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Beat boredom during cardio


First things first…. Cardio is boring at the gym, whether you admit it or not 🙂 At times its fun and exciting and you have so much energy its like somone has to drag you off the machine to you get you to stop. But most times… well, you stand on the machine and the timer ticks by slowly… you turn your gaze away and it feels like you’ve been running/stamping on the pedals for 10 minutes but its only been 1,5 minutes… You know that feeling? Yeah, you’re not alone.

I used to do ALOT of cardio at the gym…. anywhere from 40-90 mionutes 5-6 times a week. I did running/cross trainer or step machine. And it was boring, but i felt i had to. But now that is all over and if i do cardio i mostly do it outside through powerwalking, hill walking or running. Though i still do intervals at the gym as that is super fun and i feel that i cant run as fast outside as i can on the treadmill.

But here are some tips on how to make cardio fun – for all of you who feel you need to or want to do cardio at the gym (though i reccommend outside as its so much more fun!!!)

  1. Listen to podcasts. On the days where i choose to do more than 15 minutes cardio at the gym i turn on a podcast…. it makes the time go buy so much faster. You find yourself maybe smiling or laughing with what the people say. And you dont feel as alone… its like you tune out. So find some good podcasts online which you can download!
  2. If you are on the cross trainer, step machine or bike then you can watch a film or series on your phone or ipad. (If you have downloaded of have internet connection). This is a good way to pass the time… however, it can also make you slow down. So try not to become too unaware of where you are stop peddling/stamping all together – as i have seen this happen numerous times where people just stand/sit on the machines so absorbed in their show 🙂
  3. Have a good workout playlist!!! Sing along with songs, do some dance moves 🙂 Dont care about the people around you!!! Just make cardio fun!
  4. Do intervals… you can do intervals on any cardio machine. And this will make it more fun and intense. But also, its more beneficial and you dont need to do as long to get the same amount of burn and effects as steady rate cardio.
  5. Compete with the person beside you 🙂 Yup… they will hate you, but it will get you working faster!!! hahaha (Though do also try to focus on yourself as focusing too much on the person beside you wont be fun for them!)
  6. Look at people around you, make up stories about them…. who are they? What are they doing there? etc
  7. Make lists in your head!!! This can entertain me for a while just thinking of what i need to do, what are my goals etc
  8. If there are TVs infront of you and you cant hear what the peopl are saying… make it up 🙂 This has gotten me smiling and laughing before while doing cardio as i begin making up what the people on the TV are saying 🙂 Try it, this is super fun!


Also, try a different form of cardio!!!! Try spinning, bodypump, circuit training, tabata. It doesnt just have to be running on the treadmill for 40 minutes or on the cross trainer for 55 minutes. Cardio is anything that gets your heart beat up for a certain period of time. Try incline walking instead of jogging. Put together a cardio and strength cricuit or do tabata or intervals!!! All great forms of cardio. Even swimming or dancing.

And also, try cardio outdoors!!! Switch things up if you are feeling bored of the same thing all the time!!! 🙂IMG_20130818_120717 IMG_20140301_090607 IMG_20140612_094217 IMG_20140615_085146

^^My favourite forms of cardio. Boxing/outside training, intervals, running and powerwalking!



10 reasons why your workout isnt working


Hitting a plateau isnt uncommon. It can be tough and hard to overcome, however here are some reasons why you might not be progressing. Remember CHANGE is key! Change your diet, change your exercise form, change weights etc… shock your body, thats how you will keep seeing progress and change 🙂


1. Over Training

It can be easy to just want to go day after day, working out for hours and squeezing it any workout you can whenever. Doing too much does not allow your body enough time to recover. When you push it too hard you tend to feel tired and your body craves lots of carbs and sugar because it needs the energy. Consider a two-day-on, one-day-off routine to allow for better recovery, and instead of boot camp with weight training and cardio all in a single day, try breaking them up and performing those routines on separate days.

2. Not Getting Enough Zzzzzzs

We are constantly moving during the day so night time when we sleep is the time our bodies have to repair itself from the muscles we’ve used and torn during workouts and daily activities. Also, sleep deprivation tends to suppress our natural growth hormone, making it harder to build lean muscle. Lack os sleep also makes us tired and thus nit having enough energy to workout.

