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Deadlift and squat technique


Deadlifts and squats are 2 of the best exercises as they work so many muscles and actually lead to better strength (which you can find useful in everyday life… i.e being able to lift heavy from the ground is very useful – maybe not squatting heavy things so much, but squats still work so many muscles!). However they also require ALOT of technique and proper technique, otherwise you can hurt yourself and can lead to back problems which take months to heal.

So hopefully the below gifs will help you 🙂 And remember FORM OVER WEIGHT – ALWAYS.

Best strength training workout for beginners?


Best weight training for a beginner? 🙂

It depends what your goals are? And how often you are going to do it… But maybe start with 3 days a week (with 1-2 days inbetween the workouts) where you do 3 full body workouts – i.e legs&but, arms & back, stomach. Or you do one leg workout, one upper body workout and one full body workout per week.

This site: can help you as well 🙂 This site as well:

Think about what your goals are – muscle gain, strength, endurance etc and then decide the sets, weights, reps etc depending on that. And decide whether you are going to use weights, machines, body weight or resistance bands… all are good 🙂



HIIT stands for High intensity interval training and research has found that it is one of the best training forms. It is a set of intervals which you do to increase your heart rate and a 20 minute HIIT session is eqivalent to c.a 40-60 minutes running at a normal pace.

HIIT also has an afterburn affect meaning that even after your workout your metabolism is sped up and burns extra calories 🙂 As the workouts are so intense usually 20-30 minutes is all you have energy for. Generally my HIIT sessions are no more than 15 minutes with a 5 minute warm up.

You can do HIIT in many different forms and intervals. Usually i do on the treadmill or when i do boxing, but you can also do it on the stationary bike, while out walking, on the stair master or cross trainer 🙂 You can even do it with body weight exercises.

The type of intervals and lengths all depends on what you are up for. My personal favourite is tabata style which is 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds rest.

But then somedays like yesterday when i had energy but not energy to run at 17km/hr then i did 2 minutes running at 11/12km/hr incline and 1 minute walking at an incline. This got my hear tbeat racing!!

So try different intervals and times and see what works for you… some like 30/30, some like running, jogging and walking, some do 1 minute on, 1 minute off etc

But remember that when you are doing your ‘fast’ interval… give it your all. The reason you only need 15 minutes or so is because you work so hard in the short period that you do and then you get a certain period of rest. If you just jog and walk, its not having the same affect as if you were to sprint and walk 🙂

Im now trying to do HIIT 2-3 times a week and ive already noticed that i have more energy, im faster and looking leaner 🙂

Fitness is not a body size


I often get told by people who are recovering that they want to get fit (again)… that they want to exercise to get fit. Which is great…. but the question is, what is their definition of fit?

Because it feels like many peoples only definition and view of fit is having a low body fat procent, and visible muscles to some degree.

  You see someone who is very lean, has sort of visible abs and posts a picture flexing and you think Wow, that person is sooo fit. I want to look like him/her.  But the truth is, that person might just have been on a diet to lose fat and genetically have more visible muscles… but not be able to run more than 2km or lift anything heavy… they just look a certain way.

I am not bashing that look at all, but fitness is not a body shape. You can be super fit and healthy but be more curvy or on the bigger side. You DONT need to lose weight to be fit (unless you are very overweight/obese.. then logically its hard to be fit and be able to  run, lift heavy things, flexible etc etc ). You can be any shape or size… of course you can be underweight and fit i.e be able to carry out certain tasks. But you arent phsyically healthy/fit if you are underweight or over weight… making you not actually fit. Just strong/fast/flexible etc

The definition of fitness according to the dictionary is:  1) the condition of being physically fit and healthy. 2)the quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task.

There is no mention of weight or size in the definition. That is just something that society and media has told us… that you have to look a certain way to be fit.

But trust me there are people who are on the bigger side and run several marathons each year, they eat healthier and workout more than someone who is naturally skinny and eats lots of junk food and just happens to look like the ‘ideal’ (though i think its stupid that there is some ideal body.)

You can NOT judge someones fitness by their body shape. There are people at my gym who are super strong or super fast (or both!) but might not look like the ‘typical’ fitness person. But i have gone up to those people and complimented them, told them that they are working so hard and i am impressed. Because i truly am and i believe people do need to hear some compliments and encouragment for their work!


If you want to get fit, that is awesome. Working on your physical health and all components of exercise and fitness. However DONT mix up the two of wanting to look a certain way and wanting to improve your fitness, because the two arent the same thing.

