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Listen to your body


I am a big advocator of listening to your body…. of course there are certain times when you can push past your limits ie.. when you’re running a marathon or you are moving apartment and need to use every bit of strength to lift, push, and keep going…. then its different. But in general, listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and LEARNING to stop when you are full… because that is the problem people have, they eat even if they arent hungry and that is what can lead to weight gain. ( THough of course, we all have times i.e RESTDAYS when we eat out of boredom :)) but in general, listening to your bodies signals.

And that is exactly what i did today (and every day :)). I wanted to strength train and i wanted to do cardio but i didnt feel like just running or doing chest, shoulders, legs, bicep/triceps etc so i ended up doing 10 minutes HIIT on 16-18km/hr and 20 minutes core exercises.

I never workout my stomach so i am actually quite weak there… when i do deadlifts and pushups and other exercises i have to keep my stomach pulled in which works my core, but otherwise its not so mcuh just core exercises. But im going to try get better at that because a strong core will help alot!!!

The 30 minutes exercise was exactly what i needed… i didnt need to push extra much or do X minutes or keep going. No, i was satisfied with what i did 🙂

Listening to your body isnt always easy, but once you learn to do it you will thank yourself 🙂

Fitness is not a body size


I often get told by people who are recovering that they want to get fit (again)… that they want to exercise to get fit. Which is great…. but the question is, what is their definition of fit?

Because it feels like many peoples only definition and view of fit is having a low body fat procent, and visible muscles to some degree.

  You see someone who is very lean, has sort of visible abs and posts a picture flexing and you think Wow, that person is sooo fit. I want to look like him/her.  But the truth is, that person might just have been on a diet to lose fat and genetically have more visible muscles… but not be able to run more than 2km or lift anything heavy… they just look a certain way.

I am not bashing that look at all, but fitness is not a body shape. You can be super fit and healthy but be more curvy or on the bigger side. You DONT need to lose weight to be fit (unless you are very overweight/obese.. then logically its hard to be fit and be able to  run, lift heavy things, flexible etc etc ). You can be any shape or size… of course you can be underweight and fit i.e be able to carry out certain tasks. But you arent phsyically healthy/fit if you are underweight or over weight… making you not actually fit. Just strong/fast/flexible etc

The definition of fitness according to the dictionary is:  1) the condition of being physically fit and healthy. 2)the quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task.

There is no mention of weight or size in the definition. That is just something that society and media has told us… that you have to look a certain way to be fit.

But trust me there are people who are on the bigger side and run several marathons each year, they eat healthier and workout more than someone who is naturally skinny and eats lots of junk food and just happens to look like the ‘ideal’ (though i think its stupid that there is some ideal body.)

You can NOT judge someones fitness by their body shape. There are people at my gym who are super strong or super fast (or both!) but might not look like the ‘typical’ fitness person. But i have gone up to those people and complimented them, told them that they are working so hard and i am impressed. Because i truly am and i believe people do need to hear some compliments and encouragment for their work!


If you want to get fit, that is awesome. Working on your physical health and all components of exercise and fitness. However DONT mix up the two of wanting to look a certain way and wanting to improve your fitness, because the two arent the same thing.

   If you want to look a certain way, your goal isnt to improve your actual health… to improve the different components of exercise. Your goal is just to build muscle/lost fat/tone up etc…

So please be aware that to be fit you dont have to lose fat or lose weight… though gaining muscle does aid in fitness, though you DONT need visible muscles and a low body fat procent to be fitness.

Fitness is NOT chicken, brocolli and quark. Fitness is NOT running 10km everyday. Fitness is NOT having a super low body fat procent and visible abs and muscles.

Fitness is the ability to complete different tasks… if you were asked to hike 10km you would be able to do it. If you had to run 5km you would be able to do it. If you had to move a car or lift a heavy box you would be able to do it….

Focus on fitness and health NOT just changing your body.


Morning walk and breakfast


Started my day with a 6,5km morning walk (drinking coffee and bcaas before) and then breakfast afterwards. This is just a personal preferance of mine, as i dont like walking after breakfast. So i walk before 🙂 But you get the same benefit no matter what time you walk!

