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THIS inspires me


I am not someone who gets inspired by other peoples bodies, by thinspo or fitspo. I dont like comparing my body to other peoples bodies, instead i focus on being happy in my own. Though of course, sometimes looking at opther people i wish that i had their arms or their abs 😉

However something that does inspire and motivate me is seeing the things other people accomplish, whether its weightloss or weight gain (from skinny to strong/healthy). Completing races and obstacle courses and other tough exercises which i hope one day i can also complete!! Here are somethings which inspire me 🙂


High reps, low weight shoulder workout


To shock my body this week and the next few weeks i am constantly changing how i workout. And i feel this is really helping my progress before i almost never got DOMS, but now i seem to get it after every workout and yesterday was no joke!!! Today, trying to brush my teeth or straighten my hairs burns in my shoulders 😉

I decided to focus on HIGH reps and drop set yesterday. When i picked up the 2-3kg dumbbells i felt a little silly… what was i doing there standing amongst the muscled men with their 40kg in each hand i had my tiny little 2kg weights… (My shoulders are my weakest point and just for flies 5kg is usually what i use so i dont use any super heavy weights with shoulder anyway)

First i got some looks like… Take your 2kg dumbbells and get out of here 😉 (Joke, im a regular there and they know i use heavy weights! hahah) But once i got going doing 50 reps, 40 reps, 30 reps…. and the sweat was running off of me the men around started to actually look a little impressed 😉 My shoulders burned the whole workout and the faces i made trying to push out those last reps… They arent any pretty faces anyway 😉

I only did 5 exercises and 962 reps

Dumbbell flies:  50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Front row with dumbbells: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Bent over flies: 20, 10, 5, 10, 20, 10, 5, 10, 20

Front raises: 40, 30, 20, 12, 10, 20, 30, 40

Diferent types of push ups: 10, 10, 10, 10

Try this type of workout with low weight and high reps (drop set)… it burns!!! 🙂

White chocolate and almond protein cookie review


Today I received a package from My Protein which sells lots of supplements filled with protein. In my package I received L-Glutamine (which i will test and review later!) and a box of white chocolate almond protein cookies. I ate one for my snack and i decided to review it!image

I’ll begin with the calories which is what most people look at. 322 kcal for 1 cookie. You could say that’s quite alot and that you could eat a regular cookie for that amount. Which is true, but the fact is the average snack is around 350kcal but this cookie contains a whopping 37,5g protein. The equivalent of roughly 2 questbars, but wuth less calories 😉 Also protein helps keep you full, and the cookie only contains  7.4G sugar and 20 carbs. So alot better than a normal cookie!! Though of course moderation is key, sometimes you want a normal double chocolate chip cookie, other days you want a protein cookie!image



The texture…. just like a soft American cookie!!Mmmmm!

The taste…. first bite left a bit of an after taste which is common when a food contains so much protein, it’s hard to get a yummy taste when there is so much protein. If I’m honest it was a bit of a weird taste, but i can imagine it’s delicious with milk or dipping in coffee. I’m going to try experimenting with it. Heating it up/ crumbling it over yoghurt etc 😉 I’ll see how it goes!!!

The cookies come i 4 flavours: white chocolate & almond, chocolate orange, double chocolate, chocolate mint

^^I am sure the double chocolate or chocolate orange tastes great 🙂

I give it a 3/5 for now, but heating it up or dipping in coffee might increase it to a 4/5 or even 5/5 🙂 I’ll write more when I’ve tested it another time!!







10 reasons why your workout isnt working


Hitting a plateau isnt uncommon. It can be tough and hard to overcome, however here are some reasons why you might not be progressing. Remember CHANGE is key! Change your diet, change your exercise form, change weights etc… shock your body, thats how you will keep seeing progress and change 🙂


1. Over Training

It can be easy to just want to go day after day, working out for hours and squeezing it any workout you can whenever. Doing too much does not allow your body enough time to recover. When you push it too hard you tend to feel tired and your body craves lots of carbs and sugar because it needs the energy. Consider a two-day-on, one-day-off routine to allow for better recovery, and instead of boot camp with weight training and cardio all in a single day, try breaking them up and performing those routines on separate days.

2. Not Getting Enough Zzzzzzs

We are constantly moving during the day so night time when we sleep is the time our bodies have to repair itself from the muscles we’ve used and torn during workouts and daily activities. Also, sleep deprivation tends to suppress our natural growth hormone, making it harder to build lean muscle. Lack os sleep also makes us tired and thus nit having enough energy to workout.

