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Today i recieved my package from MMsports (i ordered it yesterday!! O_O Super quick delivery!)  in my package it contained lots of yummy things and one of them was peanut butter and chocolate covered nuts 🙂 My 2 favourite things!

Feeling tired and needing an energy boost i decided to eat peanut butter right out of the jar, along with the rest of my snack, which was sweet egg cake with quark & nuts and milk. & white chocolate cashews and i ate ALOT more of those nuts 🙂 hahah 150g or something :):) Can never have too many nuts or too much nut butter 🙂


I will show what i bought in another post 🙂 🙂 And will review it all as well.


Summer drink


When it’s summer time you spend a lot of time outside in the sun – or some do anyway! But when It’s warm weather it’s important to drink a lot of fluids. Increasing your water intake is important as to not get dehydrated! Water should be your best friend.
   However, it gets boring to just drink water all the time. Sometimes you want something with more flavour.  Infused water is a great idea, but am even better idea is a Sugar free Nobe aloe Vera drink! The sugar free one is my favourite as i prefer to avoid drinks with too much sugar. But the coconut Nobe Aloe Vera is also a favourite of mine!!
   Aloe Vera drinks can be found in most shops and cafes so great if you want a drink while out in town!

And if you don’t like the aloe Vera pieces, then why not try a Vitamin well. Their stevia drinks are my favourite but i also like their new limited edition strawberry and rhubarb! !





Dont skip breakfast


Breakfast is one of those meals which either someone skips or someone loves it and couldnt imagine life without breakfast. I am one of those who LOVES breakfast, however im not always hungry in the morning. Thats why i love morning walks before rbeakfast as it speeds up my metabolism so when i come home im super hungry and can enjoy breakfast even more!

Breakfast is one of those meals which SHOULD be eaten. It gives you energy in the morning, kickstarts your metabolism, is delicious, helps you concentrate in school or work. And also, people who eat breakfast are less likely to over eat or eat lots during the evenings. There have also been studies that have shown that those who ate breakfast lost more weight compared to those that didnt… Need any more reasons to eat breakfast?

If its just that you dont have any breakfast inspriation, below is some great ideas.

If you dont have enough time for breakfast… prepare it the night before. Make over night oats, mix a smoothie which you can just grab and go in the morning. Bake healthy muffins or cupcakes or bars which you can just grab in the morning. Pre boil eggs…. grab a handful of nuts and a banana in the morning. Just make sure to eat something.

If you dont have time to eat, you can try waking up 2o minutes earlier than usual. And if its that you arent hungry, then try making a smoothie or even just a slice of whole grain toast with some cottage cheese and maybe some nuts on the side.

THIS inspires me


I am not someone who gets inspired by other peoples bodies, by thinspo or fitspo. I dont like comparing my body to other peoples bodies, instead i focus on being happy in my own. Though of course, sometimes looking at opther people i wish that i had their arms or their abs 😉

However something that does inspire and motivate me is seeing the things other people accomplish, whether its weightloss or weight gain (from skinny to strong/healthy). Completing races and obstacle courses and other tough exercises which i hope one day i can also complete!! Here are somethings which inspire me 🙂


A newbies guide to the gym/strength training


I got asked if I could write a little guide for someone new at the gym… (this is towards strength training, not cardio ;))

My first bit of advice is to Do your research!! Google and YouTube exercises so you know how to do them. Also you can practise doing the movement in your room, just so you feel confident.


Write up a plan: How are you going to workout? What are you going to do? Reps and sets? Do you have a time limit?
Write up your workout plan and exercises on your phone or on paper so you know what you are going to do.
always have a plan before I go to the gym, otherwise I’ll just buzz around in the gym and do 2 sets on one machine then stand there and try tO figure out what my next exercise will be etc
If you don’t have time to make a plan before hand. Then step on the treadmill or sit on the bike and think out a plan. Then you can feel more confident.


Have a back up: Having a back up plan of different exercises can be good if the machines you want to use are taken or there are lots of people.


Watch what others are doing: Subtly!!! I’ve had before where newbies are very obvious they are new because they stand there and just stare while you do the exercise. This creeps me out and i feel nervous!! But say you are having your rest in between sets then subtly look over at others to get inspiration and see how exercises are Done! I do this all the time… Whether it’s because I think the guy doing the exercise is cute or because I am really impressed by the exercises the girl behind me is doing or because it’d a new exercise i want to try!!!


Don’t be scared to ask for help! This is important! It’s better to do right than hurt yourself. Infact the last day when I did a chest workout (only my second one because I don’t like training chest) i asked one of the older guys working out if he could look at my technique and he said it look good. And that helped alot, i had done my research and looked at videos on how to preform the exercise beforehand. So that helped me.
Don’t let your ego get in the way, ask for help if you need it!!

Create a good workout playlist! If you have good music it will motivate you even more and get you pushing that bit harder!!!




Onto actual strength training bit….

Begin with getting the technique. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push ups, chins etc you want to make sure you do correctly before you add weight (squats and deadlifts) It can be good to ask someone to look at your technique.


