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Recipe substitutions


Sometimes you dont always have the ingredients needed for some baking, or in my case i cant eat banana so i substitue with applesauce or coconut oil.

Not all recipes will work with the substitutions, i.e sometimes when a recipe says protein powder it doesnt work to switch to oat flour or to switch from avocado to mashed banana… it all depends, but also the amount needed changes. But it can be good to know that some of these do work if you dont have say banana at home, you can use applesauce 🙂

 If recipe calls for:  Substitute with:
 White flour  Whole wheat flour, oat flour, barley flour, teff flour, a mix of flour and protein powder, a mix of flour and corn starch, Arrow root, tapioca flour, locust bean gum powder
 Sugar  Fresh fruits, dry fruits, honey, maple syrup, rapadura, agave nectar, coconut palm sugar, stevia, thaumatin, xylitol, Erythritol, splenda
 Oil, margarine or butter  Applesauce, mashed banana, mashed avocado, mashed beans, coconut oil
 Heavy cream  Dry skim milk, fat-free Greek yogurt
 Sour cream  Fat-free Greek yogurt, fat-free quark, silken tofu
 1 whole egg  2 egg whites
 Nuts  Reduce the amount by half
 Chocolate  Fat-reduced cocoa, carob powder


Very useful link

80 healthy recipe substitutions:

You might also have already seen this infographic from on the web:

Casein Mugcake


Devil’s Food Mug Cake - Curb chocolate cravings in minutes


1 scoop CHOCOLATE casein protein powder (ensure casein for cake-like consistency)
2 TB. unsweetened cocoa powder
4 tsp. coconut flour
2 tsp. instant coffee granules
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 packet stevia
2 egg whites
3 TB. unsweetened almond milk

How to Prepare

1. Spray all sides of a mug (or your favorite microwaveable cup) with non-stick cooking spray. This will help the cake to form its shape as well as prevent sticking. Set aside.
2. Put egg whites and almond milk in a bowl and fluff with fork.
3. Add all remaining ingredients and mix until ingredients are well blended.
4. Pour cake batter into the mug (make sure you get it all in there or you just lose precious bites of cake).
5. Microwave for 1 minute or until cake is firm in the center. You can either let cool or eat it while it’s hot. Enjoy!

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How to make a perfect salad


Salads are one of my favourite foods, i could eat them 3 times a day and never get bored! However the salads you are served in restaurants or cafes arent much too look at, or to fill you. Often salads just consist of lettuce, cucumber, maybe some tomatoe and a little chicken? Not so filling.

I prefer more filling salads, when i make my own i always add salad leaves, chickpeas, sweet corn, tomatoes, lean protein, nuts/seeds or avocado & top off with some Balsamico Vinegar 🙂 Super delicious and leaves you full.

While i was in NY last winter i ate salads most days for lunch and the salads i got were HUGE and so filling, i almost couldnt finish them somedays. And i had so many toppings, sundried tomatoes, nuts, seeds, avocado, egg whites, chicken, prawns etc Thats, the type of salad i like!

Dont think that salad just has to be a boring lettuce and tomatoe salad, you can also make your own healthy dressing with greek yoghurt or quark. Mix in whoel grain pasta/sweet potatoe or quinoa to make it more filling as well 🙂

Protein pancakes recipe



1 scoop whey protein (I used Vanilla Pear from Mmmsports)
1 tablespoon stevia
1 egg white
1 tablespoon psyllium husk
Almond/coconut milk


1. Add the protein, stevia, psyllium husk and flavourings/spices into a small bowl and mix into a liquid by slowly adding the milk. You should only need approximately 1- 2 tablespoons of milk.

2. Add the egg white last and whisk it into the mixture. The batter should appear like a regular pancake batter, the thicker it is, the easier it will be to make smaller pancakes but If it is too thick it will stick to the pan.

3. Put a non-stick pan on high heat setting and add some coconut oil to the pan (Only a very small amount). When the pan is hot add a tablespoon of the mixture and reduce the heat. The pancake will take about a minute on each side to cook depending on the size of your pancake.

I topped mine with sugar free blueberry sauce & sugar free chocolate sauce from Green Valley Ranch & Peanut butter from Body science & strawberry casein.


Dont judge others by their size


Something which bothers me very much is how judgemental people are…most people seem to do it. You see someone overweight and start thinking thoughts like ‘they should go on a diet’ ‘ they need to lose weight’ etc or you see someone very skinny and think ‘they need to eat a burger’ ‘they’re too skinny, thats not pretty’ or ‘they have anorexia’.

