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In my cart


You know that feeling when you are hungry and there is nothing to eat so you begin thinking about all the food which you could be eating? Maybe thats just me….

However, i found myself browsing MMsports products to see what i could find and to entertain myself… and here is just a few of the things sitting in my cart, waiting to be purchased once my money comes in 🙂

Indiana Jerky

Now i amnt someone who eats alot of meat, however something ive wanted to try is beef jerky as its something many have said tastes delicious. However, i dont eat red meat. so when i saw that you could buy these with chicken or turkey… well, i have to try. I dont think it will be a regular thing i buy, however i like trying new foods!


Sugar free yoghurt/chocolate covered nuts (yoghurt covered nuts & chocolate covered nuts)

Its no secret that im addicted to chocolate/yoghurt covered nuts and i love these as they dont contain as much sugar as the normal ones you buy in stores. So these can be more of an everyday treat 🙂 (I am planning on writing a review on these :))


Peanut butter (Crunchy!)

Anyone else a nut butter addict?! 🙂 I am…. almond butter is my absaloute favourite. I havent tried Body Science Peanut butter, but in my next order i am going to buy 1 or 2 to try 🙂 I will write a review then!

Atkins bars

Have you ever tried these bars??! They are super delicious… if i must admit, atkins bars are better than some questbars!! O_O

On my wishlist


At the moment all i can do is sit and add things to my cart online… adding to the pile. Longing until i have money until i can buy these things, so for now They’re on my wishlist!!! As soon as i get money i will be broke again, hahah! Why must a fitness life be so expensive? I dont spend money on drinks or coffee out or a new top, i spend it on Casein, sports bras, celsius, questbars etc… Anyone else like this? 🙂

Jacked Fuel: I need more energy, hahah!


A cap – for all my morning walks. I found this one ‘Aldrig Vila’ on MMsports which i want!! (Click HERE)

I LOVE this top – Fuck Lagom, Aldrig Vila. Its the perfect description of me 🙂 (Click HERE to come to the link)

White chocolate Peanut butter from Iherb (Click HERE)


Impact whey protein from  I would love to try Rocky Road, Tiramisu, Strawberry Cream, Banoffee, White chocolate 🙂 (Mmmmmm!)

Nike Sports bras! HERE & HERE

Nike shorts (HERE)