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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day


i am going to be a typical Swede, and start this post with Weather talk πŸ™‚Β Hahah. Yes.. i am the type of person who, if i am in an awkeward silence with someone i will begin talking about the weather πŸ™‚

But anyway, recently it has been around 10-15 degrees during the day i.e not so cold!! (But its getting colder from now on… 😦 )

But it means that the mornings have the perfect walking temperature. Its not so cold that your sweat freezes on your skin and you walk like an icicle, but its not so hot that you are sweating so much you just want to take off all your clothes and go lie down somewhere.

But its a good mix of, if you put on some dry fit clothes and a warmer – but light jacket, then you dont freeze and you dont overheat either ;);)

Hhahaha… all my years of morning walks ive finally learnt how to dress properly!!





When i came home it was time for breakfast and i must say,Β it was better than usual!!!


Yoghurt and quark & nuts, 2 boiled eggs, ginger flavoured cashews and coconut. (The 60g packet was easily eaten, they are sooo good. And whats better is that its all organic :)) & a Raspberry and Lemon Kombucha!!

I am going to write a review about both the nuts and the Kombucha πŸ™‚


Today my mum wants to take me out for lunch and im definitely not complaining πŸ™‚ Free food? Why yes… thank you πŸ™‚

Im hoping we can go to the vegetarian buffet so that i can eat as much as i want and not just be limited by the small portion i would get at a normal restaurant πŸ™‚

(And p.s… just because im going out to eat DOESNT mean i eat less ;);) Its not about compensating!)


Taking probiotics, not stressing and a little change in my diet = back to no bloating (unless i eat a big meal which is basically 6 times per day… but the bloating is pretty much gone and the pain!! Woop woop!)


Bcaa – Cola flavour


In my package which i got from MMsports yesterday the new Cola flavour BCAA from bodyscience was in there. When i ordered it i thought, it could either be really good or it could be really bad.

This morning before my powerwalk i decided to try the new BCAA flavour and i was pleasantly surprised!! It was delicious πŸ™‚ One of my favourites… i almost want to order a new one right away so that when this tub is finished i wont have to feel like crying πŸ˜‰ hahaah


IMG_20141022_075524 20141021_161013(0)


You can order it HEREΒ (I highly reccommend it :))