3. Just Doing Cardio

It sure would be nice if we could simply hit the pavement day after day, log a few miles and end up with the perky derrière that we’ve always dreamed of. The sad truth is that without a combination of cardio and strength training, we will never win the war with gravity and manage to lift and tone everything. If you have been avoiding weights due to a fear of bulking up, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not that easy! A seriously muscled physique takes years of training and consuming loads of calories. Look at it this way, cardio burns the fat and strength training shapes/tone up the body. Do cardio and you will end up with saggy skin and we don’t want that now do we?

4. Overestimating the Caloric Burn

Many people rely on exercise equipment to determine the calories burned and those machines are often generalized and inaccurate. Your best bet is to keep a food journal and log every morsel that passes your lips. Without getting your nutrition in check, you could exercise until you are blue (or in this case, red) in the face and the only result would be frustration.

5. A Stale Workout Routine

A routine is comforting but when it comes to a workout, if you have been doing the same routine month after month, your body has likely adapted to the stimulus and is simply going through the motions. You need to shake things up and introduce new stimuli in order to keep making progress. Our bodies only change when they are forced to adapt. Consider trying a new workout at least every 3 to 4 weeks.

6.Going Too Easy

So don’t make the mistake of going too easy in the gym, ladies! Muscles only grow when they are forced to do work. Never sacrifice form to lift heavier weight but don’t let heavier weight intimidate you. Try lifting a slightly heavier weight for a repetition or two and then drop down in weight to finish the set. Then each time try a little bit more. When doing cardio, instead of long sessions of steady-state cardio, try incorporating active rests between sets or high intensity sessions like 30 second sprints (30 seconds of hard work and 30 seconds rest) to really kick up the intensity. Push but don’t push too hard.

7. Not Enough Calories

Food is fuel, not the enemy. So many people make the mistake of cutting calories too low when trying to get in shape. Without adequate fuel you’ll be hard-pressed to build muscle, and it’s the muscle that raises your metabolism. Constantly under-eating creates a vicious cycle as the metabolism slows down to preserve the energy it’s not getting from food. This then stalls weight loss (or creates weight gain) which causes many people to increase cardio and cut even more calories. Determine the calories you need, taking into consideration your activity level (including exercise) and keep a food log to stay on track.

8. Too Many Cheat Meals

A dangling carrot can certainly be great motivation for your workouts but when that “carrot” becomes the occasional cinnamon roll, alcoholic beverage or seven layer chocolate cake, it’s a potential slippery slope. An indulgence for a special occasion is certainly OK and even encouraged to maintain sanity. Also, having a bite of something sinful every now and then won’t reverse all of the good you’ve done, but be cautious of a weekly cheat meal. The cleaner the fuel (food) in your body, the leaner you’ll be.

9. Stress and Hormones

At times of stress it’s not uncommon for people to turn to food whether it’s eating to fill an emotional need, or eating on the run because there never seems to be enough time in the day.  But a stressed-out lifestyle can lead to weight gain and hinder your workouts. If your workouts seem less productive and you often combat cravings, consider finding methods to reduce stress in your life.

10. Lack of Consistency

All too often people start an exercise program with the best of intentions, scheduling themselves for 5 days a week. Don’t set yourself up for failure right out of the gate. Before engaging in a regular workout routine, determine a realistic number of days that you will be able to commit to without fail. Consistency is paramount to your fitness success. Catching a workout now and then is good for your overall health but for those looking to make noticeable change, it’s going to take a regular routine and solid commitment. If you can only go 3 days a week, be sure to hit every muscle group within those 3 days with enough intensity and stay active the other days. Any amount of exercise is always encouraged, but it’s those who consider it training and not just a workout who typically achieve greater success.


My workout playlist!


New music to workout to is always good, so here are some of my favourites at the moment. Please comment if you have soem good workout music tips!!

Hardtime – Seinabo Sey
Circles – Kdrew
Turn down for What – DJ snake & Lil Jon
Bad – David Guetta
Set you Free – 3oh!3
All night longer REMIX – Sammy Adams, B.O.B
Shower – Becky G
Superheroes – The Script
Hater – Korn
Aint it fun – Paramore



On my wishlist


At the moment all i can do is sit and add things to my cart online… adding to the pile. Longing until i have money until i can buy these things, so for now They’re on my wishlist!!! As soon as i get money i will be broke again, hahah! Why must a fitness life be so expensive? I dont spend money on drinks or coffee out or a new top, i spend it on Casein, sports bras, celsius, questbars etc… Anyone else like this? 🙂

Jacked Fuel: I need more energy, hahah!


A cap – for all my morning walks. I found this one ‘Aldrig Vila’ on MMsports which i want!! (Click HERE)

I LOVE this top – Fuck Lagom, Aldrig Vila. Its the perfect description of me 🙂 (Click HERE to come to the link)

White chocolate Peanut butter from Iherb (Click HERE)


Impact whey protein from  I would love to try Rocky Road, Tiramisu, Strawberry Cream, Banoffee, White chocolate 🙂 (Mmmmmm!)

