breathing and running technique if you feel it is needed. Sometimes you can begin having a really weird breathing technique when you get tired or you begin losing the correct running form (do you want me to make a post about running form?). So try think of those things, but also relax. Its easy to begin hunching with your shoulders or feeling stiff in your back… think of flowing water. Let your feet and legs push you forward and also your arms should help with swaying!
  8. Think of your goal. Is giving up now, stopping now really worth it…. 1k more… what harm will that do, then after that, you can still run 1km more. Keep pushing and motivating yourself.
  9. And once you’ve done these steps, return to step one again 🙂

Keep pushing yourself forward! Though of course, if you feel like collapsing. STOP. Dont injure yourself 🙂

If you have any tips for running and to keep yourself motivated, please share!!! 🙂 And im going to make a post on how to keep boredom away while doing cardio! 🙂


Morning run in the rain


Something which i have never understood is people who run in the rain or snow. If I’m honest I’ve always been jealous of people who do that. You could say I’m comfortable. .. i dont push myself.  Because let’s be honest, it’s not that difficult to run in the rain? It’s just uncomfortable,  and humans don’t like that.
   I hadn’t planned to run in the rain today,  but just as i began running ut started pouring down. And as I looked up into the sky i thought it would end quickly,  but nope.. it just got worse. But i kept running thinking, I’m already wet? Why stop.
   It was actually very peaceful,  running in the forest. Just me and my music, the rain pouring down and nobody else outside. I felt like I was just flying!!! There were a few stops to film/ take photos of frogs (??!) (Just an excuse to take some breaths and rest!! haha)
Once I got home the sky cleared up and it stopped raining – typical!!
   Today I’m taking a rest from the weights,  no need to go extreme with exercise. I did in fact run 8.5km this morning!!! ^-^

Have you exercised today?  Do you run in the rain, or just inside/or when it’s good weather? 🙂



10 ways to become a faster runner



Try these tips from fitsugar to become a faster runner.

Fuel up: Eating the right pre-run foods is important to prevent feeling sluggish during your run. Go for foods that won’t cause cramps: choose a small snack of simple carbs with a little bit of protein if you’re eating right before a run (read more on how to choose a pre-workout snack here). And drink a cup of coffee about a half hour before you go for a run; studies have shown that caffeine helps you run faster and longer.

Intervals: Short sprinting bursts are great for making you a better runner all around. Up your pace and stamina with this treadmill interval workout to incorporate into your running routine.

Tempo runs: Tempo runs are similar to high-intensity intervals, but with this strategy, you don’t sprint as fast as you can. Instead, you hold at a fast (but not too fast) pace for a longer time period, like 10 minutes, before slowing down. This helps your muscles get past your lactate threshold, which will help you improve your endurance and speed. Remember that to be effective, your tempo run should challenge your body: you should be able to answer short questions but unable to hold a conversation. Try doing a tempo run every seven to 10 days; read more about how to start tempo running here.

Hills: There’s no reason you should stay on flat land. In fact, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. Running up hills helps make your leg muscles stronger while also increasing your speed and endurance. Whether you run on the treadmill or outside, the next time you start your workout, make sure an incline is part of your route. This 40-minute treadmill hill workout incorporates steep, short inclines to help you improve your speed and endurance.

Post-run sprints: Adding short sprinting strides at the end of a long run can keep your body primed for speed, says Sports Club/LA trainer Ben Hwa. This is because doing strides after a long run will teach your body how to run fast even when your legs are tired. Ben recommends doing four to eight strides of 70 to 100 meters; aim for 80 percent effort on each stride.

Negative splits: This strategy is a simple way to make every run a good run, especially on race day. To incorporate a negative split into your next run, just make sure you’re running at a good, steady pace and increase your speed for the second half of your run.

Stretches: You may not think of post-run stretching as important for your pace goals, but those few minutes you spend cooling down can really help your speed. Stretching makes you more flexible, which can improve your stride and range of motion. Do these post-run stretches after your workout to become a faster runner.

Short strides: Shorter strides can make you a more efficient, and therefore speedier, runner, says trainer Jennifer Pattee. Focus on keeping your strides regular and short to increase your running efficiency.