3. Just Doing Cardio

It sure would be nice if we could simply hit the pavement day after day, log a few miles and end up with the perky derrière that we’ve always dreamed of. The sad truth is that without a combination of cardio and strength training, we will never win the war with gravity and manage to lift and tone everything. If you have been avoiding weights due to a fear of bulking up, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not that easy! A seriously muscled physique takes years of training and consuming loads of calories. Look at it this way, cardio burns the fat and strength training shapes/tone up the body. Do cardio and you will end up with saggy skin and we don’t want that now do we?

4. Overestimating the Caloric Burn

Many people rely on exercise equipment to determine the calories burned and those machines are often generalized and inaccurate. Your best bet is to keep a food journal and log every morsel that passes your lips. Without getting your nutrition in check, you could exercise until you are blue (or in this case, red) in the face and the only result would be frustration.

5. A Stale Workout Routine

A routine is comforting but when it comes to a workout, if you have been doing the same routine month after month, your body has likely adapted to the stimulus and is simply going through the motions. You need to shake things up and introduce new stimuli in order to keep making progress. Our bodies only change when they are forced to adapt. Consider trying a new workout at least every 3 to 4 weeks.

6.Going Too Easy

So don’t make the mistake of going too easy in the gym, ladies! Muscles only grow when they are forced to do work. Never sacrifice form to lift heavier weight but don’t let heavier weight intimidate you. Try lifting a slightly heavier weight for a repetition or two and then drop down in weight to finish the set. Then each time try a little bit more. When doing cardio, instead of long sessions of steady-state cardio, try incorporating active rests between sets or high intensity sessions like 30 second sprints (30 seconds of hard work and 30 seconds rest) to really kick up the intensity. Push but don’t push too hard.

7. Not Enough Calories

Food is fuel, not the enemy. So many people make the mistake of cutting calories too low when trying to get in shape. Without adequate fuel you’ll be hard-pressed to build muscle, and it’s the muscle that raises your metabolism. Constantly under-eating creates a vicious cycle as the metabolism slows down to preserve the energy it’s not getting from food. This then stalls weight loss (or creates weight gain) which causes many people to increase cardio and cut even more calories. Determine the calories you need, taking into consideration your activity level (including exercise) and keep a food log to stay on track.

8. Too Many Cheat Meals

A dangling carrot can certainly be great motivation for your workouts but when that “carrot” becomes the occasional cinnamon roll, alcoholic beverage or seven layer chocolate cake, it’s a potential slippery slope. An indulgence for a special occasion is certainly OK and even encouraged to maintain sanity. Also, having a bite of something sinful every now and then won’t reverse all of the good you’ve done, but be cautious of a weekly cheat meal. The cleaner the fuel (food) in your body, the leaner you’ll be.

9. Stress and Hormones

At times of stress it’s not uncommon for people to turn to food whether it’s eating to fill an emotional need, or eating on the run because there never seems to be enough time in the day.  But a stressed-out lifestyle can lead to weight gain and hinder your workouts. If your workouts seem less productive and you often combat cravings, consider finding methods to reduce stress in your life.

10. Lack of Consistency

All too often people start an exercise program with the best of intentions, scheduling themselves for 5 days a week. Don’t set yourself up for failure right out of the gate. Before engaging in a regular workout routine, determine a realistic number of days that you will be able to commit to without fail. Consistency is paramount to your fitness success. Catching a workout now and then is good for your overall health but for those looking to make noticeable change, it’s going to take a regular routine and solid commitment. If you can only go 3 days a week, be sure to hit every muscle group within those 3 days with enough intensity and stay active the other days. Any amount of exercise is always encouraged, but it’s those who consider it training and not just a workout who typically achieve greater success.


