Nobe Aloe vera Review


I recently got a few Aloe Vera & Vitaminwell drinks home to me, from my sponsor/parntership Vitaminwell & Nobe Aloe Vera.

I got home the 3 new flavours of the Aloe Vera drinks which i thought i would review now:






Coconut flavour:


To begin with, i was skeptical to this flavour… i find that coconut water can taste very weird… either too much coconut or just like very diluted coconut juice. Also, the fact that this drink would have pieces of Aloe Vera in it….

But to my surprise, I loved it! A little too much maybe? haha. Its the right amount of coconut taste, and the small pieces of aloe vera arent so bad. They dont ruin the taste of coconut.

This flavour is definitely my favourite 🙂 5/5

Sugar free Aloe vera with taste of grape.

This flavour is really tasty… more natural. You taste the aloe vera pieces alot more than with the other 2 drinks.

Taste of grape? Hmmm.. i wouldnt really call it that. It has a weird sort of taste, not a bad one. But its like i cant put my finger on exactly what the taste is!

This flavour is best served ice cold & shaken LOTS, so that you dont just get big clumps of aloe vera at the end!

This flavour gets 4/5 from me. I like that its sugar free, but there is still something missing/weird that makes me deduct that 1 point!


Lemon flavour:

I cant quite make up my mind whether i like this flavour or not?

Its tastes like lemon water with aloe vera pieces… but its almost too strong lemon? I’ve drunk half a bottle, and still cant decide. I might have to finish the bottle before i make a clear decision whether i like this flavour or not.

So for now, it gets a 3/5 for me 🙂 haha


The next text is taken from NOBE Aloe Vera‘s homepage :


There is many reasons to drink NOBE aloe vera. Some do it because they want to ingest
 aloe vera, some do I for the fruit bits, others for the amazing flavor or because they
 contain less sugar than juices or sodas. You choose. NOBE aloe vera contains no 
artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. The drink is completely non-carbonated 


Aloe vera means real Aloe. Aloe is a plant that is growing in West 
India, Central America and in Asia. The plants flesh is jelly-like and is
 often used in herbal medicine and in skin cream. Please read more



At the moment you can find NOBE aloe vera in Sweden at 
Pressbyrån, 7-eleven, ICA, Hemköp, OKQ8 and a couple
 of cafés around the country. You can also find 
NOBE aloe vera in Denmark, at 7-eleven and in some 
HoReCa places.

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