Nike Sports bras! HERE & HERE

Nike shorts (HERE)

Snacks i eat


Snacking is very important to me, it helps keep my blood sugar stable, gives me energy and helps to have a high energy intake which is what i need for the amount of exercise i do! Here are some snacks ive eaten recently 🙂 Get inspired!

I love that Vitaminwell flavour 🙂

^¨beach snacks – fruit, nuts, eggs and a celsius! Perfect on the beach 🙂

^¨Life is about balance 🙂

Park/bench workouts


While on holiday you might not have access to the gym but that doesnt mean you cant and shouldnt workout. There are still so many ways to workout. Doing body weight exercises inside/outside. Swimming in the pool. Running or walking. HIIT and circuit training is very time effective and burns lots 🙂
But another option is also Park bench workouts!!

Finding a bench somewhere you can do many different exercises alongside body weight exercises and if you havea r esistance band you can do even more 🙂


So no excuses now 🙂

Another great form of exercise is that when you are out running or walking every 1km you run/walk stop and do some exercises such as air squats, alternating lungs, push ups, burpees etc 🙂 A great way to boost your heartrate and getting you burning lots 🙂


How to increase your water intake


Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body… however, its something many forget about or struggle to do. For me drinking 2l+ water a day isnt something hard especially when i exercise so much. I think i drink a liter water just during my workouts and then 2l+ through out the day.

Now when its so warm outside (in the northern hemishpere anyway ;)) its important to make sure you drink enough and stay hydrated. In the heat you sweat extra and if you dont refill your energy levels you can feel dehydrated, tired and some even faint.

I always keep a water bottle with me… its like its glued to my side 🙂 This keeps me drinking water all day. Below are some tips on how to increase your water intake 🙂


Recently I’ve been struggling to drink more water, I’m not sure why but I’ve finally found a way of making sure I’m getting enough water and I guess I seem to forget that every system and function that goes on in my body needs water.

  • Did you know though? One in 5 women drink less than the recommended daily intake of water.

I’ve started to up my intake of water, I’ve increased my intake up to 3 litres a day, because as it is getting hotter and I’m working out in the heat, I need to make sure that my body is able to function properly.

So I decided to make sure that when I get up in the morning, I make sure I’ve finished at least 1/2 of a one litre bottle (especially as I don’t tend to wake up in the night and my body is probably dying of thirst) and then  I will eat my breakfast. And that rule I find applies for both lunch and dinner. I find that when I drink my water before I have breakfast, I tend to control my portions better, and I don’t end up with a giant mountain for breakfast. I’m making sure eat enough, including snacks, but if I’m hungry I tend to cook more for breakfast.

Top tips for increasing your intake:

  • I’ve started stocking my fridge full of fruit infused water, making sure there are a variety of combinations to make sure that I don’t get bored. Currently my favourite is frozen watermelon chunks, they add the greatest flavour in the world!
  • If you like spicy food, then this can be another way of increasing your water intake, because if you’re eating spicy food, you tend to reach for the water a lot. And spicy food helps your metabolism!
  • Apps. Yes there are actually apps for your phone that remind you to drink water. Apps like waterlogged and water your body allow you set alerts for your phone.
  • Water filters, you don’t need these, however I know some of my family do prefer to drink their water filtered. It’s not essential but it’s an option for you.
  • Take water with you, so if you’re at work, have water on your desk, I take a bottle in my handbag literally everywhere I go, keep a bottle beside your bed, next to your computer, anywhere you’re likely to go on a day to day basis. It then stops you from reaching for the soda or fizzy drinks. (Everything in moderation though, I’m not say don’t drink fizzy drinks, every once in a while though)
  • When you work out, take a huge bottle, I usually have a 2 litre bottle of water with me when I work out, however if you’re running outside, there are specific bottles that can help you when you’re running.
  • When you go out for dinner, drink water, it will not only reduce your bill in the end, but there is nothing wrong with having one drink of lemonade or fizzy drink, but then having a pitcher of water on the table!
  • Eating foods that are filled with water, so things like cucumber, melon, celery, lettuce, all of those are high in water, so that another way of increasing your intake of water.
  • Take baby steps, if you’re struggling to drink even one glass of water and you try to drink 2 litres of water straight off, then it can end up making you feel bad for not being able to drink all that water. So gradually increase it, so if you’re drinking one small glass a day, increase that to 2, and so on. You can do it!
  • Make it a habit, when I first started drinking water I hated the taste of it, but changing up the water and giving it a bit of flavour at least to start off with can really help you! Now I drink water straight from the tap, but it just takes time.

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