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Shoulders and core workout


A goal of mine this month is to start doing more core work…. if im motivated, then ill do one core workout a week, but usually i just do a core workout every second week. However, i feel i need to strengthen my core more. The core muscles are used in many exercises such as push ups, pull ups, squats, deadlifts and even when doing standing push presses or bicep curls you need to engage your core. But sit ups and that… nope, not done so often.

So today i decided to do one of my favourite muscle groups and my least favourite – core!

(I’m not so great at counting reps or sets… i just do an exercise until it really burns and i cant do anymore. That works for me :))

Cable rows
Cable cross overs (for the back of shoulders… i think the exercise is called this.) It was my first time doing these so i need to do some fixing of my technique)
Front raises with cable machine
Side raises superset with lighter weight side raises
Push ups on toes super set push ups on knees (all the way with chest to ground and doing it slowly so it really burns)
Incline push ups

Decline sit ups Super set bench jack knife (4 set)
Sidebend with weight Super set mountain climbers (4 set)
Hanging leg raises (3 set)


Have you worked out today?