The problems with fitspo

SOURCE: sophspiration:
I see a lot of people reblogging fitspo as a “healthy” alternative to thinspo, but it’s important to realise that there isn’t that much of a distinction between the two. Idolizing anyone’s body can lead to unhealthy thoughts and behaviour, and if you choose to look at these images it’s important to do so with an awareness of their potential problems.
  • I’m sure you’re familiar with the issues associated with pictures in the media. Makeup artists, hair stylists, professional studios and photoshop ensure that most of the time even the models don’t look like themselves. Even if they really do have the type of figure that you covet, this is a product of their lifestyles. It’s part of their job description to look a certain way, so they can dedicate a substantial portion of their lives to maintaining their body. This probably isn’t practical or advisable for most people. Furthermore, these models are subject to so much pressure and insecurity – you don’t know what unhealthy extremes they might go to in order to keep their jobs.
  • But you see normal tumblr users in fitspo all the time, and they don’t have those advantages, right? Well they do have the advantage of being represented in a single snapshot of their lives. They can choose to take a picture when they’re not bloated, or when they’re tensing their muscles, or when they’re standing in a particularly flattering way. These people do not necessarily look that way in day-to-day life. People with visible abs don’t necessarily have them all the time (or even most of the time). It only takes a little bit of normal bloating for them to disappear – the photos they take might just be well-timed.
  • The person in that picture is not you! You could follow their meal-plan and exercise regime word-for-word and you’d still never look like them, because you are two different people. So many factors come into play, such as height, bone structure, genetics, body type, etc. If you look at somebody else and say “that’s my dream body”, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t try to look like someone else, because you probably never will. Instead, aim to look like the best version of you, whatever that may be.
  • People tend to think that fitspo represents people who are healthier than in thinspo, but that’s simply not true at all. In both cases you have no idea what lifestyle the model leads in order to look the way they do. Sometimes people assume that if someone has muscles then they must be fit and healthy, but this is just wrong. In the same way that the “unhealthy looking” slender person in thinspo might be perfectly fit, the “healthy looking” girl with abs in fitspo might have starved herself in order to make them show. If your aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle and become fit, it’s not productive to idolize people who are the opposite.
  • Fitspo promotes the idea that there is an ideal type of body. This can alienate a lot of people, especially when you consider the percentage of people that actually look like (or even have the potential to look like) the people featured in fitspo. Every body is beautiful, but we live in a society where everyone is brainwashed to think that certain traits are desirable. Being constantly bombarded with fitspo both on tumblr, in the media, and in day-to-day life can shred people’s self-esteem for no good reason, and lead to an unhealthy mindset.
I’m not going to tell you to stop looking at fitspo, because there’s nothing wrong with appreciating beautiful bodies, whatever their shape or size. And of course there is nothing wrong with looking like the people featured in fitspo do, just like there’s nothing wrong with looking completely different. Just be critical of the media you view, and try to keep a healthy mindset.

My opinion on diets


I got asked a few days ago what my opinion on diets such as paleo or LCHF. And well what can i say… They are DIETS.


Diets are often just for a short term… not something which you do forever. There are so many diets out there… the juice diet/raw food diet/paleo diet/LCHF/baby food diet/apple diet … need i continue? All in a way to lose some weight. But the thing with diets is that you eat a certain way for 4-8 weeks.. and then what? You’ve some a few pounds, but what happens when you start eating all the foods which you didint allow yourself to eat…. you regain the weight.


Also, there are constantly coming new diets which are supposedly the New thing. And suddenly everyone is trying that new diet… like 5:2… i think that is the most pathetic diet ever. Seriously… starving yourself 2 days a week? That is nota healthy diet. But apparently some people live with that diet for several years. How they manage, i dont even know. But i think it is very stupid.

And then there is also Intermittent fasting, which i actually have tested – last summer. I did it for a few weeks i think? Cant even remember. It was more a way for me to try to control the continuous snacking which i had begun with. And it did help, but i found it really didnt work for me, because i was supposed to eat between like 12-8pm. But as i often worked out in the morning, it meant that i would work out on an empty stomach, and then would have to wait 1-2 hours ebfore i could eat something afterwards…

IF might work for some, but i still think its a period diet. Not something which lasts forever.

LCHF… the diet which everyone wannted to do when it first came out. And many still religiously follow the LCHF rules. But the fact is, carbs arent the enemy… FOOD ISNT AN ENEMY. Its all about moderation. If you were to only eat protein and salad… but were to eat an excess of calories, you would gain weight, and other consequences as too much protein isnt good for the body. We need all food groups to survive, and carbs are the bodies main source of energy. So they are an important part of a healthy diet, and cutting htem out isnt good.

First people lose water weight, as carbs retain water in the body, and they might continue to loes weight, but will LCHF eating last forever? No not really, and people can often get ALOT of crvaings for carbs because they are deprviing their body of them. Will you always follow a low carb diet? Always say no to anything with carbs because it doesn’t fit your diet? that sounds like a pretty sad diet/ way of eating and living.

Not to mention that high fat diets aren’t good for the heart.



And the new form of dieting… though people don’t want to call it dieting is IIFYM (if it fits your macros) basically flexible dieting. But i dont think it’s that flexible because you are still restricting yourself…. not necessarily following your bodies needs becauae you are trying to hit a certain number for your macros… I think IIFYM is stupid (all diets are stupid) because you need to weigh all your food… look at the GDA and figure out how many grams you are eating and how much macros you are eating…. not so flexible if say you are at a restaurant or someone else makes you food.

