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Healthy is individual


Health… The definition of Health according to WHO is: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” SOURCE

Health is about social, mental and physical health… Health is very individul… its not the same for everyone.

For extroverts, they feel most healthh and happy when they spend time with others, whilst me.. im an introvert and i feel very happy, content and healthy when i spend time on my own .I NEED time on my own for my health, for my mental health. Whilst my sister, who is an extrovert she hates spending time on her own, and is always with friends or family or talking to people.

I consider eating chocolate and candy when i crave it – whether thats 3 times a week, or once every 2 weeks to be healthy. Others find that eating candy one or two times a week is healthiest for them, as it keeps them from binging on it. And others, maybe people who have diabetes find that they cant eat alot of chocolate at all…

and some people dont even like chocolate, and find that for them…part of being healthy is eating chips on a Friday evening.

For me, healthy is exercising when i have the energy and motivate for it, whether thats 3 times a week or 6 times a week. Others find that going for walks a few times a week is healthy for them, and others have the energy and motivation to do hardcore training 5-6 days a week, and for others… just getting out of the house, sitting in the sun is healthy for them.

Of course there are general guidlines, like exercise 30 minutes a day, dont eat alot of salt or sugar, spend time with friends and family etc

But those are just guidelines, people are in different stages of their life, going through different things in their life.

When someone is depressed, maybe just sitting outside, saying hello to a family member is a BIG thing for them.

When someone is recovering from a restrictive eating disorder, or from a very low weight then exercising 30 minutes a day ISNT advised.

As i have CF but also sweat so much through exercise, my salt intake needs to be higher (as my sweat is extra salty).

So remember health is very individual… you cant necessarily tell someone that just because they dont eat candy as often as you, that they are unhealthy. Or because someone eats candy more often that you, they are unhealthy.

Its about finding the balance For YOU!

Of course, there are guidlines of where the balance of too healthy becomes unhealthy, or where too much exercise or too little exercise is unhealthy. Just like with too much healhty food or too unhealthy food becomes unhealthy… but its about finding what works for YOU.

You dont need to follow someone elses way of living, the way they exercise or eat. That wont necessarily make you healthy if you feel sad, always hungry, not enough energy etc


Progress photo


I put together this little collage, just to see how far ive actually come. Its so easy to see no difference, to feel like you are in the same position you were 2 years ago… feels like you’ve made no progress. Of course i know mentally i am very different!!! I used to do cardio 7 days a week, because i just didnt know any better and was still struggling.

But sometimes i look at myself and just think…i feel so skinny, now theres nothing wrong with being naturally skinny, alot of people like that look… but i guess you’ve figured that that isnt exactly my ideal body. I prefer feeling and looking strong.

Sometimes i just feel like ive made no progress at all… like im just standing in the same position all the time, and granted, i have hit a plateau with my workouts recently. Because i just dont know what i want… at the start of the year i decided to focus solely on strength training as i wanted to build muscle, and i did. However now that its summer im doing more cardio, running more, walking more and i love it… but my body type already struggles to have muscles… im not someone who easily gets stronger. Its alot of work and effort behind it. And then when i do cardio, it sort of negates that…And this is an ongoing struggle i have… because i LOVE running & walking. But i also love strength training, and feeling strong… And im sure i can do both, but then i need to make sure that i actually am eating enough.. i almost need proffessional help so that i know what and how long etc…

But anyway.. i feel i need to sit down and consider what my workout goals are. I mean im still going to workout anyway, because it makes me happy. It makes me feel good… but soemtimes its good to have a goal. I have my 10km run in August, so i really need to start preparing for that.. just havent felt motivated to it. But apart from that, i dont have any real goals…. Which i guess is why it feels like im standing still.


^^Hahah, just a little workout update, i guess?

But here is my progress picture, from 2012 (when i was first allowed to go to the gym) and then today 2014!!


