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Listen to your body


I am a big advocator of listening to your body…. of course there are certain times when you can push past your limits ie.. when you’re running a marathon or you are moving apartment and need to use every bit of strength to lift, push, and keep going…. then its different. But in general, listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and LEARNING to stop when you are full… because that is the problem people have, they eat even if they arent hungry and that is what can lead to weight gain. ( THough of course, we all have times i.e RESTDAYS when we eat out of boredom :)) but in general, listening to your bodies signals.

And that is exactly what i did today (and every day :)). I wanted to strength train and i wanted to do cardio but i didnt feel like just running or doing chest, shoulders, legs, bicep/triceps etc so i ended up doing 10 minutes HIIT on 16-18km/hr and 20 minutes core exercises.

I never workout my stomach so i am actually quite weak there… when i do deadlifts and pushups and other exercises i have to keep my stomach pulled in which works my core, but otherwise its not so mcuh just core exercises. But im going to try get better at that because a strong core will help alot!!!

The 30 minutes exercise was exactly what i needed… i didnt need to push extra much or do X minutes or keep going. No, i was satisfied with what i did 🙂

Listening to your body isnt always easy, but once you learn to do it you will thank yourself 🙂

Birthday brunch


Hello 🙂

Today is my birthday *woop!* *woop!* so i have spent it doing my favourite things – working out and brunch with my family!!!

It was leg day today – and im hoping that i will feel it tomorrow. I had cake as pre workout, so the energy was definitely there 🙂 And after leg day all you want is food, so that is exactly what i got 🙂

There was so much yumminess at the brunch i ate – LOTS of fresh bread, salmon, watermelon, yoghurt, coffee etc etc


My day and afternoon snacking!


After breakfast i headed to the gym for a short but intense shoulder workout… i wasnt sure if i was going to go to the gym or not, but i felt i really wanted to!! So i headed there for 50 minutes and did a killer shoulder workout, afterwards my shoulders were aching so badly!! hahah, they will feel sore tomorrow 🙂

I know alot of people have requested i write out my workouts so i will try do that. But i never plan or write down my workouts, i barely count reps or sets either… and dont always know the name of the exercise id o as i find new ones which i try and love. So i cant promise ill write out every workout i do, as i prefer to just do what i feel like and enjoy my workouts than to think about numbers, reps, weights, sets etc 🙂

After my workout it was lunch and an hours studying followed by an hours nap… and then my afternoon snack: My favourite combo right now: quark, nuts & raisins. And now lots of packing and cleaning!!

P.s the pictures were taken this morning.. so they dont show how i look or feel right now, hahaha.

How do i stay motivated


How do you stay motivated? I can only go a week at a time without falling off the wagon and eating like crap and not exercising.

Well for me its a lifestyle i love… its not a diet im on. I dont deprive myself… i dont tell myself i cant eat chocolate. If i want chocolate i eat it… but when i eat it all i want is a square or 1-2 rows of chocolate, i dont need to eat the whole bar.

IMG_20140914_161228 IMG_20140923_074102 IMG_20141005_093405

I love healthy eating its delicious and fills me with energy, but i also love ben and jerrys and chocolate so eat that when i crave it.

I love all forms of exercise and each morning i wake up filled with energy and am happy to have energy. To be able to eat delicious food, to be able to exercise. To lift heavy weights or run fast!!! I love it.

So make it a lifestyle… dont starve or deprive yourself.

Have a goal you are working towards and know how to reach the goal.

See it as a journey, not just something you wikll do for a short period of time.

Find YOUR balance and moderation. Dont just follow what everyone else is going… find what works for you.

Dont forget to live life as well… eat healthy and exercise whilst also having fun, being healthy, spending time wtih friends etc

Make small changes all the time to make it a lifestyle and make it a long term thing.

Find what YOU enjoy doing…. be happy to wake up and be able to exercise and eat healthy.

Dont see it as falling off the wagon… because what wagon is there? You can decide to go for a walk now instead of sitting and watching TV. Or you can decide that your next meal will be a healthy one not burgers and fries… you ALWAYS have the choice.