Are you going to eat out of lunch boxes the rest of your life.

Many say they are following IIFYM just so that they can eat cake and poptarts and have an excuse… how about you eat it because you want it? Do you really need to give a reason for why you eat what you eat?

And then there’s paleo diet… maybe the only diet which i dont think is stupid because we’ll it contains most food groups and basically it’s about eating as whole foods – foods that were found hundreds of years ago. So no processed foods, so I mean this type of eating isn’t just a 6 week thing. However depending on how strict you are with the diet!!

I think most diets are just a short term thing. The best way to be healthy and reach a goal is to eat healthy for you!! Don’t follow diets or how someone else is eating. Follow your bodies cravings. Maybe not eat chocolate/cake etc all the time. But find a balance between the macronutrients and calorie intake you need!! That’s the best form of eating!!


Bikini body?


Its approaching summer time – if you arent already calling it summer. But most people now are panicking because they dont have their so called bikini body. They start working out frantically, eating next to nothing, all in the hopes of losing 5kg so that they can look good for the beach….

  I laugh at this behaviour. People – both guys and girls, all ages – behave this way every year. The sad thing though is that they feel the need to lose weight infor summer  because of society and social media.

   People ar showing more skin, those who have the ‘bikini body’ arent afraid to show it off….I mean you could acuse me of doing the same thing (i.e showing myself in a bikini), ?

People are panicking about their cellulite, stretch marks and their stomach and thighs. Wanting a flat stomach and their thighs to not jiggle.

But the fact is, those are just silly things to worry about. So what if you have stretch marks or cellulite? Im pretty sure i have cellulite on the back of my legs (??) but its not even something i pay attention to, or notice. Its not something that will stop me from wearing a bikini.

  Even when i bloat, i can still wear a tigh top, or a crop top. Because in the end, who cares. I cant stop it if my stomach bloats, and having scars, stretch marks, cellulite… its just human.

  I mean in summer my self harm scars become more noticable, as i become more tan, my self harm scars are still pale and while, and they cover my thighs, arms and my stomach (though not as noticable there).

I just want to remind you all that you are beautiful just the way you are. You dont need to change, you dont need to lose weight, you dont need to starve yourself or excessively exercise just to look a certain way.

And people behaving this way, dieting just to look a certain way for a few weeks, it doesnt last…. they regain the weight sooner or later, and end up feeling bad or getting anxiety, thinking that they cant keep the weight off. But they are losing the weight in an unhealthy manor…. doing crash diets.

  And this behaviour happens each year. And its not good for the body or your mental health.

You have to take care of yourself, take care of your body and mind all year round. What people often do is in winter, they dont really think about what they eat, and gain weight, only to panic when it comes to summer. But who cares about a bikini body? If you have a body, you have a bikini body!!

Its just to put a bikini on, put on your best smile and have as much confidence as possible!! Those who hate themselves, feel bad about their bodies, or go and up down in weight all the time, only thinking about what they eat or their lifestyle when it comes to summer, those people never truly feeel happy. They lack self esteem and confidence.

Learning to love your body, just the way it is. Is important for happiness!!! Stop trying to change your body. Just be happy! Thats the most important 🙂

Fitspo and Fitblrs?


Somethign which i have been thinking about more and more recently is all the fitspo instagram accounts. More and more are popping up, everyone flexing their muscles and taking pictures of the workouts. I get it. I do the same 😄

However, some people i can say are not inspirations. And should Not be followed. Infact they call themselves healthy and fit, yet they barely seem to eat anything.

I am not judging, i am just writing what i see and what i think. I can not, and should not judge the people as i do not know them, however when they posts pictures (Like below) and say that that is their lunch and they have thousands of followers, i wonder what type of inspiration is that?

Young girls and guys think that they should eat the same… cut out all carbs, all junk food etc Of course, you do not know what the person actually eats… i mean there are times when i post pictures of what i eat, and can end up not finishing the whole thing or going for more. But i dont write that down. I eat dark chocolate as dessert some days, and other days no i dont eat carbs for lunch or dinner. You really cant judge what or how a person eats just by a picture.


But i think that some instagram/fitspo accounts just arent sending out a good message to people. Yes i workout often i am not lying about that. Somedays i eat too little etc but i think that in the whole i wouldnt consider myself a good inspiration or motivation. I dont send out messages that you shouldnt eat fruit, or that chocolate is bad or to only eat egg whites or no carbs for dinner. Healthy is about balance. Eating enough for your body. And of course everyone has different metabolisms and goals. But you NEVER have to starve yourself to reach those goals.


