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Listen to your body


I am a big advocator of listening to your body…. of course there are certain times when you can push past your limits ie.. when you’re running a marathon or you are moving apartment and need to use every bit of strength to lift, push, and keep going…. then its different. But in general, listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and LEARNING to stop when you are full… because that is the problem people have, they eat even if they arent hungry and that is what can lead to weight gain. ( THough of course, we all have times i.e RESTDAYS when we eat out of boredom :)) but in general, listening to your bodies signals.

And that is exactly what i did today (and every day :)). I wanted to strength train and i wanted to do cardio but i didnt feel like just running or doing chest, shoulders, legs, bicep/triceps etc so i ended up doing 10 minutes HIIT on 16-18km/hr and 20 minutes core exercises.

I never workout my stomach so i am actually quite weak there… when i do deadlifts and pushups and other exercises i have to keep my stomach pulled in which works my core, but otherwise its not so mcuh just core exercises. But im going to try get better at that because a strong core will help alot!!!

The 30 minutes exercise was exactly what i needed… i didnt need to push extra much or do X minutes or keep going. No, i was satisfied with what i did 🙂

Listening to your body isnt always easy, but once you learn to do it you will thank yourself 🙂

Resistance training to shock the body


All this week i have mixed up my workouts and focused on doing slow repetitions of all exercises. I’m not using super heavy weights, but using middle heavy.

I first begin with 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps and then i do 3-6 set where i first do 4-8fast repetitions and after that i do each repetition slowly… as many as i can. And then repeat or do a super set with another exercise.

This has lead to ALOT of DOMS this week… after every workout. The past few weeks and months ive focused more on doing many reps, and before that it was few reps with heavy weights. So now its time for more progress and to do that, you have to do something different.

I try to vary my exercises though i can find it very hard to find contact with some exercises but also, i can do anything from 4-15 different exercises in one session (60 minutes) so i know most of the exercises. So instead, i vary with weights and reps and love doing supersets for that extra intensity!

I havent been doing alot of cardio the past few weeks as i haven’t had time for it, but going to maybe add in some cardio before or after my strength training workouts… just so that i don’t lose my conditioning too much 😉

Remember to change your workout routine every 4-8 weeks. This is something i am personally very bad at, but it’s great to beat a plateau and keep seeing progress 🙂

Morning run


Waking up this morning not sure whether i should take a rest day or not… i was half tired but also filled with so much energy! This week my training has been super spontaneous… it hasnt been so structured as normal. Technique training, running, a shoulder workout with no contact…. I feel my strength has decreased a little. However that is just because i have done so much cardio and running the past fwe weeks and havent focused as much on strength.

But once the race is over this Saturday then it will be full focus on strength training for the next few weeks/months and cut down on cardio again!

This morning when i went thinking ill take a short walk or a 5km run, but once i began running i realised i had so much energy so i kept going and ran 9,4km!! Maybe not so good to run that distance 2 days before the race… but im hoping to recover properly, do some stretching and foam rolling and that i will be fine on race day!!! On days when i have extra energy i dont see why not to go that extra km or do that extra 20 minutes of workout 🙂

Workout routine


For many, having a workout routine can be just the thing they need. Something that motivates them and gets them working out. So they know what they should do…. for me, that wouldnt work. Ive tried and sure it works, but it becomes too much of a routine then. And yes i like routines, but when it comes to exercise i dont want to have some pre planned routine to follow. I choose the night before or on the day what i want to do. If i even want to workout at all – though 99% of the time i do!!!

For me if i were to follow a workout plan i would get bored it wouldnt be fun anymore… it would almost feel like a chore. Like a must. But thats not how it is with exercise… its something i look forward to. Something i can go to bed and long for in the morning!!! To get to do something i love, something i find fun and something im good at. Its an enjoyment, not a chore. And i think thats why many dont like exercise or stop doing it because it starts feeling like a chore, not something they can enjoy. They just do what everyone else does… follow some plan they dont like. Instead of asking themselves, why am i exercising? What are my goals? What do i want to get out of exercising? Do i want to change my body? Do i want to just be healthier? Lose fat? Gain muscle? Run faster? Lift heavier etc

When you know what you want it can be easier to see exercise as something good, something bringing you closer to your goal.