Find motivational songs, buy new workouts clothes, have mini goals you want to reach, have healthy food in your house. Make a routine and habit of working out a few times a week and eating healthy 5/6 meals.

Its all about the lighting


Something which i think is important to bring up is the thing with abs….. most people now a days seem to want visible abs. Their main goal with exercise is to have visible abs. An obsession which i dont think is good….

But the truth with visible abs is that unless you have a very unhealthy fat procent and an unhealthy and strict, low calorie diet then you’re abs (if you have a low fat procent) will only really be visible in certain light.

Yes i do have a some what toned stomach, does it look like that all the time? Nope, i still bloat. Remember that the photos i post on my IG are the ones i think i look good, there is also a certain lighting in them (and lets not forget the posture… in some i flex, in some i dont!)

I dont post the photos to trick people, i am quite open about the fact that my toned stomach look is not how i look 24/7… it would be impossible to look liike that with all the meals i eat. Food  & water = bloating.

But i just want to show you how different lighting makes me look:


Why do i strength train?


Why do I strength train?

Not because I want to be super muscular or lean.

Not because I didn’t want to gain fat and  just wanted to gain muscle. (infact i only started really strength training the beginning of this year)

 Not so that I can squat 200kg or bench press 300kg.

 Not because everyone is doing it.

But because it makes me feel good…. It makes me feel happy and powerful. All my life I have spent as the skinny, weak girl. But not anymore.

 I love FEELING strong. It’s the feeling of knowing I can run 10km,  knowing I can leg press X kilo or deadlift X kilo. It’s knowing that I can do things… not have to ask others to lift a box for me or not being able to run 1km.

 I strength train for myself and for life. Forget about looking a certain way or six pack abs.

 Ask yourself so you enjoy what you are doing? Is your only reason to strength train so that you don’t become fat or only have to gain fat in recovery?  Then I think you should rethink your choices.

Exercise should be fun, an enjoyment, not a punishment or chore.

I strength train because it makes my outside match me inside. Because it makes me both physically and mentally strong, something which i love feeling. Strength training helps build me up, it gives me endorphines and makes me happy. Its something i long and love to do. Its a part of my life and a part of my lifestyle!

So if you strength train… whats your reason for it?

A bad workout doesnt mean a bad day


Something which i notice alot on Instagram is how workouts can steer peoples mood…. if they workout they are super happy. If they miss a workout or dont workout they feel sad, restless, dont know what to do with themselves. And if a workout goes bad…. well then their whole day is ruined. They feel sad, angry, disappointed, worthless?

Why… because you couldn’t lift the weight you wanted or run the speed or distance you had planned? Well everyday is different. Your body doesn’t always do what your mind wants. And sometimes your mind just gives up… you feel tired, whether its physical or mental. And thats ok.

I used to do the same thing, let workouts steer my mood. I would push myself even if i didn’t want to. If a workout went bad i would feel terrible for the rest of the day, but that wasn’t a healthy relationship. To let exercise steer my life and emotions so much.

Instead, i realised that… if i had one of those days where i just knew that working out wasn’t a good idea. Sure, i could go and lift some weights… but my mind would wander. I would look like a lost tourist, not knowing what i was doing. And then feel terrible after because it didn’t go well. Or i could do something else, save my energy for another day.

Of course somedays, all you need is to havea  lousy workout… just to get some endorphines. But as long as you have no pressure on yourself to be perfect, to get PB’s or for everything to go well. Then you can atleast still feel good after the workout, not beat yourself up. Or instead, do something else… if you know that at the end, you will just feel worse.

Skipping a workout day isnt bad. But letting your exercise control you, have such a HUGE impact that it controls your emotions, that isnt good.

A bad workout DOESN’T mean a bad day. You can still have an awesome day. Just accept the fact that it didn’t go the way you had planned or hoped, but tomorrow is a new day… a new day to workout. Instead, today you can do other things. Not everyday is perfect, that’s ok!!!