Brekfast this morning was egg white oatmeal, cottage cheese, an apple, (and also milk), a questbar anda  celsius!! (Loading up for a back workout, not sure how its going to go today… or if i even do strength training. Ill just wait and see how i feel :))

IMG_20141022_093002 20141022_095026 20141022_095025


Ive also been asked how many calories i eat in a day and how much i burn off through exercise. 1)I dont count calories and 2)I dont think of exercise as burning off calories. Its not a Plus/Minus  thing for me. I am neither trying to gain weight or lose weight… i just want to keep gettting stronger. Feel i have energy and that i love what im doing, which i do. I do the workouts i have energy for and i eat what im craving… there is not so much more to it. Somedays i might eat 3500kcal, other days 1800… i dont really know. It doesnt make so much difference to me!! Food is energy, not numbers.


Its all about the lighting


Something which i think is important to bring up is the thing with abs….. most people now a days seem to want visible abs. Their main goal with exercise is to have visible abs. An obsession which i dont think is good….

But the truth with visible abs is that unless you have a very unhealthy fat procent and an unhealthy and strict, low calorie diet then you’re abs (if you have a low fat procent) will only really be visible in certain light.

Yes i do have a some what toned stomach, does it look like that all the time? Nope, i still bloat. Remember that the photos i post on my IG are the ones i think i look good, there is also a certain lighting in them (and lets not forget the posture… in some i flex, in some i dont!)

I dont post the photos to trick people, i am quite open about the fact that my toned stomach look is not how i look 24/7… it would be impossible to look liike that with all the meals i eat. Food  & water = bloating.

But i just want to show you how different lighting makes me look:


Rest day the right way


Sunday usually means restday for me! And today im not complaining… i had a tough leg workout yesterday so my legs feel like tree stumps today. Walking like a penguin and not wanting to move too much at all! Also my biceps still have some training pain from Fridays workout.

A love/hate relationship! I dont always get training pain, infact only 30% of the time or something… but ive now started a new training program (made it myself) where i am focusing on heavy weights and already seeing results! If you want me to write more about this, just let me know 🙂

Today i have spent my day studying and this evening i have some delicious movie snacks 🙂 Going to rest in bed with a movie and some snacks and mentally and physically prepare for another tough week of school starting tomorrow!!

How have you spent your day?

Stop focusing on a flat stomach or visible abs


Everyday i get between 3-10+ messages where people tell me their goal is visible abs. A flat stomach or defined stomach.

But why? Why is everyone obsessed with a flat or defined stomach… i mean really, most of the time your stomach is covered under a top anyway. And people bloat… its natural, its normal. DONT panic about it.

Bloating happens for many reasons: stress, anxiety, hormones(hormone changess), drinking water, eating food, eating too much food, eating too little food, over exercising, allergic/intolerant to some type of food, too much salt … and the list goes on. There are things you can do to minimize bloating, but it still happens.

Getting a defined stomach or a flat stomach isnt about doing 30 minutes core work everyday or doing 100 sit ups every evening. Its about a healthy diet and exercise. And it takes time… for girls losing fat on the stomach is usually the hardest place and takes the longes time. For some it craves a boring and strict diet and an unhealthy fat percent to have a toned belly. They live a miserable life just to have defined abs. But why…. you have 1 life to live. Why spend it hating yourself, miserable because you dont havea  flat stomach?

Instead, you could love your body for how it look… realise that bloating is normal and so is having fat on your body and on your stomach. Stop worrying about stomach rolls or stretch marks. Instead, focus on exercise you love and eating a balanced diet AS WELL as living a life. Dont forget about licing just because you are so focused on changing your body.

Flat abs/toned stomach doesnt happen over night… it takes time and dedication. And starving yourself isnt the answer neither is 100 sit ups a day.

My recommendation is strength training & cardio or HIIT and healthy foods. Mix up your workouts, try not to stress so much, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and dont forget to be happy.

Who cares if you have a flat stomach or not? Be happy… love yourself!

