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Day 4 – healthy breakfast


Ok… its not going so well with the april challenge on my blog… haha 😄 But i am keeping up to date on my instagram!

Here are 2 of my healthy breakfasts! 🙂 (That dont just look like a mess of food!)


Vanilla yoghurt with banana and raspberries!imageO

Oven baked oatmeal pancakes & quark & half a banana, walnuts and raspberries!


Day 2 – progress pic


Im a day late with this… but sure.
My progress pic is one of weight gain/muscle gain…. and along with that, happiness, strength and life!!


Left: very sick in anorexia. Though not at my lowest weight there.
Right; me a week ago… slightly bloated. But thats roughly how I look. And I love it!! Im happy with the way I look… though im working towards more muscles!! 😉

Aprils goals



These are my goals for the month 😉 I am not too strict about the cheat days. I really dont think ill be craving anything sweet anyway after al the chocolate ive eaten the past 3 days!! 
   Though tomorrow im going to have a movie marathon with my friends…. and ita gonna be sweets and chocolate and everything… so we’ll see what I do 😉 if im don’t want it I dont think ill eat any. 😉

And then I am going to focus alot of strength training and eating alot of healthy food  so that im eating enough for my body!;)