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Listen to your body


I am a big advocator of listening to your body…. of course there are certain times when you can push past your limits ie.. when you’re running a marathon or you are moving apartment and need to use every bit of strength to lift, push, and keep going…. then its different. But in general, listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and LEARNING to stop when you are full… because that is the problem people have, they eat even if they arent hungry and that is what can lead to weight gain. ( THough of course, we all have times i.e RESTDAYS when we eat out of boredom :)) but in general, listening to your bodies signals.

And that is exactly what i did today (and every day :)). I wanted to strength train and i wanted to do cardio but i didnt feel like just running or doing chest, shoulders, legs, bicep/triceps etc so i ended up doing 10 minutes HIIT on 16-18km/hr and 20 minutes core exercises.

I never workout my stomach so i am actually quite weak there… when i do deadlifts and pushups and other exercises i have to keep my stomach pulled in which works my core, but otherwise its not so mcuh just core exercises. But im going to try get better at that because a strong core will help alot!!!

The 30 minutes exercise was exactly what i needed… i didnt need to push extra much or do X minutes or keep going. No, i was satisfied with what i did πŸ™‚

Listening to your body isnt always easy, but once you learn to do it you will thank yourself πŸ™‚

Birthday brunch


Hello πŸ™‚

Today is my birthday *woop!* *woop!* so i have spent it doing my favourite things – working out and brunch with my family!!!

It was leg day today – and im hoping that i will feel it tomorrow. I had cake as pre workout, so the energy was definitely there πŸ™‚ And after leg day all you want is food, so that is exactly what i got πŸ™‚

There was so much yumminess at the brunch i ate – LOTS of fresh bread, salmon, watermelon, yoghurt, coffee etc etc


My day and afternoon snacking!


After breakfast i headed to the gym for a short but intense shoulder workout… i wasnt sure if i was going to go to the gym or not, but i felt i really wanted to!! So i headed there for 50 minutes and did a killer shoulder workout, afterwards my shoulders were aching so badly!! hahah, they will feel sore tomorrow πŸ™‚

I know alot of people have requested i write out my workouts so i will try do that. But i never plan or write down my workouts, i barely count reps or sets either… and dont always know the name of the exercise id o as i find new ones which i try and love. So i cant promise ill write out every workout i do, as i prefer to just do what i feel like and enjoy my workouts than to think about numbers, reps, weights, sets etc πŸ™‚

After my workout it was lunch and an hours studying followed by an hours nap… and then my afternoon snack: My favourite combo right now: quark, nuts & raisins. And now lots of packing and cleaning!!

P.s the pictures were taken this morning.. so they dont show how i look or feel right now, hahaha.

Chocolate breakfast


Its Friday today, meaning one day closer to the weekend and even one day closer to my birthday – Oh my gosh!!! Β For my birthday im planning to go for brunch and i cant wait…. brunch has to be the best food πŸ™‚ Waffles, eggs, fruit, yoghurt,chicken, freshly baked bread, lots and lots of coffee…. what could go wrong? πŸ™‚

Anyway, i had a dream breakfast today (as usual!), egg white chocolate oatmeal, rice pudding, raspberries and egg and coffee!! This is the perfect way to load up for my workout in a few hours…. im thinking deadlifts and some biceps and triceps πŸ™‚ I want to do legs though, but i need to wait another day πŸ˜‰

Are you working out today? πŸ™‚


Morning walk and breakfast


Started my day with a 6,5km morning walk (drinking coffee and bcaas before) and then breakfast afterwards. This is just a personal preferance of mine, as i dont like walking after breakfast. So i walk before πŸ™‚ But you get the same benefit no matter what time you walk!

Brekfast this morning was egg white oatmeal, cottage cheese, an apple, (and also milk), a questbar anda Β celsius!! (Loading up for a back workout, not sure how its going to go today… or if i even do strength training. Ill just wait and see how i feel :))

IMG_20141022_093002 20141022_095026 20141022_095025


Ive also been asked how many calories i eat in a day and how much i burn off through exercise. 1)I dont count calories and 2)I dont think of exercise as burning off calories. Its not aΒ Plus/MinusΒ  thing for me. I am neither trying to gain weight or lose weight… i just want to keep gettting stronger. Feel i have energy and that i love what im doing, which i do. I do the workouts i have energy for and i eat what im craving… there is not so much more to it. Somedays i might eat 3500kcal, other days 1800… i dont really know. It doesnt make so much difference to me!! Food is energy, not numbers.


Do you want more motivation?


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Its all about the lighting


Something which i think is important to bring up is the thing with abs….. most people now a days seem to want visible abs. Their main goal with exercise is to have visible abs. An obsession which i dont think is good….

But the truth with visible abs is that unless you have a very unhealthy fat procent and an unhealthy and strict, low calorie diet then you’re abs (if you have a low fat procent) will only really be visible in certain light.

Yes i do have a some what toned stomach, does it look like that all the time? Nope, i still bloat. Remember that the photos i post on my IG are the ones i think i look good, there is also a certain lighting in them (and lets not forget the posture… in some i flex, in some i dont!)

I dont post the photos to trick people, i am quite open about the fact that my toned stomach look is not how i look 24/7… it would be impossible to look liike that with all the meals i eat. Food Β & water = bloating.

But i just want to show you how different lighting makes me look:


How to start the day off right


Waking up with energy and a smile on my face.

3 days after my legday and i still have training pain…. The burning feeling of bending over or picking something up… or having to use stairs. And even my shoulders have DOMS after yesterdays workout… My body is definitely reacting well to the new workout schedule!!

To start off my day i went for a 5km powerwalk followed by a delicious breakfast to load up for a back workout, hopefully i can increase my weights and maybe, just maybe increase my weights with deadlifts!!


Rest day the right way


Sunday usually means restday for me! And today im not complaining… i had a tough leg workout yesterday so my legs feel like tree stumps today. Walking like a penguin and not wanting to move too much at all! Also my biceps still have some training pain from Fridays workout.

A love/hate relationship! I dont always get training pain, infact only 30% of the time or something… but ive now started a new training program (made it myself) where i am focusing on heavy weights and already seeing results! If you want me to write more about this, just let me know πŸ™‚

Today i have spent my day studying and this evening i have some delicious movie snacks πŸ™‚ Going to rest in bed with a movie and some snacks and mentally and physically prepare for another tough week of school starting tomorrow!!

How have you spent your day?

Morning walk and breakfast


To start off my weekend i did one of my favourite things which is a morning walk! I prefer to do mine before breakfast, because after breakfst i just want to sit and work on the computer! Whether you walk before or after breakfast or in the morning or evening doesnt make so much difference – so do what you prefer best πŸ™‚

Ive jsut eaten breakfast now, and soon its time for leg day!! *woop* *Woop*

Are you working out today? πŸ™‚