I divide up my muscle groups, thats pretty mcuh the only sort of workout plan i follow and this is just to make sure i dont over train or overwork my muscles. But saying how often i will or should do cardio i dont decide, i take it on the day. Just like what muscle group i work on what day isnt decided. Some weeks i do legs twice, soem weeks i dont do legs at all… some weeks i workout 5 times a week other weeks 3 times. So it all depends and thats what i enjoy. I enjoy deciding to go for a walk one morning because thats what i want to do, not having to go to the gym and do intervals just because its on my schedule. Or doing legs one day but i want to train shoulders. Or taking a rest day when i feel i need it instead of when its scheduled. i like doing outside workouts and aeroboxing. I like changing my workout routine… somedays i do high weights, low reps other days i do low weights and high reps. Some workouts are 30 minutes others are 90 minutes. Some workouts i do 10 exercises others i do 3.

And i love it… choosing on the day. And i notice more progress now when i just do what i want, keep shocking my body. Doing different things rather than going to the gym x amount of times each week and following the same schedule, same exercises all the time etc

For many, they need a schedule to actually get up and exercise. But for me, exercise is something i love. I dont do it because i have to but because i want to. Because it makes me happy… but if i were to follow  a schedule i would most probably become bored and feel that exericse is more a chore than an enjoyment!!!

Thats like my morning walks, i always change which route i walk so that i can see new things, walk a different way etc 🙂 And it becomes even more fun than walking the same route 5 days a week 😉

Do you follow a workout routine or do you just choose on the day? 🙂 


High reps, low weight shoulder workout


To shock my body this week and the next few weeks i am constantly changing how i workout. And i feel this is really helping my progress before i almost never got DOMS, but now i seem to get it after every workout and yesterday was no joke!!! Today, trying to brush my teeth or straighten my hairs burns in my shoulders 😉

I decided to focus on HIGH reps and drop set yesterday. When i picked up the 2-3kg dumbbells i felt a little silly… what was i doing there standing amongst the muscled men with their 40kg in each hand i had my tiny little 2kg weights… (My shoulders are my weakest point and just for flies 5kg is usually what i use so i dont use any super heavy weights with shoulder anyway)

First i got some looks like… Take your 2kg dumbbells and get out of here 😉 (Joke, im a regular there and they know i use heavy weights! hahah) But once i got going doing 50 reps, 40 reps, 30 reps…. and the sweat was running off of me the men around started to actually look a little impressed 😉 My shoulders burned the whole workout and the faces i made trying to push out those last reps… They arent any pretty faces anyway 😉

I only did 5 exercises and 962 reps

Dumbbell flies:  50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Front row with dumbbells: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Bent over flies: 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20

Front raises: 40, 30, 20, 12, 10, 20, 30, 40

Diferent types of push ups: 10, 10, 10, 10

Try this type of workout with low weight and high reps (drop set)… it burns!!! 🙂

Back at the gym


After 4 days away it felt good to be back at the gym!! Also yesterday was my rest day and a sort of treat day where I ate cakes, chocolate, cream, salted nuts etc etc
  So today i was filled with energy. And today was chest workout! This is only me second time having an official chest day (I’ve never liked training chest, but it has now become my favourite! → Can already feel the DOMS!!)
   It was my first time trying cable flies, cable pull over  and even incline flies (i feel like such a newbie!) but it all went well. Even if i had to use the lightest weights – i have to start somewhere. And i wanted to focus on technique!

My workout also contained lots of push ups, though due to my ankle i have to do them all on my knees, which is a bit upsetting. hahah! But soon I’ll have full movement with my ankle again!



Outside back training with resistance band


At the moment i am out at a summer cottage with my family. So that means no gym, but that doesnt mean that i cant workout or do strength training. Cardio is always available, no matter where you are. Walking, running, swimming in the pool/sea if thats available. Or even doing circuit training and HIIT outside or in your room.

However cardio isnt really an option for me at the moment with my foot, walks i can go for. But i dont want to stress my ankle so much. But i brought a resistance band with me which i can Highly reccommend that you invest in if you travel alot, or still want to strength train (with more resistance) while away. Or even if you dont have access to a gym.