Focus on contact and technique before weight: I prefer to focus on contact rather than weight, sometimes I need to lower the weight and do more reps to feel the burn. Sometimes when you add too much weight you lose technique and then don’t feel the contact in the right muscles.

Don’t be scared to increase weight: When you feel that yiu have the technique don’t be scared to increase your weight…. don’t just stick to 3&;4kg… but go higher.

Depending on what your goal is between 8-15 reps and anywhere from 3-12 sets. (I can do up to 10 sets on one exercise sometimes.)

Begin with maybe 3 strength training workout a week and then increase if you want. Aim for 40-90 minutes. ( mine are usually 45-60 minutes).
The amount of exercises i do depends…. sometimes 4 exercise sometimes 12.

For warm up, make sure the muscle you ate working is warmed up before. Whether you run, do the cross trainer or use a light weight and do some exercises for that muscle group is recommended!!

Remember to rest and eat properly when you strength train!!! When working your muscles, you break them down. And it’s when you eat and rest that they grow back stronger!!!

Feel confident, motivated and ready to go when you enter the gym!

Also, good workout clothes can really help you!!! For me, when i have a good workout outfit i feel 100% more motivated!!! 🙂

THIS post can help you make a strength training plan 🙂

Brekfast and morning routine


Mornings to me are very special… I like having time to eat my breakfast. The worst thing i know is rushing around in the morning, barely having time to eat or get ready. So instead, i always give myself 90 minutes in the morning during school days… and even if im going somewhere i still get up around 80-90 minutes before i have to leave. This gives me time to get ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast. Read blogs, write blog posts. Get ready, drink another cup of coffee if needed. Take Daisy for a short walk & still have that 5 minute of just ‘nothing time’. For me, that is the perfect start!

But what i lov more, is the mornings – like now on my summer holiday where if i wake up and feel like going for a walk, whether its a 20 minutes walk or an 80 minute walk, i have time for that!!!


Im the type of person who gets ready before i eat breakfast… im always fully clothed and if im going somewhere, have my make up and hair done before i eat breakfast.

Do you get dressed before or after breakfast?

Are you the type of person who just rushes in the morning?


Below you see how my delicious breakfast looked this morning, which i enjoyed while writing this post 🙂

And YES, that is apple pie for breakfast 😉 Mmmmm






My workouts


You might have realised that at the moment there hasnt been alot of updating, and not really about my workouts. Yes im still working out 🙂 But at the moment i dont really have time to write down my workouts…  I mentally prepare them, but i dont write them down .So i can forget what i do after i workout.

At the moment, writing about my workouts on my blog arent my number 1 priority, but if you WANT to read about them. Let me know and i will make more of an effort to do that 🙂

How my typical lunches/dinners look


Ive gotten asked how my lunches and dinners look, and i dont often post them but down below you see how my typical food looks 🙂













And yes, i always have ALOT of vegetables 🙂 It helps to fill me up (so that i dont eat all of the food in the house :))

My carb sources are often sweet potatoe, quinoa, bulgur, whole grain pasta (if theres any left overs),crisp bread or homemade bread, and then of course if we eat rice or noodles ill eat that aswell 🙂

And then all types of different protein – fish, tofu, chicken, turkey,  quorn, tuna etc etc

I dont actually eat so many fats or sauces to my lunches or dinner, usually cottage cheese or some quark sauce.

My fitness/exercise goals


I often set up small exercise goals for myself to achieve… mainly because then you have something to really work on… or you know, in the back of your head that there is this goal you are working to reach. But i am never so strict with them… i’m sure i would reach the goals faster if i really worked towards them, but for me, exercise is just fun. So i do what i feel like at the time!


My goals are never anything like – have six pack abs, or lose fat because to me that isnt why i am exercising, yes my body may be changing, but i guess thats just a bonus!!


 My goals at the moment (March 2014)


  1.   To be able to do a handstand (and then without a wall!)
  2. To be able to do the splits again (could do it when i was 12, but then of course i wasnt allowed any exercise or to stretch so became less flexible!)
  3. To be able to do proper pull ups and proper dips!
  4. To use 10kg+ dumbbells for bicep curls…. (Now that i think about it, i most probably can. Its just that i havent tried… gotta do that sometime soon!) -> When i first started strength training  i could only use 3kg dumbbells… so remember, everyone starts somewhere!!
  5. To partake in several races – this year…. (Me and my step dad have been talking and both of us are planning to start running again, and both want to run races. So hopefully we will do it this year, because ive wanted to run these races since 2012, but just never signed up)




Wednesday breakfast


Todays breakfast was egg white oatmeal with cinnamon and stevia. Mix of nuts and seeds, cottage cheese, sugar free appelsauce & frozen berries! & a Mango& Peach Vitamin Well!! I love this combination, and it keeps me full for several hours! Today im planning to work my back and also intervals, if i have the time and energy!!!

But first its school.




Are you going to workout today? 

What did you eat for breakfast today?