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How do i stay motivated


How do you stay motivated? I can only go a week at a time without falling off the wagon and eating like crap and not exercising.

Well for me its a lifestyle i love… its not a diet im on. I dont deprive myself… i dont tell myself i cant eat chocolate. If i want chocolate i eat it… but when i eat it all i want is a square or 1-2 rows of chocolate, i dont need to eat the whole bar.

IMG_20140914_161228 IMG_20140923_074102 IMG_20141005_093405

I love healthy eating its delicious and fills me with energy, but i also love ben and jerrys and chocolate so eat that when i crave it.

I love all forms of exercise and each morning i wake up filled with energy and am happy to have energy. To be able to eat delicious food, to be able to exercise. To lift heavy weights or run fast!!! I love it.

So make it a lifestyle… dont starve or deprive yourself.

Have a goal you are working towards and know how to reach the goal.

See it as a journey, not just something you wikll do for a short period of time.

Find YOUR balance and moderation. Dont just follow what everyone else is going… find what works for you.

Dont forget to live life as well… eat healthy and exercise whilst also having fun, being healthy, spending time wtih friends etc

Make small changes all the time to make it a lifestyle and make it a long term thing.

Find what YOU enjoy doing…. be happy to wake up and be able to exercise and eat healthy.

Dont see it as falling off the wagon… because what wagon is there? You can decide to go for a walk now instead of sitting and watching TV. Or you can decide that your next meal will be a healthy one not burgers and fries… you ALWAYS have the choice.

Find motivational songs, buy new workouts clothes, have mini goals you want to reach, have healthy food in your house. Make a routine and habit of working out a few times a week and eating healthy 5/6 meals.

Do you want more motivation?


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Rest day the right way


Sunday usually means restday for me! And today im not complaining… i had a tough leg workout yesterday so my legs feel like tree stumps today. Walking like a penguin and not wanting to move too much at all! Also my biceps still have some training pain from Fridays workout.

A love/hate relationship! I dont always get training pain, infact only 30% of the time or something… but ive now started a new training program (made it myself) where i am focusing on heavy weights and already seeing results! If you want me to write more about this, just let me know 🙂

Today i have spent my day studying and this evening i have some delicious movie snacks 🙂 Going to rest in bed with a movie and some snacks and mentally and physically prepare for another tough week of school starting tomorrow!!

How have you spent your day?

30-30-30 workout


I found this workout online and thought it is something you can do as an at home workout or outside workout!! Both strength and cardio – so a sort of circuit training!! Looks super good 🙂 And from what i understand you do the exercises maybe 30 reps 3 times… for a total of 30 minutes workout?! hahaha… though 30 reps seems a little intense, but try it! It looks like a killer workout!

THIS inspires me


I am not someone who gets inspired by other peoples bodies, by thinspo or fitspo. I dont like comparing my body to other peoples bodies, instead i focus on being happy in my own. Though of course, sometimes looking at opther people i wish that i had their arms or their abs 😉

However something that does inspire and motivate me is seeing the things other people accomplish, whether its weightloss or weight gain (from skinny to strong/healthy). Completing races and obstacle courses and other tough exercises which i hope one day i can also complete!! Here are somethings which inspire me 🙂




How to get motivated to exercise and eat clean?

You have to know that motivation doesnt just appear out of no where, you have to create it.

Set up goals for yourself… run a 5km, lift X kg, try different gym classes, walk up a hill/mountain, go a whole week without soda etc etc That can get you more motivated.

Looking at motivation pictures, videos or quotes can also help! For me, some IG accounts really motivate me 🙂

Also buying yourself new workout gear can help…or buying new gym shoes, or even a new shaker/water bottle which you can have to the gym 🙂

Getting a gym buddy is also good 🙂

Planning your workouts is also essential, sometimes its just about getting up and doing it and knowing that there is a 99% chance that you will feel better after working out… that your wont regret it.

But also know that 20 minutes is better than nothing… if 20 minutes is all you have, go for a run.. or even better do HIIT or circuit training as that is most effective! Setting up a workout plan is good as well, so you have some form of plan on what you are going to do!

Dont be scared to try new forms of exercise… step outside of your comfort zone, that can really help!! Doing exercise which you enjoy is key to making it a lifestyle change because then you will actually WANT to workout and not just see it as a chore 🙂

Remember that no one can make you workout, you have to motivate yourself, do it because you WANT TO, because you knwo it will help reach your goals!!! So dont give up.

Sometimes it can help to take a few days off, but dont let those few days become a week or a month… instead take a break from the gym or working out for a few days. DO other things, and then hopefully your motivation should come back… thats what always happens to me. If i feel tired, bored or not motivated to go to the gym, instead i go for runs, powerwalks and go to the outside gym if thats what i want. And in a few days im longing back to the gym and run there super happy and motivated again!!


You got to put in the work to see the results


I want to lose weight but I’m too lazy

How often dont i see this type of message, people emailing me, commenting etc telling me they want to change their lifestyle, lose weight, exercise, eat healthy… but they dont actually want to do anything about it. Really there isnt so much i can do about that, apart from give them advice, the changes have to come from YOU. You have to WANT TO change. For YOUR sake, for your health. You dont have to make a 180 degree change over night… small cahnges such as doing 20 minutes exercise everyday, or not eating any junk food for a whole week. Or cutting out soda completely… focus on small changes towards a healthier you. Keep making changes and challenging yourself…. focus on your goals. You wont reach your goals until you start working for them… wishing isnt enough.

Sometimes you just got to motivate yourself to do it even if you dont want t o… because you know you will feel better afterwards. Its the mental part you have to convince, because your body can handle more than you think… you can push your body as long as your head is in it.

So find ways to motivate yourself – I can write a post about how to stay motivated and how to motivate yourself – and keep going. Dont just give up when times get tough, you might hit plateaus, but you can work through them. Dont just sit there and give up. Instead, get up and do that extra rep. Run that extra 5 minutes… it will all help reach your goal.

Or if your goal is to gain muscle or gain weight, eat that extra potatoe… you might think, ill never be able to gain weight or never gain muscle. But put in that extra work, eat that extra handful of nuts.. it will only help you 🙂



Motivation – Dont give up


One of the easiest things is to give up after a week or two because you dont see immediate results. But the fact is, it takes time. You didnt gain all the weight over a night, so why would you lose it over a night? I mean for me, its taken years of hard work to go from skinny, to skinny fat, to strong. It didnt happen over a night or a month… but all these small changes. I kept going, i worked hard. Even the times when i wanted to give up, because i didnt see results, but i didnt. I kept working hard, and that has given me the body i have todya. Strong, happy, lots of energy!!!

So even if you dont see results, dont give up. Try changing your routine, do something different. But DONT give up. You WILL see results, just keep going!

Here are some pictures and quotes which might motivate you to keep going!