   If you want to look a certain way, your goal isnt to improve your actual health… to improve the different components of exercise. Your goal is just to build muscle/lost fat/tone up etc…

So please be aware that to be fit you dont have to lose fat or lose weight… though gaining muscle does aid in fitness, though you DONT need visible muscles and a low body fat procent to be fitness.

Fitness is NOT chicken, brocolli and quark. Fitness is NOT running 10km everyday. Fitness is NOT having a super low body fat procent and visible abs and muscles.

Fitness is the ability to complete different tasks… if you were asked to hike 10km you would be able to do it. If you had to run 5km you would be able to do it. If you had to move a car or lift a heavy box you would be able to do it….

Focus on fitness and health NOT just changing your body.


How to improve deadlifts



Does Your Deadlift Suck?

Tonight I realized that, in over a relatively short period of time, I had taken my broken-ass deadlift from shit… to fucking awesome. So I thought I would share some thoughts with everyone on how I got there. This list is excellent for beginners, but even if you’re an experienced lifter, you may be overlooking something.

1. Don’t be a pussy

Yeah, the deadlift sucks. But it’s a true test of your posterior chain (the muscles on your backside). If you’re serious about being big and/or strong, you had better do some deadlifts.

2. Technique

Study good technique. Don’t just watch YouTube gym gurus. Instead, watch professional powerlifters and bodybuilders perform all sorts of deadlifts. If they’re pros, they’re doing something right.

Have someone smart watch you. Sometimes this involves videoing your training session and posting it on Facebook and YouTube—where every asshole can post about it. But if you don’t have people keeping an eye on you, it’s very easy to slip into bad habits.

Practice makes permanent. If you practice bad technique, you will be plagued with bad technique. I will not deadlift for reps of max effort if I do not have someone smart watching it.

Technique is half the deadlift. If your technique sucks, you will get hurt and are shortchanging yourself.

3. Lighten the load

Leave your ego at the door. Sometimes (a lot of the time) you need to lighten the weight and do more reps. This follows Tip #2: if you can’t do 10 or more reps with excellent form, something might be wrong.

Deadlifting heavy is taxing on the CNS. If you go heavy too often, your gains will eventually suffer. I’ve learned this myself and so have many of my training partners. Don’t learn it the hard way.

4. Speed

The other half of the deadlift is explosiveness. With very few exceptions, the deadlift is a two- to three-second lift, and every second after three, your odds of locking it out decrease exponentially. So do some research on the various methods for becoming more explosive. The dynamic effort method is most widely used by power athletes but is really just another form of plyometrics. If you are not explosive, your deadlift will suffer.

5. Your core is weak

Your core isn’t just your abs. Your core consists of your abdominals, obliques, spinal erectors, hips, lats, and traps. If your deadlift is struggling, strengthening and conditioning all of these muscles will increase your lift even if they aren’t the main culprit. Having a stronger core will also make all of your other multi-joint lifts stronger and better, so just do it. (Oh, and refer to Tip #1 and remember that a six-pack does not always equal strong abs).

6. Your grip sucks

Having a strong grip is a necessity when deadlifting for a lot of reps or with heavy weight. However, sore forearms and feeling like you can’t hold on to the bar is very psychologically damaging and may hold you back. Plus, we could all use a stronger grip and it benefits every lift, so why not do it?

7. You need better conditioning

You need to have the energy to get work done. One thing I began to notice was that I was burning out by the end of my warmup. My conditioning was shit, and it was keeping my deadlift in the mud. So, sometimes it’s beneficial to lighten the load and do more reps (See Tip #3). Also, every now and then cut your rest time to really annihilate yourself. The deadlift is very taxing on your body and regardless of the intensity of the workout, you’ll probably be feeling dead after it.


How do i stay motivated


How do you stay motivated? I can only go a week at a time without falling off the wagon and eating like crap and not exercising.

Well for me its a lifestyle i love… its not a diet im on. I dont deprive myself… i dont tell myself i cant eat chocolate. If i want chocolate i eat it… but when i eat it all i want is a square or 1-2 rows of chocolate, i dont need to eat the whole bar.

IMG_20140914_161228 IMG_20140923_074102 IMG_20141005_093405

I love healthy eating its delicious and fills me with energy, but i also love ben and jerrys and chocolate so eat that when i crave it.

I love all forms of exercise and each morning i wake up filled with energy and am happy to have energy. To be able to eat delicious food, to be able to exercise. To lift heavy weights or run fast!!! I love it.

So make it a lifestyle… dont starve or deprive yourself.

Have a goal you are working towards and know how to reach the goal.

See it as a journey, not just something you wikll do for a short period of time.

Find YOUR balance and moderation. Dont just follow what everyone else is going… find what works for you.

