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How to increase your water intake


Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body… however, its something many forget about or struggle to do. For me drinking 2l+ water a day isnt something hard especially when i exercise so much. I think i drink a liter water just during my workouts and then 2l+ through out the day.

Now when its so warm outside (in the northern hemishpere anyway ;)) its important to make sure you drink enough and stay hydrated. In the heat you sweat extra and if you dont refill your energy levels you can feel dehydrated, tired and some even faint.

I always keep a water bottle with me… its like its glued to my side 🙂 This keeps me drinking water all day. Below are some tips on how to increase your water intake 🙂


Recently I’ve been struggling to drink more water, I’m not sure why but I’ve finally found a way of making sure I’m getting enough water and I guess I seem to forget that every system and function that goes on in my body needs water.

  • Did you know though? One in 5 women drink less than the recommended daily intake of water.

I’ve started to up my intake of water, I’ve increased my intake up to 3 litres a day, because as it is getting hotter and I’m working out in the heat, I need to make sure that my body is able to function properly.

So I decided to make sure that when I get up in the morning, I make sure I’ve finished at least 1/2 of a one litre bottle (especially as I don’t tend to wake up in the night and my body is probably dying of thirst) and then  I will eat my breakfast. And that rule I find applies for both lunch and dinner. I find that when I drink my water before I have breakfast, I tend to control my portions better, and I don’t end up with a giant mountain for breakfast. I’m making sure eat enough, including snacks, but if I’m hungry I tend to cook more for breakfast.

Top tips for increasing your intake:

  • I’ve started stocking my fridge full of fruit infused water, making sure there are a variety of combinations to make sure that I don’t get bored. Currently my favourite is frozen watermelon chunks, they add the greatest flavour in the world!
  • If you like spicy food, then this can be another way of increasing your water intake, because if you’re eating spicy food, you tend to reach for the water a lot. And spicy food helps your metabolism!
  • Apps. Yes there are actually apps for your phone that remind you to drink water. Apps like waterlogged and water your body allow you set alerts for your phone.
  • Water filters, you don’t need these, however I know some of my family do prefer to drink their water filtered. It’s not essential but it’s an option for you.
  • Take water with you, so if you’re at work, have water on your desk, I take a bottle in my handbag literally everywhere I go, keep a bottle beside your bed, next to your computer, anywhere you’re likely to go on a day to day basis. It then stops you from reaching for the soda or fizzy drinks. (Everything in moderation though, I’m not say don’t drink fizzy drinks, every once in a while though)
  • When you work out, take a huge bottle, I usually have a 2 litre bottle of water with me when I work out, however if you’re running outside, there are specific bottles that can help you when you’re running.
  • When you go out for dinner, drink water, it will not only reduce your bill in the end, but there is nothing wrong with having one drink of lemonade or fizzy drink, but then having a pitcher of water on the table!
  • Eating foods that are filled with water, so things like cucumber, melon, celery, lettuce, all of those are high in water, so that another way of increasing your intake of water.
  • Take baby steps, if you’re struggling to drink even one glass of water and you try to drink 2 litres of water straight off, then it can end up making you feel bad for not being able to drink all that water. So gradually increase it, so if you’re drinking one small glass a day, increase that to 2, and so on. You can do it!
  • Make it a habit, when I first started drinking water I hated the taste of it, but changing up the water and giving it a bit of flavour at least to start off with can really help you! Now I drink water straight from the tap, but it just takes time.

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30 day Health challenge


Hello there 🙂

As my blog is ‘new‘ and i have alot of new followers recently (Thank you all!!) i am planning to do a 30 day health challenge, so that you get to know me a bit better 🙂 We can all feel a little closer to each other!!! Share our fitness tips, exercises, motivation and our stories!! 🙂


30 day health challenge!

day 1 – All of your stats

day 2 – Back-story/reasons for getting healthy

day 3 – favorite healthy foods

day 4 – biggest quotes to live by

day 5 –  top 5 motivations for your goal

day 6 – favorite exercises

day 7 – the music/artists/genre you listen to when working out

day 8 – your favorite day of the week, and favorite time of day to work out

day 9 – unhealthy habits you want to break and why

day 10 –  where you see yourself in one year, and at what weight

day 11 – best way to relax

day 12 – favorite healthy drink(s)

day 13 – 3 favorite healthy recipes

day 14 –  5 things you are looking forward to after reaching (and maintaining) your goals

day 15 – 15 exercises you’ve done throughout the first half of this challenge

day 16 – favorite place to exercise

day 17 – 3 things that you cannot stand to see yourself do

day 18 – 10 things you would tell to a fitspo beginner

day 19 – favorite fruits and veggies

day 20 – 3 things you want to try after reaching your goals

day 21 –  5 exercises that you’ve never done before, but are willing to try

day 22 – favorite machine/thing at the gym and why

day 23 – what normally goes on in your head when exercising

day 24 – top 5 favorite moments of your weight loss/fitness journey

day 25 – how many hours of sleep you get per day (on average)

day 26 – how much water you drink per day (on average)

day 27 – unhealthy foods that tempt you; how you stay away

day 28 –  the first thing that comes to mind when you hear/see the words “fitness”/”health”/”fitspo” and why

day 29 – unhealthy foods you don’t miss

day 30 – 30 day challenge ending stats; overall feelings/comments on the challenge