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Super breakfast


This morning Β i managed to make a super delicious breakfast!! A normal and simple breakfast i.e quark, raspberries and almonds but i also added Green valley Ranch chocolate sauce to it!! Delicious, though i do admit maybe a little too sweet for breakfast!! But delicious nonetheless!

Today its school and im hoping to have time for a shoulder workout!!! Ive changed my workout plan a little and im going to see if it gives any affect… i will try write about the change once i get a chance πŸ™‚ I also got a little delivery from MMsports which i want to show!!!
Have a lovely day πŸ™‚




Night snacking – pancakes and casein


Tonights night snack was oatmeal pancakes, strawberry casein from MMsports, strawberries, cottage cheese, walnuts and tea!!! Delicious, though all that was missing was chocolate (would have made the meal a 10/10.. instead of an 8/10)




How to make a perfect salad


Salads are one of my favourite foods, i could eat them 3 times a day and never get bored! However the salads you are served in restaurants or cafes arent much too look at, or to fill you. Often salads just consist of lettuce, cucumber, maybe some tomatoe and a little chicken? Not so filling.

I prefer more filling salads, when i make my own i always add salad leaves, chickpeas, sweet corn, tomatoes, lean protein, nuts/seeds or avocado & top off with some Balsamico Vinegar πŸ™‚ Super delicious and leaves you full.

While i was in NY last winter i ate salads most days for lunch and the salads i got were HUGE and so filling, i almost couldnt finish them somedays. And i had so many toppings, sundried tomatoes, nuts, seeds, avocado, egg whites, chicken, prawns etcΒ Thats, the type of salad i like!

Dont think that salad just has to be a boring lettuce and tomatoe salad, you can also make your own healthy dressing with greek yoghurt or quark. Mix in whoel grain pasta/sweet potatoe or quinoa to make it more filling as well πŸ™‚

Pre workout breakfast


This morning i think i spent 20 minutes making breakfast… thats 15 minutes more than usual. But i am happy of the results!!! It was absaloutly delicious and filling, couldnt have made myself a better breakfast. And lots of energy as well, so now im ready to go with all this energy!!! The reason it took so long to make was because i decided to photograph as well… haha

I made a fruit salad with quark mixed with funlight (the juice). (and added cinnamon as well) and topped with a chocolate sauce and a blueberry sauce. On the side was half a melon, an egg, coffee and an Aloe Vera!!!Β Super full and energy filled!













Casein mousse


One of my favourite night snacks is Casein Mousse using Body Science Casein. You can make lots of different things with Casein – fluff, mousse, pudding etc

When i am hungry and want something sweet and delicious i make mousse as it takes 2 minutes to make (though can put in the fridge for best taste!)

I mix “1 scoop” casein with water until it comes to the right texture and then mix in sweetner. And done! Though you can also mix in quark or cottage cheese or even whisped egg whites πŸ™‚ So find out what you like!! But i like mine with just some water and sweetner and i top witth berries and cottage cheese and nuts πŸ™‚

Banana recipes


I feel like i miss out on alot not being able to eat banana 😦 Below are some simple recipes which include banana πŸ™‚ So go ahead and try some!


Egg & banana pancake (can add in cottage cheese&berries/cinnamon/stevia etc to the mixture!)


Banana ice cream:


Banana and peanut butter/dipped in chocolate




Banana chocolate popsicle!


Bananan split


Grilled banana boats


Banana bread/muffins/cakes



Bananan smoothie or milkshake


Banana chips


Now ive just made myself feel sad… hahah!!! Β I can eat a little banana, its just then that i need to take the consequences… but maybe its worth it? A grilled banana with chocolate sounds yummy right now!!! πŸ™‚


Protein filled night snack


For my night snack i had a protein rich one… Casein is one of the best things to eat as a night snack as it is slow protein, so it takes several hours for it to absorb into your body, so its good for before bed and the hours when you dont eat during sleep πŸ™‚

I made casein mousse from Body science Vanilla caseinΒ (Get it HERE) and also a protein mugcake with Body science vanilla pear protin powder. (get it HERE)

And topped with some strawberries and a coconut nobe aloe vera drink on the side! Need i say delicious ?

Whats your favourite night snack? Do you eat a night snack?




Protein mugcakes


Why have 1 protein mugcake, when you can have 2? πŸ™‚

I have loads of protein powder – as i love having different flavours to choose from. But i rarely drink it as shakes anymore, i used to always drink directly after workouts, but now i only drink protein shakes if i dont have time to eat after a workout.

I know i get alot of protein through my daily food, so i dont see the point in drinking protein shakes anyway.. i dont count macros, but i know that too much protein is bad for the kidneys…

But onto my night snack… craving something chocolatey, i stumbled upon a protein mugcake recipe which looked delicious. Few ingredients, and i had them all apart from PB but you could make the recipe without the nut butter.

So i decided to make 2!! One cookies and cream & one mint chocolate πŸ™‚

They were delicious, though a little dry as i had them in the microwave for the wrong heat i think… they should still be a little gooey inside for best taste & consistency πŸ˜‰

I topped mine with yoghurt & berries… tried to make the plate look good, even if the mugcakes didnt actually look good… the chocolate one turned out huge and the cookies and cream one turned out small and lopsided, hahah!


I will post the recipe for the mucakesΒ in my next post πŸ˜‰



Evening snacking!


Today when we went food shopping i loaded the cart with fresh fruit and vegetables!!One of my favourite things about summer is all the summer fruit that has come into season, and all the fresh vegetables! I love it ^_^

This evening my night snack is: 1 grapfruit, watermelon (and even more afterwards!), cherries, a small quark pot & of course some dark chocoalte (cant live without it!) and an aloe vera drink!! Β Delicious x100.

Food = life. & my favourite part of the day πŸ™‚

(I think i should turn into a food blogger or something, as i have such a love for good food ;))