Dont forget to live life as well… eat healthy and exercise whilst also having fun, being healthy, spending time wtih friends etc

Make small changes all the time to make it a lifestyle and make it a long term thing.

Find what YOU enjoy doing…. be happy to wake up and be able to exercise and eat healthy.

Dont see it as falling off the wagon… because what wagon is there? You can decide to go for a walk now instead of sitting and watching TV. Or you can decide that your next meal will be a healthy one not burgers and fries… you ALWAYS have the choice.

Find motivational songs, buy new workouts clothes, have mini goals you want to reach, have healthy food in your house. Make a routine and habit of working out a few times a week and eating healthy 5/6 meals.

A guide to healthy eating


The most important when it comes to your food intake is to 1) Eat for your goals 2) find what works for you 3) dont deprive or restrict yourself 4)make it a lifestyle.

Dont just follow a six week diet and hope for long term results. Instead, find a diet/way of eating that suits you and your lifestyle. That gives you energy. You eat food you enjoy and if you have a goal like weight gain or weightloss, then you eat for those goals 🙂


I know how overwhelming beginning to eat healthy can be! I want to help out by providing an easy guide to healthy eating. This should help get you guys started!

Eat for your goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to gain weight? Are you planning on going vegetarian? After evaluating what you are trying to accomplish with a healthy lifestyle, you can decide which foods to incorporate into your diet. Its awesome you’re trying to be healthier. Go you you awesome person!

Drink up! Staying hydrated is an essential part of a healthy diet. Water provides hydration to keep your energy levels up and get you going on your way. It also helps you control calories and achieve clear skin. The best way to tell if you need to drink more water is by the color of your urine. (I know, yuck!) If its a dark yellow color, you need to run to the nearest faucet and chug down some fresh h20. If its clear or light yellow, keep it up!

-Incorporate lots of fruits & veggies! I know I know, you probably already knew that.But because fruits and vegetables are mainly composed of water, they help keep you hydrated. (Yay for hydration!)They also have awesome nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and potassium. If you are trying to lose weight, these are about to become your best friends. They are low calorie and help keep you full!

Watch out for sugar. Yeah yeah I know you’ve been told that one before too, but it was for a reason! Its so surprising how much sugar is added into foods. Here’s an awesome tip someone once told me: For every 10 grams of sugar, think 1 candy bar. So if something has 20 grams of sugar, that’s two candy bars! Every time you take in sugar your body bursts into tears. Kidding again, but you get the picture! Get your sugar from fruits. These are natural, and believe me they are much better than overly processed and refined sugar.

-Ditch processed foods. If it can’t be found in your grandmas garden don’t eat it. Just kidding! Although that’s a pretty great rule to live by, there’s just no way most people can abide by that rule today. Avoid foods that include ingredients you can’t read out loud. If you can’t say them, I doubt you know of them. If that’s the case, back on the shelf it goes! Processed foods are pumped with preservatives (Such as hydrogenated oils) that can be harmful to your beautiful body. I found this awesome site called where you can type in almost any food product and it will give you a food grade and report. If its below a B+, run!

-Meat, Meat, Meat. Although I’m a vegetarian, for all of you murderers, (Just kidding!) I mean carnivores, try to cut out red meat and incorporate lean meats and seafood. Seafood is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and lean meats(turkey, chicken) contain protein and vitamins. Try to opt for hormone free grass-fed meat just to be safe. Better safe than sorry, right?! Although red meat is very nutritious, studies show a link between red meat and cancer. And I really don’t want any of you getting cancer!

-Calorie counting isn’t essential, but it can be helpful. Some people love doing it, and others would rather cut off their own arm. The beauty of it is, its completely up to you what you choose to do! If you do prefer counting calories, check out The only reason I personally like when people count calories is because it can you give a more accurate nutritional profile. But, do what you feel comfortable doing!

-Have a treat/cheat day. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. To avoid cravings, choose one day each week to enjoy your favorite snack or meal. Don’t over do it though; and know when enough is enough. When you limit your favorite food to once a week, it suddenly becomes even more delicious when you get the chance to splurge. As long as you are eating right 95% of the time, the remaining 5% means almost nothing!

-Watch your dairy intake. Did you know?!: humans are actually lactose intolerant. But because we’ve been ingesting milk from animals for so long, a genetic mutation took place allowing our digestive systems the ability to break down lactose. Isn’t the human body amazing?! Anyway, I think it would be best to try to limit your intake of it just to make it easier on your stomach. Also, most milk today has been taken from cows who were treated with hormones. New studies are showing that these hormones are starting to negatively affect humans, so I think we should just stay on the safer side and avoid it. I know milk is known for calcium, but almond milk has almost double the calcium. Drink almond milk! I promise its delicious and doesn’t taste too much different from dairy milk. I do love Greek yogurt however, its benefits are too hard to pass up! With yogurt, just watch the sugar.