I can also tell you from experience having visible abs doesnt make you happier or prettier or better than anyone else. Until you begin to love your body you will never be truly happy or happy with your body. Self love shouldnt just be if you reach a goal weight or goal body shape.

Why do i strength train?


Why do I strength train?

Not because I want to be super muscular or lean.

Not because I didn’t want to gain fat and  just wanted to gain muscle. (infact i only started really strength training the beginning of this year)

 Not so that I can squat 200kg or bench press 300kg.

 Not because everyone is doing it.

But because it makes me feel good…. It makes me feel happy and powerful. All my life I have spent as the skinny, weak girl. But not anymore.

 I love FEELING strong. It’s the feeling of knowing I can run 10km,  knowing I can leg press X kilo or deadlift X kilo. It’s knowing that I can do things… not have to ask others to lift a box for me or not being able to run 1km.

 I strength train for myself and for life. Forget about looking a certain way or six pack abs.

 Ask yourself so you enjoy what you are doing? Is your only reason to strength train so that you don’t become fat or only have to gain fat in recovery?  Then I think you should rethink your choices.

Exercise should be fun, an enjoyment, not a punishment or chore.

I strength train because it makes my outside match me inside. Because it makes me both physically and mentally strong, something which i love feeling. Strength training helps build me up, it gives me endorphines and makes me happy. Its something i long and love to do. Its a part of my life and a part of my lifestyle!

So if you strength train… whats your reason for it?

Fitness noodles


There often seems to be a debate about fitness noodles.

I order mine from MMsports and i love them. Yes they have next to no calories and barely any carbs. They are good for dieters i suppose but for just normal people… no they might not be needed.

They dont have any taste and can seem kind of slippery or like rubber – though not the ones i eat!! I always add LOADS of salt and pepper to them… and my favourite way to eat them is with chicken or salmon & vegetables and a sauce. Mix it all together and it tastes delicious.

I dont think in calories or macros, so i dont choose the fitness noodles just because they have next to no calories. Infact i eat even more after dinner just because i am aware of the fact that dinner might not have alot of energy because of the noodles. But i always combine them with something energy filling like salmon or nuts or add some coconut oil/olive oil to my dinner.

If you need to gain weight or are in recovery then i dont recommend these, but if you are a normal weight or need to lose weight and you like these noodles, then eat them 🙂 Some people love them, some people hate them. Andi  think people should stop judging others food choices so much.

I dont see someone eat a pizza and ask if they are bulking, so why see a picture of fitness noodles and ask if i am on a diet?
Its all about context… maybe i didnt want pasta or normal noodles, that doesnt mean i am trying to lose weight. Infact plenty of my diet comes from carbs, so dont judge from just one pictures!!!

What are your opinions on fitness noodles? 



A bad workout doesnt mean a bad day


Something which i notice alot on Instagram is how workouts can steer peoples mood…. if they workout they are super happy. If they miss a workout or dont workout they feel sad, restless, dont know what to do with themselves. And if a workout goes bad…. well then their whole day is ruined. They feel sad, angry, disappointed, worthless?

Why… because you couldn’t lift the weight you wanted or run the speed or distance you had planned? Well everyday is different. Your body doesn’t always do what your mind wants. And sometimes your mind just gives up… you feel tired, whether its physical or mental. And thats ok.

I used to do the same thing, let workouts steer my mood. I would push myself even if i didn’t want to. If a workout went bad i would feel terrible for the rest of the day, but that wasn’t a healthy relationship. To let exercise steer my life and emotions so much.

Instead, i realised that… if i had one of those days where i just knew that working out wasn’t a good idea. Sure, i could go and lift some weights… but my mind would wander. I would look like a lost tourist, not knowing what i was doing. And then feel terrible after because it didn’t go well. Or i could do something else, save my energy for another day.

Of course somedays, all you need is to havea  lousy workout… just to get some endorphines. But as long as you have no pressure on yourself to be perfect, to get PB’s or for everything to go well. Then you can atleast still feel good after the workout, not beat yourself up. Or instead, do something else… if you know that at the end, you will just feel worse.

Skipping a workout day isnt bad. But letting your exercise control you, have such a HUGE impact that it controls your emotions, that isnt good.