Back to blogging


The past few weeks have been crazy with lots of school, emails to reply to, social life, training etc so this blog fell behind a little. I felt i just didn’t have time to update. Now however, i am going to try to update as much as possible. Whether that is one update per week or 3 per day, i’m not sure. But i am going to try my best as its been requested that i begin again 🙂 Haha, feels nice to know that people want to read my blog anyway.

RIm sure many of you who read my blog have found it via my IG? But if you don’t follow me there, then you can go follow now: itsahealthylifestyle for more regular updates and see my training, food etc 🙂

If there is any certain topic you want me to write about, just let mee know. Or if you want to know my workouts or opinions/thoughts or any topic 🙂 I’ll be happy to write about it!

Im addicted to workout clothes!


Today my planning and thinking went a bit like this:

I need to pick up my start packet for the race. As the store im picking it up in is right by my gym i might as well work out (wanted to as well, ofc :)). Did strength training and finished with a run… i cover the screen and just run as far as i can and dont care about distance or time, however when i was running these thoughts of i should run a 10km, i have the energy for it… see if i can. But nope, tomorrow im going to do that outside… running on the treadmill proves nothing. It doesnt tell me whetehr i can or should run the race. I need to actually run outside. So i cut my running at 3km.

Then i went to pick up my start packet (ahhh only 6 days left ;)) and im actually having a few doubts 😦 😦

  But as the pick up place was in a sports store… and im addicted to sports clothes i began wandering the shop, piling clothes onto my arms, carrying as much as i could…. and into the changing room. My list of ‘want to buy’ was larger than the dont want to buy. However… looking at the price tags i tried to keep myself from breaking into tears 😉 hahaha #sportsclothesaddictproblems

    I would have spent a little to much in there… if it wasnt for the fact that they didnt have any of my sizes… only XS or L 😦 But i guess thats a relief. And i left the store only carrying my starter packet. hahahah 😄

The one time i seem to forget moderation and not buying things unnecessarily is when it comes to workout clothes! I mean even with things like questbars, casein, bcaas i can utilize restraint… but unless i can some 5 second realisation i am bound to leave the shop buying more than i had planned ;);)

I have more workout clothes than normal clothes. But in all honesty, my workout clothes get washed and used more often than my normal clothes and when it comes to workout gear i like to have colours. But in my daily clothes i usually just wear black or white 😉










Progress photo


I put together this little collage, just to see how far ive actually come. Its so easy to see no difference, to feel like you are in the same position you were 2 years ago… feels like you’ve made no progress. Of course i know mentally i am very different!!! I used to do cardio 7 days a week, because i just didnt know any better and was still struggling.

But sometimes i look at myself and just think…i feel so skinny, now theres nothing wrong with being naturally skinny, alot of people like that look… but i guess you’ve figured that that isnt exactly my ideal body. I prefer feeling and looking strong.

Sometimes i just feel like ive made no progress at all… like im just standing in the same position all the time, and granted, i have hit a plateau with my workouts recently. Because i just dont know what i want… at the start of the year i decided to focus solely on strength training as i wanted to build muscle, and i did. However now that its summer im doing more cardio, running more, walking more and i love it… but my body type already struggles to have muscles… im not someone who easily gets stronger. Its alot of work and effort behind it. And then when i do cardio, it sort of negates that…And this is an ongoing struggle i have… because i LOVE running & walking. But i also love strength training, and feeling strong… And im sure i can do both, but then i need to make sure that i actually am eating enough.. i almost need proffessional help so that i know what and how long etc…

But anyway.. i feel i need to sit down and consider what my workout goals are. I mean im still going to workout anyway, because it makes me happy. It makes me feel good… but soemtimes its good to have a goal. I have my 10km run in August, so i really need to start preparing for that.. just havent felt motivated to it. But apart from that, i dont have any real goals…. Which i guess is why it feels like im standing still.


^^Hahah, just a little workout update, i guess?

But here is my progress picture, from 2012 (when i was first allowed to go to the gym) and then today 2014!!