Midfoot strike: Focusing on landing on the middle of your foot — rather than your heels or toes — can also help you avoid injuries and discomfort that will slow you down, Jennifer adds. Aim for striking with a flat foot for a strong, confident strike.

Drills: Adding a few running drills to your warmup routine will help improve your running form and speed, Ben says. Do a few minutes of high knees, skipping, and backward running before a run to train your body to operate properly.” –

Source: http://www.fitsugar.com/Strategies-Running-Faster-23879076

Adventure run!


This morning when i woke up and saw that the sun was shining, the first thing on my mind was to go for a run!!

   I had training pain in my legs, and blisters on my heels, but i just felt that energy in my body, my mind was ready to go for a run!! My goal was to do a long distance run, c.a 20km. But i had no route i would follow, i decided to instead have a bit of an adventure run (which is my favourite type of running!!). Not know where i was going, just take random paths and hope to arrive somewhere!! This is one thing i love about running, the freedom… my feet just taking me somewhere, knowing that i can always run back, or run home again!!

   I took lots of different paths and when i had finally gotten this flow, where i was going a really good pace, my breathing was good and then suddenly i take a path to the right and end up back to where i started`?? hahah However, i was not ready to finish running so i just back tracked and took some different paths, and finally i came to an area which i knew and ran home again!!

  My total being 15,5km 🙂 (With a few pauses as my blisters were starting to open and a few pauses to walk!) This is infact the longest i have run since last summer and it felt really good 🙂 Both in my legs and my lungs!!

   A tip from me : If you want to improve your speed or endurance in running, do Intervals or High intensity interval training!! This has helped me lots 🙂

Today i am going to try my best to get some studying done and later i am going to have to use my foam roller for my sore legs!! ^_^


10 mistakes you make when running



The 10 Mistakes You Make When Running


  1. You don’t switch your route: Same time, same route can make for a boring workout — and stats that don’t ever improve. Switching up your route will challenge different muscles, keep you motivated, and improve your running skills. Don’t stick to your tried-and-true trail; find a new running route with these tips.
  2. You don’t fuel right: You may be able to power through a short run without any food, but if you’re going long, you need fuel and water. Time your run so it’s two to three hours after a meal, or have a snack full of carbs and protein (like one of these pre-workout snacks) about 30 minutes to an hour before you go for a run. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water well before you step out; drinking too much right before you go can cause cramps.
  3. You don’t warm up: Starting your run at full force is not a good idea. You’ll feel sluggish, tight, and discouraged if you don’t warm up before that sprint. Do a light jog or five minutes of brisk walking before starting your actual run.
  4. You don’t cool down: You came, you conquered, you’re done with your run. Don’t stop now, however; you still need to take a few minutes to stretch your warmed muscles to help you recover. These postrun stretches will help increase your flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.
  5. You don’t check your form: Running may seem natural, but a few body adjustments can make a big difference, allowing you to run faster, longer, and more efficiently. Make a mental note to pay attention to your running form every once in a while; your shoulders should be relaxed and down, your arms should swing parallel to the ground (without crossing your midsection), and your head should be up and looking forward, not down. Get more tips on proper running form here.
  6. You don’t challenge yourself: If you want to be a better runner, you need to up your pace. Intervals and tempo runs help you increase your speed in the short term, so that in the long run, you become a faster, better runner.
  7. You run in the wrong gear: Sweat-soaked cotton shirts, shoes without enough support, and pants with chafing seams — all of these can cut a run short or at least make you not want to go out again. Invest in a few key pieces once you’ve upped your mileage; you’ll be surprised by how much what you wear matters. Don’t worry, we’ve got you — check out our list of what not to wear when running here.
  8. You push yourself too hard: Challenging yourself is great, but doing too much too soon is a common cause of runner burnout, not to mention injuries. Start off slow and gradually increase your pace as you get more comfortable. Remember not to ramp up your mileage too quickly; increase your total by only 10 percent every week.
  9. Your strides are too long: It may feel good to bound down that trail, but if you make a habit of taking too-long strides, you may tire more quickly. Shorter strides are also easier on your knees, so if you find yourself going long, shorten your steps and see if it feels better.
  10. You’re not consistent: It’s not going to get easier unless you stick with it. Try to run three times a week if you want to become a better runner; you’ll be amazed at how much easier that three-miler seems after just a few weeks of running.