Goodbye diet foods, hello health food! With so many people looking to lose weight, its obvious why so many evil food companies are catering to their needs. Believe me, I realize how deliciously amazing skinny cow and 100 calorie packs are. But, they just aren’t great for you. They are drenched in chemicals and artificial sweeteners, so anytime you see them scream.

-Good fats? Bad fats? What?! People always seem to get so confused by which fats are good and which are bad, but I completely understand because It made no sense to me for the longest time. The “bad fats” people talk about are saturated and trans fat because they can raise cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. The key is lowering your intake of bad fats, and increasing your intake of “good fats” such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These can be found in olive oil, avocados, flaxseed, peanut butter, and nuts. Don’t be overly scared of them though, they are essential to a healthy body!

-Fat free doesn’t mean healthy. When you see the words “Fat Free” knock the item off the shelf and run away for dear life. Every time you see these words think “Chemical Shitstorm” because that’s basically what it is. I should just call the FDA and flat out tell them to rename it Chemical Shitstorm. Does anyone have their number?

-Cut out soda & other sugary drinks. I’m sure we all know by now that soda and other sugar filled drinks are horrible for us, so get rid of them! Opt for green tea and water instead. I used to hate tea, but after forcing myself to drink it instead of soda, I now jump for joy whenever I’m in the tea isle. Green tea contains tons of antioxidants.

-Whats the deal with carbs?!  Everyone freaks out when they hear that word. There are two groups of carbs: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are processed. Complex carbohydrates are found naturally in foods. I won’t confuse you anymore and just leave it at that: seek out complex carbs not simple ones. Complex carbs provide you with energy to tackle the day. Carbs don’t cause weight gain, calories do! Of course excess calories from carbs will lead to weight gain, but thats the same with anything else you eat. What you want to watch out for is simple carbohydrate foods!

-Take it slow. I know its confusing, but hang in there! Try moving into a healthy diet slowly. Instead of rushing to the store and buying every “healthy” item you can see, do a little research and figure out what would be most beneficial to you. Try slowly cutting out junk food, along with sodas and other unhealthy foods. When things get tough, realize the amazing benefits of eating healthy. I promise your body is saying “Thank you so much!”

-Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, every one of us! If you accidentally mess up and eat something you feel you shouldn’t, don’t worry and don’t regret it. Reflect over how delicious was, and let it go! You always have tomorrow to make up for it!

Morning walk and breakfast


Started my day with a 6,5km morning walk (drinking coffee and bcaas before) and then breakfast afterwards. This is just a personal preferance of mine, as i dont like walking after breakfast. So i walk before 🙂 But you get the same benefit no matter what time you walk!

Brekfast this morning was egg white oatmeal, cottage cheese, an apple, (and also milk), a questbar anda  celsius!! (Loading up for a back workout, not sure how its going to go today… or if i even do strength training. Ill just wait and see how i feel :))

IMG_20141022_093002 20141022_095026 20141022_095025


Ive also been asked how many calories i eat in a day and how much i burn off through exercise. 1)I dont count calories and 2)I dont think of exercise as burning off calories. Its not a Plus/Minus  thing for me. I am neither trying to gain weight or lose weight… i just want to keep gettting stronger. Feel i have energy and that i love what im doing, which i do. I do the workouts i have energy for and i eat what im craving… there is not so much more to it. Somedays i might eat 3500kcal, other days 1800… i dont really know. It doesnt make so much difference to me!! Food is energy, not numbers.


New Week and legday


Its Monday and a new week! And the best way to start a new week is with legday (also had lots of energy from not being at the gym the whole weekend and eating lots of food)! At the moment i have lots of things going on in my life, so my blog isnt my main priority, but i am going to try make a post each day or so 🙂 If you have any blog suggestions and topics you want to read about, let me know 🙂

I never write down my workouts i just come up with exercises and supersets when im at the gym – thats what works for me. So today i did:

Straight leg deadlifts super sets with squats (MANY sets c.a 10-15)

Hip thrusts on bench with weight

Sumo deadlifts

Jumping squats

Leg press super set quad extension.

By the end of my workout it was hard to walk properly and my legs were literally shaking!! But it was a good feeling… the way it should feel after a leg day according to me 🙂

Im already longing until tomorrow so that i can do my shoulder workout 🙂 I have so much energy at the moment, even if i have lots going on 🙂