It feels like now a days fitspo has turned more into thinspo….people reposting pictures of photoshopped models… with their muscles and 6 packs. But the fact is, its only a picture. The models dont even look like that in real life. So dont compare yourself to pictures of others. You are you.

I feel that fitspo can do more harm than good now a days.




^^No. no. no

Those 3 accounts all have thousands of followers and this is the  message they send?

Eat as little as possible, exercise as much as possible?

They all have ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ in their names, though i dont at all consider them to be inspirational.

This is just my opinion and i know i shouldnt judge.

But in the end, this is my blog and i have a right to send out my opinion or voice.

 I dont want to be rude to anyone or anything, hence why i have blocked the names of the accounts.



Of course… there are some accounts which i follow who are HUGE inspirations to me. I love their posts and their outlook on health and fitness. They are the ones who give out the message of NOT starving yourself. To workout and enjoy it… dont compare yourself to others. Eat enough for your body.

Its more of those types of accounts we should follow, not ones that promote an unhealthy balance of food and exercise.


(People who send a good healthy messgae through their instagram accounts!)





What are your opinions on fitspo/instagram fispo accounts? Do you follow them?

Why counting calories is stupid!


I collected a few reasons from around the internet and I hope this will help someone who’s struggling to give up counting calories.

– The obvious and most important reason is that it is SO time consuming.
It makes it impossible for you to see a food and see just that; food. You will see a number that needs to be calculated. You will see either “good” or “bad” not just banana or toast or juice. You aren’t able to just pick up an apple because you have to weigh it first and make sure it fits in with your daily calorie limit.

– About 70% of the calories your body burns will happen whether you get up out of bed or not. Your resting metabolic rate varies day to day though. And if it does that, as does your level of activity or the energy you burn through exercise, you can see how impossible it is to estimate the energy you burn on a given day. If you can’t measure how many calories you burn, you can’t match the calories you eat with anything of value.

– If you limit your calorie intake, your body will limit its calorie expenditure.

– Calorie counting isn’t sustainable. It isn’t practical to count calories for the rest of your life. Nor is it necessary. Your body is a lot smarter than your smartphone at helping you regulate your food intake, but you need to eat right if you expect it to work right.

– Two individuals of the same age, gender, height, weight and even the same level of fitness can burn a different amount of calories at the same level of exertion.

– Counting calories is just stupid. Believing that we need to count calories means we’re severely underestimating out bodies’ natural abilities. 

You cant spot reduce


I am asked this question on a daily basis, multiple times even. I know other fitblr/healthblr/weightloss blogs get the same question time and time again. I think its time someone clears this up for everyone, once and for all. 🙂

I am sure you’ve read or heard about those magical exercises that promise to “blast belly fat” and rid you of your muffin tops and bat wings…and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you do these types of exercises (crunches, for example). You are only targeting the abdominal muscles. They are effective exercises of course, but don’t expect a 6-pack by morning. Your abdominal muscles are under the layer of fat. Doing these exercises do not “turn your fat into muscle”. This applies to any strength training exercise (curling weights, hip abduction, sit-ups, lunges and so on).
You can’t pick where your excess fat goes, so why would you be able to choose where you burn your fat? It applies both ways. It is all determined by genetics.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean hold off on all strength training exercises until you’re at lower weight. Strength training is still beneficial and can aid in reducing your overall body fat percentage (along with proper diet and exercise!).


You can reduce your overall body fat. First, you must create a calorie deficit.

Creating a calorie deficit is done by subtracting 500 calories from your daily required calorie intake and when done continually it results in fat loss.

**To figure out what your requirements are – use this calculator and plug in your info, subtract 500 to lose weight, add 500 to gain weight, do nothing to maintain current weight**

For best results I would suggest a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Cardio and stregnth training together provide optimal results in my opinion, though it isn’t something for everyone. Find something that you enjoy and works for you. Many people seem to think the only effective cardio is running. This is untrue as well. You can do cycling, swimming, kickboxing, jumproping, dancing, etc. 🙂


It is said there approximately 3500 calories in a single pound of fat. When you subtract those 500 calories, your body has to find other sources (fat) to get that energy. (500 calories x 7 days = 3500 calories.) So, weightloss should be around 1 lb a week. This is considered to be healthy weightloss and maintainable. You may or may not lose fat every single week, sometimes it will be more and other times it will be less. This is a slow process, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.  Remember: not all calories are created equal. 200 calories of strawberries is not the same as 200 calories of chocolate cake. So eat healthy, wholesome foods! 😉 Also keep in mind less calories does not mean more weightloss. Read why low-cal diets do not work, are detrimental to your health and difficult to maintain here.