A bad workout DOESN’T mean a bad day. You can still have an awesome day. Just accept the fact that it didn’t go the way you had planned or hoped, but tomorrow is a new day… a new day to workout. Instead, today you can do other things. Not everyday is perfect, that’s ok!!!

Dont judge others by their size


Something which bothers me very much is how judgemental people are…most people seem to do it. You see someone overweight and start thinking thoughts like ‘they should go on a diet’ ‘ they need to lose weight’ etc or you see someone very skinny and think ‘they need to eat a burger’ ‘they’re too skinny, thats not pretty’ or ‘they have anorexia’.

And all these types of thoughts really bother me… i think its so wrong. When i was sick, i would stare at everyone elses bodies. I saw everything good about everyone elses bodies, but at the same time i was a very good critic. I feel awful admitting this, i feel so ashamed of myself, but i had thoughts like ‘i would not want to look like him/her’ or ‘im so glad i dont have thier body’.
   And now i just feel awful that i thought those thoughts….To judge someone, merely by their size, that is WRONG.
In society there is so much fat shaming and skinny shaming but at the same time society has these unwritten rules or this ideal set up for men and women. How we should look to be perfect and accepted and everyone else i.e 95% of the population that doesnt look like that gets critic, made to feel like crap.
I know longer judge people, not by their size or weight anyway. Especially not strnagers, i dont know anything about them….. how do i know if that man has just spent 2 hours at the gym and is now going to get lunch. Or if that girl who looks skinny has just eaten McDonalds for lunch etcetc
Something which i find is that people are so quick to judge others… not really caring about who the person is. Most of it is mental thoughts, thoughts that cross your mind when you see a person, but others voice their thoughts. And its happend numerous times where a friend or family might say something about someone else and it irritates me. I mean how would it feel if you knew that strangers were saying things like wow, she should lose weight. Or, That dress is NOT flattering on her, what was she thinking.  etc
   I like to think – dont treat others how you wouldnt want to be treated yourself.
Also what i find is that society tells us that the leanest and skinniest people are the healthiest and i KNOW that that is not true. Many skinny people use unhealthy methods to look that way and some people who are naturally skinny eat like crap everyday just because they can. They know they are skinny and so continue to drink 2l coke everyday and McDonalds for lunch and no one says anything about it. Infact they are told they are doing a good job for ‘trying to gain weight’. But if you see someone who is overweight drinking coke they get chastisized and told they shouldnt be drinking that….. just based on their weight? They might have diabetes and low blood sugar and need something sugary… or maybe they just want the drink?
Skinny people are often seen to be healthiest, but infact there are people who are curviers/bigger who are alot more healthy than someone who is smaller than them. Those people they can run a marathon, they eat a very healthy diet. Yet they are judged and deemed unhealthy merely on their size…
Well losing weight doesnt happen over a night, it can take year(s) for someone to reach thier healthy weight, they can be fighting everyday to lose weight. It doesnt just magically disappear, so who is to say that people who are bigger are unhealthy… they could be trying to change that.
Just like with people who are skinny… often too skinny people get told that they dont look good, they need to get some meat on their bones… but they could be eating copious amounts each and everyday, trying to see the scale go up but nothing seems to happen and it is down right rude to tell someone that they need to eat a cheeseburger. Ive been told that once before…. and it was only a month or so ago? I am a perfectly healthy weight, im not underweight and dont look underweight, but also… its nobody elses business.
I think we should all start making conscious efforts to stop judging people based on their size or weight. You know nothing about the person… they could be really happy in their body – infact, people who judge, comment and critique other peoples bodies often arent happy in their own. (So think about that for a while!). Someone else could be really happy in their body and just because its not your ideal doesnt mean it isnt theirs.
    Everyone is different, has different body sizes, different goals in life and remember that change takes time. You dont know how that person could look a year from now.
(***I want to make a side note, please dont take this post and start thinking… well then i can stay underweight because its nobody elses business. That is not what im talking about, what im talking about is judging other people based on size…. just like nobody should judge you if you are underweight or overweight. I think its wrong!!!)