Super sweaty leg workout


I started my workout with HIIT tabata style. No idea how long or how many intervals. but maybe 20 minutes so 40 intervals…

Sumo squats with kettle bell – 8 set X 10-15 reps
2 set X 6  with a pause at the bottom

Weighted Walking lunges – 6 set X 16 steps (i.e 8 on each leg)

Hip raises & roll in on pilates ball – 5 set X 10

Lunges with twist – 5 each leg Superset step ups on box 8 each leg X 4

Straight leg deadlifts – 5 set X 10-12

Abs roll in (?) & jackknife on TRX bands
4 set X as many as i could.


Brekfast and morning routine


Mornings to me are very special… I like having time to eat my breakfast. The worst thing i know is rushing around in the morning, barely having time to eat or get ready. So instead, i always give myself 90 minutes in the morning during school days… and even if im going somewhere i still get up around 80-90 minutes before i have to leave. This gives me time to get ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast. Read blogs, write blog posts. Get ready, drink another cup of coffee if needed. Take Daisy for a short walk & still have that 5 minute of just ‘nothing time’. For me, that is the perfect start!

But what i lov more, is the mornings – like now on my summer holiday where if i wake up and feel like going for a walk, whether its a 20 minutes walk or an 80 minute walk, i have time for that!!!


Im the type of person who gets ready before i eat breakfast… im always fully clothed and if im going somewhere, have my make up and hair done before i eat breakfast.

Do you get dressed before or after breakfast?

Are you the type of person who just rushes in the morning?


Below you see how my delicious breakfast looked this morning, which i enjoyed while writing this post 🙂

And YES, that is apple pie for breakfast 😉 Mmmmm






Healthy apple pie recipe/ Nyttig äpplekaka


Today i decided to make a a healthy apple pie, to use the uneaten apples before they began to rot.

I followed THIS recipe, but made my own adaptions, and it turned out delicious 🙂

5 medium/small apples
2 eggs & 1 dl egg whites
2 tbsp coconut oil
5 tbsp potatoe fiber/almond flour
4 tbs coconut flour
4 tbs vanilla PP (i use THIS one)

2-5tbsp stevia (or more, or less)
2 tsp baking powder
2+ tsp cinnamon + a little to sprinkle on the cake  ( i used ALOT of cinnamon)
1 pinch of vanilla powder or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla flavoring

2-3 tbs milk as the batter was too thick.


4-6dl oats

0,5-1dl quark

2-4tbs milk.

Stevia & cinnamon

1)  Heat the oven to 175 C.
2)Cut apple into thin slices.
3) Melt coconut oil and pour into a bowl. Add the other ingredients and beat with an electric mixer for a minute or so. Pour the batter into a greased baking pan- putting on the edges as well & top with apples.

4) Mix together oats & quark & milk if needed into a thick dough consistency. Spread ontop of the apples to create a lid.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and place in the oven. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, or until the cake has solidified somewhat. Remove and serve warm or cool. Serve with ice cream or custard.

Morning powerwalk & back workout


This morning i couldnt quite decide what i wanted to workout… whether i wanted to run, do intervals, long powerwalk, short powerwalk, leg day or back day.. or no strength training at all.

Instead, i spent 45 minutes drinking my BCAAs trying to see how i felt, whether i wanted to do morning cardio, if i even wanted to workout today at all… But once my coffee and bcaas were drunk i had plenty of energy for a morning walk. So i laced up my shoes and went for a 55 minute walk with my dog and finished with walking up a hill – though the whole route is just a bunch of upphills!

Then it was breakfast time – didnt look good but it tasted amazing – and thats what counts right? 🙂


After that i got ready and headed to the gym. On the way to the gym i decided it would be back day and tomorrow i’ll do legs!!

I had a great workout and focused on contact & many reps and sets, and i easily did deadlifts with 50kg today (Ok, not alot.. but i dont compare myself to others. Ive only done deadlifts for a few months, and ive been scared to add more weight incase i dont have the proper form (im VERY arched in my back) or hurt myself)… next time im hoping to go for 60kg!!