If your family/friends dont support you


Something which is quite common when you start your healthy/fitness journey is that friends or family dont support you, which is very sad. Because the fact is, you are hopefully changing for the better. And everyone benefits from eating healthy and exercising.

My mum is a yoga teacher and i have grown up being active so when i was allowed to begin exercising again (after being sick and having 0 activity for almost 2 years) my mum was happy to let me start going walks again. However when i told her i wanted to start running again, she wasnt as happy. While i was sick i struggled with an exercise addiction which Yes i have overcome. And do not struggle with an exercise addiction or othorexia. However i was told that i was allowed to start running and that became my passion! At first i could barely run 200m, i had lost all stamina. But soon i was running 5ks then 10ks and even built up my stamina and endurance and ran 22k with only 1 minut walking pause.

For me eating healthy, not eating junk food (so often) or processed food wasnt so weird because my parents really dont eat so much junk food. In my house we have alot of lentils, beans, tofu, egg, quorn products and lots and lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. We dont have chocolate, ice cream, chips, pizza, soda etc in my hosue. So it wasnt exactly weird that i dont eat that sort of stuff.

But for many, that is not the case. The best thing you can do if your family dont support you is to tell them exactly why you want to change your lifestyle. All the benefits of eating healthy… if they try to force you to eat junk food, just say no. There will always be people who dont support you or try to bring you down. But you have to know that this is your life. Its your choices. You need to make healthy ones and ones that you can be proud to make. Try to make your family see the benefits of exercising and eating healthy as well. Make heatlhy food at home and let them try it and see what they say. Tell your parents to buy fruit instead of chocolate. If you have to, show them some studies that show the benefits of daily exercise and a healthy diet!

If you, like me have recovered from an eating disorder and your parents are worried that you are exercising and eating healthy to lose weight, then  talk to them. Show them that you are not trying to lose weight. However remember, that it is only you who knows whether you are making these choices because you are scared of junk food and there is a voice in your head controlling you, or because you actually enjoy exercising and want to eat healthy. Dont let that voice in your head control you, because otherwise you can easily become orthorexic or become addicted to exercise which are both very serious problems, and need help.

One of my favourite quotes is actions speak louder than words. Instead of saying that you are not trying to lose weight, show them that you arent. Or if you need to lose weight and you and your whole family are unhealhty, then show them how you are feeling ebtter by exercising and eating healthy.

Remember that this is your life and like i said, there will always be people who wont support you. But you need to rise above them and make your own choices.

At first i got questions about why, but now i get questions like How. How do i eat so healthy, How did i build muscles, How did i get so toned etc… at first everyone was asking me Why i eat healthy, Why i workout etc

Show them!!!

Its about making time not finding time


Now a days in the busy society that we live in, our lives are filled up with work, school, social life, stress and finding time to exercise is hard… the most common excuse? I dont have time to exercise.

It may feel like you dont have time… But its just that you are not willing to make time. You are ok with going out for drinks on a Friday night and then wasting your whole Saturday hung over. Or spending 2 hours after work watching TV. Or spending hours at cafes just sitting.

Its all about priortizing. Everyone can make time for exercise.  Whether its getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual to go for a walk/run or do some yoga or circuit training before breakfast. Or going for a walk during your lunch break. Or getting off a station to early and walking to your work/school…  Instead of going to a cafe and sitting eating cake with your friends, how about going for a walk together? You have plenty of time to talk… can take photos, bring coffee etc

Instead of watching TV when you come home – go to the gym. Even if its just 30 minutes, its better than nothing.  I reccommend doing circuit training and HIIT training when you dont have so much time. They are the best as they are both strength and cardio and dont take as much time as loww impact training such as jogging for an hour or just standing lifting weights.

I vary between high endurance and low endurance training, all depending on time and what my goals are.

Stop making the excuse that you dont have time… its just that you are not willing to make time.

Look over your schedule, see if you can fit in some training through out the day. And remember Daily exercise!! Take the stairs, walk, stand, stretch etc !! A study has showed that people who had more daily activity & working out actually have a higher metabolism and lose more compared to people who sit still all day, and only workout c.a 30-60 minutes a day