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Birthday brunch


Hello 🙂

Today is my birthday *woop!* *woop!* so i have spent it doing my favourite things – working out and brunch with my family!!!

It was leg day today – and im hoping that i will feel it tomorrow. I had cake as pre workout, so the energy was definitely there 🙂 And after leg day all you want is food, so that is exactly what i got 🙂

There was so much yumminess at the brunch i ate – LOTS of fresh bread, salmon, watermelon, yoghurt, coffee etc etc


How to make a perfect salad


Salads are one of my favourite foods, i could eat them 3 times a day and never get bored! However the salads you are served in restaurants or cafes arent much too look at, or to fill you. Often salads just consist of lettuce, cucumber, maybe some tomatoe and a little chicken? Not so filling.

I prefer more filling salads, when i make my own i always add salad leaves, chickpeas, sweet corn, tomatoes, lean protein, nuts/seeds or avocado & top off with some Balsamico Vinegar 🙂 Super delicious and leaves you full.

While i was in NY last winter i ate salads most days for lunch and the salads i got were HUGE and so filling, i almost couldnt finish them somedays. And i had so many toppings, sundried tomatoes, nuts, seeds, avocado, egg whites, chicken, prawns etc Thats, the type of salad i like!

Dont think that salad just has to be a boring lettuce and tomatoe salad, you can also make your own healthy dressing with greek yoghurt or quark. Mix in whoel grain pasta/sweet potatoe or quinoa to make it more filling as well 🙂

Cardio, outside workout and food planning


Life out on an island…. im missing the gym somewhat, its like my second home. I can workout anywhere, improvise. Do cardio, intervals, strength training… but its not the same as standing at the gym and lifting weights, or running sprints on the treadmill. I dont go to the gym just because, or because i want to lose weight. But because i love the gym i go to, its one of my favourite places to be. TO just clear my mind, and of course i love working out, but i can do that anywhere so thats not a problem!!

This morning after drinking my favourite BCAAs – Fresh Apple from XLNT (I get mine from HERE!!) i headed out for a morning walk.

Today i walked 8,5 km before i returned home and ate breakfast!

After letting my breakfast digest and taking some rest time i went to the backyard and did some outside workout for my upperbody with the resistance band and other things lying around!! Im going to try put together a film from some exercises you can do at home/outside which i filmed!

After that i got ready, prepared lunch and snacks to take with me as we were going out walking (Its important to prepare, and also to have with you enough energy when you go walking!!!). In total we did around 90 minutes walking – at a snails pace! ^_^ hahah But it was time with the family that was most important 🙂

Is there any special topic you want to read about? Or want me to post more about ? Just let me know 🙂

How my typical lunches/dinners look


Ive gotten asked how my lunches and dinners look, and i dont often post them but down below you see how my typical food looks 🙂













And yes, i always have ALOT of vegetables 🙂 It helps to fill me up (so that i dont eat all of the food in the house :))

My carb sources are often sweet potatoe, quinoa, bulgur, whole grain pasta (if theres any left overs),crisp bread or homemade bread, and then of course if we eat rice or noodles ill eat that aswell 🙂

And then all types of different protein – fish, tofu, chicken, turkey,  quorn, tuna etc etc

I dont actually eat so many fats or sauces to my lunches or dinner, usually cottage cheese or some quark sauce.

Taco dinner!


One of my favourite foods is definitely Tacos!! (Other favourite meals are sushi, chicken and sweet potatoe, a yummy salad etc)

And here in Sweden its almost tradition to eat Tacos every Friday, and well Im not one to break a tradition 🙂 So tacos for dinner tonight :):)


Whats your favourite dinner food ? 🙂

Cauliflower pizza recipe


One of my favourite cauliflower recipes is cauliflower pizza. People call me crazy, But i dont like pizza!! Not even when i was younger, though i still ate it then. Of course ill eat a slice or two if im at friends houses or something, but its nota  meal i would choose to eat. However cauliflower pizza i like….

This recipe is from http://www.tasty-health.se/ and ive made many of her recipes before, and ive made this recipe several times!!!

Yesterday, when i was home alone i decided to make this recipe, and with 1 small cauliflower i made 2 ‘small/medium* sized pizzas 🙂 Perfect for lunch today as well!


200g raw cauliflower
2 egg whites
1.5 tsp Fiberhusk (psyllium seeds)
1 tablespoon of crushed flaxseed
Optional spices: rosemary, onion powder, herbal salt, pepper

1st Heat the oven to 220C.
2nd Mix the raw cauliflower in a food processor until it almost becomes mushy / grainy. Remove the cauliflower and squeeze it a bit with paper towels so that you remove some fluid.
3rd Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then add put the ‘batter’ onto a baking sheet that you put an oiled / greased greaseproof paper. Spread the batter into a round shape, about 0.3 cm thick. Bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

4th Remove and add toppings and then bake another 10-15 minutes in the oven. Take out and enjoy!

Nutritional information for the bottom:
140 kcal
14 g protein
10 g carbohydrates (from the vegetables)
4 g fat

(i added tomatoe sauce afterwards. &&  YOU can add cheese or cottagce cheese)

SOURCE: http://www.tasty-health.se/2012/11/basta-dietpizzan-pizza-pa-blomkalsbotten.html

Fish burger recipe!


I really should become a cook/baker or something 😉 haha. I’m not even using recipes anymore but what I me turns out soo good! !

Yesterday I had 0 inspiration for dinner.  Infact I was thinking I’ll just eat breakfast for dinner, but then I looked in the freezer and saw salmon and coconut milk in the pantry and thought – ill make fish balls (Hahahah XD) in a coconut sauce. But then I decided to make fish burgers instead!! And they tasted sooo good.


I mixed together:

 3 cod fillets

1 salmon fillet.

c.a 3-4 dl oat flour

2,5dl egg whites (6-8 egg whites)

1,5dl cottage cheese


 paprika! !


And then fried in coconut oil!!


^^^ If you like fish, you really must try. ( but maybe find an actual recipe! ! :))



My lunch/dinner


On Tumblr and Instagram i have been asked if i could take more pictures/show how my lunches and dinners look. Usually i just throw everything on a plate… but i have gotten better at taking photos of my snacks, so in time i might start getting better with lunches and dinners 🙂 haha

Though i usually eat lunch at school and there i wont take pictures. And my dinners are usually chicken/fish with beans/quinoa/sweet potatoe and vegetables and sometimes a homemade sauce or cottage cheese. Nothing special!

Though for you to get some sort of inspiration or an idea of how my dinners/lunches look and the portions i eat… here are some pictures over the past while: (Somedays i eat dessert – a bar or some quark with musli afterwards!)









Healthy pizza for dinner


From the title, im guessing you know what i ate for dinner?

I am not a huge fan of pizza, ive tried it several times at different places and i eat it if im offered at a friends house etc But it wouldnt be the first thing i choose to eat.

Yesterday my mum came home and had bought chickpea flour to me. And i decided to make something using that tonight… i was stuck in between a chicken pie – using chickpea flour in the base, or making pizzas…  And then i decided,  Well its Saturday. Lets make something special!!

Its the first time using the recipe and they turned out suppperr delicious!! I used cottage cheese as the cheese, and in one of the pizzas i added cottage cheese in the base – and the base turned out extra soft and fluffy 🙂 Mmmm



They might not look so good, but they tasted good 🙂


What did you eat for dinner tonight? 🙂