However, i feel like im at a standstill with my workouts… i dont really know what i want anymore. Im not trying to change my body, im not trying to gain muscle as much as in the beginning of the year. But also now when its summer i love ebing outside and doing cardio… but it feels like that doesnt help me keep my muscle mass… 

I think i just need to sit down and ask myself what my goals are… and set up a goal for myself. Whether its a competition, or focus more on strength or more on running etc… But i do feel i need more proffessional advice and help, for my workouts and nutrition.  If anyone has any tips or advice, let me know 🙂

Questbar review: Strawberry cheesecake


Strawberry cheesecake, doesnt it sound delicious?

And it tastes delicious as well!!


This flavour is minus the chunks, but tastes like dough!!

Does it taste exactly like strawberry cheesecake… not really. Like a dough version of it…?

The texture is soft like most of the questbars.

Flavour…well no mouth watering, i want more flavour. But its still yummy.

Its not one of my favourites… it just doesnt have that Wow, im going to eat 5 of these in a row factor!

Though i havent eaten this flavour in a while, so maybe ive just forgotten how it tastes? haha

i should really have written the review while, or just after eating the bar.


I havent tried heating it up either, though if im honest… i cant imagine it would taste so good, but who knows.


What i CAN imagine this bar will taste good with… is actually making it into small cheesecakes.

Using the bar as the base, then mixing together some cream cheese, vanilla powder, some greek yoghurt and strawberries and putting it into the freezer… im sure that would be really yummy!

Ok… now ive just made myself crave this bar, and i think i need to go buy this flavour! hahaah 😄


I give this flavour 3/5

^Not my picture^^




Questbar review: peanut butter cup


Peanut butter cup.

Sounds delicious right… you imagine like reeses peanut butter cups, right? (Though i dont actually like those ^_^)

But you imgaine a creamy chocolate & creamy peanut butter…


That however isnt the case with the quest peanut butter cups.

The chocolate outside is sort of powdery and the peanut butter is all crumbly, not smooth at all.

However, does this make them disgusting? Not at all…

Its a different taste. Some love these, others hate them. So its mixed reactions towards them.

I like them the way they are… they crumble alot, so a plate is needed. But let it sort of melt in your mouth, and its super delicious 🙂

Another way is to add it to yoghurt, or even make banana & peanut butter ice cream & break the peanut butter cup into the ice cream. 🙂

You dont have to eat it just the way it is.


What i like about it, is that you get 2 peanut butter cups…. so it lasts longer… sometimes. Othertimes i eat both at once 😉 haha


Consistency: Crumbly… so needs a plate 😉 haha. Hard to eat on the go.

Flavour: 3/5 not my favourite, but its still good to have at home when you are too lazy to make your own PB cups!

Aftertaste? A little…


in total: 3/5

You can try it, but maybe dont put it on your number one list to try 🙂

pb cup



Evening snacking!


Today when we went food shopping i loaded the cart with fresh fruit and vegetables!!One of my favourite things about summer is all the summer fruit that has come into season, and all the fresh vegetables! I love it ^_^

This evening my night snack is: 1 grapfruit, watermelon (and even more afterwards!), cherries, a small quark pot & of course some dark chocoalte (cant live without it!) and an aloe vera drink!!  Delicious x100.

Food = life. & my favourite part of the day 🙂

(I think i should turn into a food blogger or something, as i have such a love for good food ;))










Vegetarian buffet


Talking with my mum this morning and she said we should do something together.  She promised me the last day that we would go get frozen yoghurt but that never happened. She suggested we go out to lunch today. And who can say no to the that? I love foodaa

I suggested we go to this vegetarian buffet we went to last year. It’s my rest day today so I want to spend my day eating 🙂 And i love this buffet sooo much!
Their hummus is to die for!! I just want go eat a kilo of it! And the fresh baked bread ♥_♥
  5 slices of bread, c.a 1 kg (joke! ) hummus, & lots of other spicy vegetarian food which burnt my taste buds! ! I had planned on eating dessert,  but there just wasn’t room for that…-_-‘ I thought i had a dessert stomach? ^-^

This really made my day and it was nice to spend some time with my mum 🙂 And get some talking time and mother – daughter time!! ^-^