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A bad workout doesnt mean a bad day


Something which i notice alot on Instagram is how workouts can steer peoples mood…. if they workout they are super happy. If they miss a workout or dont workout they feel sad, restless, dont know what to do with themselves. And if a workout goes bad…. well then their whole day is ruined. They feel sad, angry, disappointed, worthless?

Why… because you couldn’t lift the weight you wanted or run the speed or distance you had planned? Well everyday is different. Your body doesn’t always do what your mind wants. And sometimes your mind just gives up… you feel tired, whether its physical or mental. And thats ok.

I used to do the same thing, let workouts steer my mood. I would push myself even if i didn’t want to. If a workout went bad i would feel terrible for the rest of the day, but that wasn’t a healthy relationship. To let exercise steer my life and emotions so much.

Instead, i realised that… if i had one of those days where i just knew that working out wasn’t a good idea. Sure, i could go and lift some weights… but my mind would wander. I would look like a lost tourist, not knowing what i was doing. And then feel terrible after because it didn’t go well. Or i could do something else, save my energy for another day.

Of course somedays, all you need is to havea  lousy workout… just to get some endorphines. But as long as you have no pressure on yourself to be perfect, to get PB’s or for everything to go well. Then you can atleast still feel good after the workout, not beat yourself up. Or instead, do something else… if you know that at the end, you will just feel worse.

Skipping a workout day isnt bad. But letting your exercise control you, have such a HUGE impact that it controls your emotions, that isnt good.

A bad workout DOESN’T mean a bad day. You can still have an awesome day. Just accept the fact that it didn’t go the way you had planned or hoped, but tomorrow is a new day… a new day to workout. Instead, today you can do other things. Not everyday is perfect, that’s ok!!!

Resistance training to shock the body


All this week i have mixed up my workouts and focused on doing slow repetitions of all exercises. I’m not using super heavy weights, but using middle heavy.

I first begin with 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps and then i do 3-6 set where i first do 4-8fast repetitions and after that i do each repetition slowly… as many as i can. And then repeat or do a super set with another exercise.

This has lead to ALOT of DOMS this week… after every workout. The past few weeks and months ive focused more on doing many reps, and before that it was few reps with heavy weights. So now its time for more progress and to do that, you have to do something different.

I try to vary my exercises though i can find it very hard to find contact with some exercises but also, i can do anything from 4-15 different exercises in one session (60 minutes) so i know most of the exercises. So instead, i vary with weights and reps and love doing supersets for that extra intensity!

I havent been doing alot of cardio the past few weeks as i haven’t had time for it, but going to maybe add in some cardio before or after my strength training workouts… just so that i don’t lose my conditioning too much 😉

Remember to change your workout routine every 4-8 weeks. This is something i am personally very bad at, but it’s great to beat a plateau and keep seeing progress 🙂

Back to blogging


The past few weeks have been crazy with lots of school, emails to reply to, social life, training etc so this blog fell behind a little. I felt i just didn’t have time to update. Now however, i am going to try to update as much as possible. Whether that is one update per week or 3 per day, i’m not sure. But i am going to try my best as its been requested that i begin again 🙂 Haha, feels nice to know that people want to read my blog anyway.

RIm sure many of you who read my blog have found it via my IG? But if you don’t follow me there, then you can go follow now: itsahealthylifestyle for more regular updates and see my training, food etc 🙂

If there is any certain topic you want me to write about, just let mee know. Or if you want to know my workouts or opinions/thoughts or any topic 🙂 I’ll be happy to write about it!

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