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Morning run & breakfast


Recently ive gotten my running motivation back and it feels like all i want to do is to run…. But because of my busy weekday schedule its hard to find time. But its about making time for the things you love. So i woke up a little earlier than usual on a weekend and drank some coffee and BCAAs and ate an apple and some raisins and then i went out for a run, I wasnt sure how far i would run…. a 5km, 10km, 7km etc… but i just kept running (with a break half way to do some stair intervals i.e run up really fast, jog down and then repeat how many times i like). My run finished at 6.6km and feeling energised and tired at the same time! My stomach was rumbling for a proper breakfast πŸ™‚

Today my breakfast was: chocolate egg cake & raspberries, quark, nuts, raspberries, an egg and my favourite celsius!!

My favourite combination right now: chocolate egg cake, quark, raspberries, nuts, an egg and a celsius πŸ™‚

Today im going to pack, clean and study as i have lots of tests coming up in the next 2 weeks and also….im moving house on Monday (and not to mention, its my birthday tomorrow!!!!) πŸ™‚

Celsius or Jacked fuel?


Celsius and Jacked fuel are two energy drinks which i love…. i dont drink a huge amount of energy drinks, as i prefer to either drink coffee or just push through the tiredness. I dont want to get addicted to energy drinks, however sometimes they are just needed, and a cold jacked fuel or celsius is just what i need on a summers day:)

But i got asked which one i thought was better… so i thought i would do a little comparison:

Ill start with the price:

One bottl of Jacked Fuel costs 20kr (for 500ml) and one celsius costs around 23-35kr for 355ml…. So you get mjore for your money from jacked fuel. And also what i like is that you can close the bottle of jacked fuel.. so you can drink half one time and half later… but with celcius its hard to carry with you, and once you open you have to drink it all at once.

Jacked fuel has 300mg coffeine while Celsius only has 200mg.

However, its easier to find celsius as they are sold in more shops… Ica, Coop, HemkΓΆp but Jacked fuel is only sold in MMsports shops or online (however delivery time from MMsports is usually 2 days (between 2-4 anyway) so buying a box of 20 drinks is much cheaper and then you will have many to last you πŸ™‚

Flavours…. Personally i love all the Celsius flavours, but i also love the Strawberry and Kiwi and Lemon and Lime jacked fuel (The cola flavour is not reccommended by me!) But there are more flavours to choose from from Celsius, so i guess thats a bonus.

But to conclude… personally, i prefer Jacked fuel. You get more for the money, you can carry the bottle with you, its cheaper and more caffeine. I just hope that soon there will come more flavours which will make this drink 10/10 πŸ™‚