Today i decided to train back!! Below you see my workout with pictures 🙂 (I had to be the photographer as well as the model and was stressed for time… hence the bad quality pictures! haha, but i tried my best :))

5 x20 Low row


5×20 pull down


15 x 4 push ups


15 x 4 one armed row (each arm)


20 x 4 row


20 x 4 super man SUPERSET back lift




15 x 4  low row SUPER SET 10 push ups


Shoulders and abs homeworkout


Today i was undecided whether i should take myself to the gym or if i should just do an at homeworkout… after some thinking i decided to be on the safer side and let my foot rest another day and instead do an at home workout. And today it was shoulders and abs.

As the resistance band was too much resistance (as shouldersa re my weaker point) i decided to instead be creative and fill 2 big water bottles and do many reps to really make my muscles burn. And i can say THEY BURNED! Low weight and high reps = BURNING MUSCLES!  Test this workout if you dont have access to equipment but want to make your shoulders (or any muscle group really… just use high reps) burn!

Front raise – 40-30-20-10-20-30-40 




Side raise 30-20-10-10-20-30


Bent over side raise – 20-10-10-20


Shoulder press – 40-30-20-10-10-20-30-40


Front row – 40-30-20-10-10-20-30-40


Crunches – Super set- bicycle crunches x4

Leg lifts -superset- v-ups x2

Flutterkicks – superset – criss cross x 3


A total of 770 reps for my shoulders… yup, they burned!

Biceps & triceps at home workout


As i am unable to take myself to the gym, due to my sprained ankle i thought i would do an at home workout. My energy and motivation was on top and even if i cant walk properly, i can still stand on my foot, so an upperbody workout was perfect!

And today, it was my favourite workout: Biceps and triceps!

Ive never been one for homeworkouts becauyse well… ive had access to the gym or been able to go outside (i like outside workouts)… but actually, with some creativity, an at homeworkout is SUPER effective! It might have been because my room was like a sauna, but by the end of my 40 minute workout i was dripping in sweat… Thats what i call a successful workout 😉 So far im not missing cardio so much, but i wouldnt mind doing some HIIT to get all of this excess energy out! ahha

Here is my workout using a resistance band (if you dont have one, im sure you can try to use weights, or fill a water bottle or something to add some weight :))

20 Bicep curls SUPERSET 20 tricep pull downs X 5

10 dips on chair X 4

20 hammer curls SUPERSET 20 ‘half’ curls

20 tricep kick back SUPERSET 20 tricep extension


Might not look like alot, but it was intense!!! And of course, i cant do as many exercises as i dont have the equipment, but it burned while i was working anyway 🙂


How my week of exercise looks….


I dont really have a plan of my workouts, i mean i dont follow a routine or already set up plan… more i decide on the day, or night before what i want to workout. Though i try to do all the muscle groups once per week anyway. But in what order depends how i feel…

Generally i strength train 5 times a week and have 1 cardio day where i either go for a long walk or run… I usually do legs, biceps & triceps, back and abs, shoulders & then i either do legs or back again or do boxing or even bodypump, depending on how i feel.

With cardio… i try to atleast do HIIT 2-3 times a week, but now when its summer and sunny im doing more cardio than usual. Going for walks  or runs (between 2-4 times a week).

When im in school i dont do as much cardio as i dont have time for it, but also i was doing a ‘building period’ where i cut down on all cardio apart from HIIT and powerwalks somedays, but now ive added in more cardio during summer as i enjoy it and went to spend as much time outside as possible!

Soo… how do my strength training workouts look? It varies ALOT. Somedays i focus on 4-6set X 8 reps for each exercise, and do arond 5+ exercise for each muscle group. Othertimes i can do around 8 set per exercise. Otherdays i do 15 reps x 6set and sometimes i superset my whole workout….

So its not like i do the same thing all the time, but that is what works for me. Not following a plan. THough i go to the gym with a plan of what exercises, reps, sets iw ill do… but i dont do the same every week. And it shocks the body all the time which leads to muscle growth.

I’ll try write out my workouts more often if that is wanted?