And all these types of thoughts really bother me… i think its so wrong. When i was sick, i would stare at everyone elses bodies. I saw everything good about everyone elses bodies, but at the same time i was a very good critic. I feel awful admitting this, i feel so ashamed of myself, but i had thoughts like ‘i would not want to look like him/her’ or ‘im so glad i dont have thier body’.
   And now i just feel awful that i thought those thoughts….To judge someone, merely by their size, that is WRONG.
In society there is so much fat shaming and skinny shaming but at the same time society has these unwritten rules or this ideal set up for men and women. How we should look to be perfect and accepted and everyone else i.e 95% of the population that doesnt look like that gets critic, made to feel like crap.
I know longer judge people, not by their size or weight anyway. Especially not strnagers, i dont know anything about them….. how do i know if that man has just spent 2 hours at the gym and is now going to get lunch. Or if that girl who looks skinny has just eaten McDonalds for lunch etcetc
Something which i find is that people are so quick to judge others… not really caring about who the person is. Most of it is mental thoughts, thoughts that cross your mind when you see a person, but others voice their thoughts. And its happend numerous times where a friend or family might say something about someone else and it irritates me. I mean how would it feel if you knew that strangers were saying things like wow, she should lose weight. Or, That dress is NOT flattering on her, what was she thinking.  etc
   I like to think – dont treat others how you wouldnt want to be treated yourself.
Also what i find is that society tells us that the leanest and skinniest people are the healthiest and i KNOW that that is not true. Many skinny people use unhealthy methods to look that way and some people who are naturally skinny eat like crap everyday just because they can. They know they are skinny and so continue to drink 2l coke everyday and McDonalds for lunch and no one says anything about it. Infact they are told they are doing a good job for ‘trying to gain weight’. But if you see someone who is overweight drinking coke they get chastisized and told they shouldnt be drinking that….. just based on their weight? They might have diabetes and low blood sugar and need something sugary… or maybe they just want the drink?
Skinny people are often seen to be healthiest, but infact there are people who are curviers/bigger who are alot more healthy than someone who is smaller than them. Those people they can run a marathon, they eat a very healthy diet. Yet they are judged and deemed unhealthy merely on their size…
Well losing weight doesnt happen over a night, it can take year(s) for someone to reach thier healthy weight, they can be fighting everyday to lose weight. It doesnt just magically disappear, so who is to say that people who are bigger are unhealthy… they could be trying to change that.
Just like with people who are skinny… often too skinny people get told that they dont look good, they need to get some meat on their bones… but they could be eating copious amounts each and everyday, trying to see the scale go up but nothing seems to happen and it is down right rude to tell someone that they need to eat a cheeseburger. Ive been told that once before…. and it was only a month or so ago? I am a perfectly healthy weight, im not underweight and dont look underweight, but also… its nobody elses business.
I think we should all start making conscious efforts to stop judging people based on their size or weight. You know nothing about the person… they could be really happy in their body – infact, people who judge, comment and critique other peoples bodies often arent happy in their own. (So think about that for a while!). Someone else could be really happy in their body and just because its not your ideal doesnt mean it isnt theirs.
    Everyone is different, has different body sizes, different goals in life and remember that change takes time. You dont know how that person could look a year from now.
(***I want to make a side note, please dont take this post and start thinking… well then i can stay underweight because its nobody elses business. That is not what im talking about, what im talking about is judging other people based on size…. just like nobody should judge you if you are underweight or overweight. I think its wrong!!!)

Aldrig Vila – Back attack


This week strength training hasnt gone so well, ive focused mainly on running and havent had much of a structured strength training workout, so i can say i was longing until today. My focus was back with normal exercises!!! Reps and sets. I decided to not do any supersets but instead focus on heavy weights as i want to focus more attention on getting stronger again 🙂 Not lose any muscle mass with all the cardio ive been doing…. soon its time to cut down on cardio again and begin focusing on heavy weights!

I also wore my new shirt which i got in my package yesterday… Aldrig Vila means never rest  in swedish. And Fuck Lagom is basically fuck moderate? Theres no real translation for the word lagom.

But i loved my new top, it gave me that extra bit of motivation each time i looked in the mirror.

I also increased my one arm dumbbell row to 17,5kg in each arm… and i could most probably have taken 20kg but it was my last exercise and last few sets so i didnt have much energy left!!!

If you want to see a video from todays workout then go to my IG: itsahealthylifestyle




Package from MMsports


Yesterday i got a pacakge from mmsports with a whole bunch of yummy things and supplements which i wanted/needed! 🙂 Also, i ordered on Wednesday morning and got the package on Thursday! Fast delivery or what? 🙂

The pacakge weighed 10+kg… so walking home with that was no joke, hahah!!

I am going to review all of the products so if you have any questions about them just let me know 🙂


Pre workout breakfast


This morning i think i spent 20 minutes making breakfast… thats 15 minutes more than usual. But i am happy of the results!!! It was absaloutly delicious and filling, couldnt have made myself a better breakfast. And lots of energy as well, so now im ready to go with all this energy!!! The reason it took so long to make was because i decided to photograph as well… haha

I made a fruit salad with quark mixed with funlight (the juice). (and added cinnamon as well) and topped with a chocolate sauce and a blueberry sauce. On the side was half a melon, an egg, coffee and an Aloe Vera!!! Super full and energy filled!















Today i recieved my package from MMsports (i ordered it yesterday!! O_O Super quick delivery!)  in my package it contained lots of yummy things and one of them was peanut butter and chocolate covered nuts 🙂 My 2 favourite things!

Feeling tired and needing an energy boost i decided to eat peanut butter right out of the jar, along with the rest of my snack, which was sweet egg cake with quark & nuts and milk. & white chocolate cashews and i ate ALOT more of those nuts 🙂 hahah 150g or something :):) Can never have too many nuts or too much nut butter 🙂


I will show what i bought in another post 🙂 🙂 And will review it all as well.


Summer drink


When it’s summer time you spend a lot of time outside in the sun – or some do anyway! But when It’s warm weather it’s important to drink a lot of fluids. Increasing your water intake is important as to not get dehydrated! Water should be your best friend.
   However, it gets boring to just drink water all the time. Sometimes you want something with more flavour.  Infused water is a great idea, but am even better idea is a Sugar free Nobe aloe Vera drink! The sugar free one is my favourite as i prefer to avoid drinks with too much sugar. But the coconut Nobe Aloe Vera is also a favourite of mine!!
   Aloe Vera drinks can be found in most shops and cafes so great if you want a drink while out in town!

And if you don’t like the aloe Vera pieces, then why not try a Vitamin well. Their stevia drinks are my favourite but i also like their new limited edition strawberry and rhubarb! !