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Nutella – Why do Fitblrs eat it? & is it healthy?


More and more i have noticed that ‘fitblrs’ and ‘health’ accounts are posting pictures of food with nutella…. and then there comes loads of questions of, Why are fitblrs eating nutella? is it healthy? And people think its like Peanut Butter (that yes its high in fat, but its actually healthy in small amounts!)

Now if we look at the ingredients you can see that the first ingredient is sugar, followed by palm oil… so not the healthiest?

But i am all into moderation and balance, and dont see the point in depriving yourself. Because lets be honest, eating 1 or 2 tablespoons/tea spoons of nutella now and again isnt going to make you fat or ruin any progress.

Of course eating a tablespoon nutella everyday wouldnt be reccommended as it has c.a 11g sugar in it (in just a small serving). But being afraid of eating a little bit of it now and again isnt healthy at all… granted, just because you can eat it, doesnt mean you have to.

Infact you can make a healthier version using hazelnuts, sweetner and cacao or chocolate protein powder!

I dont personally like nutella, my body cant cope with too sweet or sugary foods and for me, nutella makes me break into sweat, feel dizzy and can even make me sick… But thats just my body!

Why Fitblrs eat it? Well im guessing its because they like it… also, if you need to gain weight then its a good thing to add as well 😉 (despite the sugar content!) Also many people who do IIFYM eat things like nutella and poptarts!! Though i think IIFYM is just an excuse to eat whatever you want and say ‘if it fits your macros!’

Those who eat ‘healthy’ or ‘clean eating’ would never eat nutella, as it doesnt fit their ‘diet’

I dont label what or how i eat… i jsut eat everything in moderation and balance. So if i want a tablespoon or two of nutella i would eat it! But as im no nutella fan, i would prefer a spoon… or half a tub (^_^)o ofBen and jerrys!


Fruit & veggie lover!


Hello 🙂

Ive written about it several times, but i am slightly intolerant to lactose (my mum,sister, aunt and dad) are all lactose intolerant, so its not exactly strange that i am showing signs of it aswell… however i have pretty much refused to give up dairy! haha But i am successively cutting down 😉 Finding new alternatives.
  And recently i have been craving fruit, veggies and green smoothies like crazy!! Which is strange as i eat so many veggies as it is, but ive got to listen to my body 🙂
   Ive also decided to make more green smoothies, because they both sound and look delicious! So if you have any good green smoothie recipes, comment and let me know!:)
Todays snack consisted of a green smoothie (turned purple!) made out of: Spinach, broccolli, blueberries, vanilla yoghurt, almond milk, pear & vanilla protein powder, 2 small pears & appelsauce!! And it actually turned out delicious 🙂 You could barely taste the broccolli or spinach (but asi  like the taste of the, it doesnt really matter!) & carrots, an apple, an egg & a few squares of dark chocolate (Standard!) & a green tea 🙂
I actually realised afterwards that i should have added some coconut oil to my smoothie, i am sure that would have tasted amazing && added some healthy fats to my snack as well 😉







New package!!


Is it just me, or when i get a package i feel like a 5 year old again 🙂 I knew what was in the package, but it was just as fun to rip it open and see everything 🙂 All i wanted to do was drink the jacked fuel, drink my BCAAS, cook some of the low carb noodles, make casein pudding and protein fluff!!! ^_^hahah Just like a child on christmas 🙂

Tomorrow i am going to try my new BCAAS, and im super excited 🙂 I will write  recension when ive tested them 🙂

Do you want me to write a recension on the casein (double chocolate) and the Whey protein (pear and vanillla!) 🙂 And also the low carb noodles (ive tried another variant before and liked them :))

And i get all my supplements from (Super good prices and super quick delivery!)



Questbar review: Cookie dough


A few weeks ago i said i would do some questbar reviews… and here is my first one 🙂

I am a self confessed Questbar addict!! hahah, once you start, its hard to stop. Though i feel that either you love them or you hate them (sort of) some people say that it has an aftertaste, or a bit of a synthetic taste… but i personally love them.

I havent tried all of them, there is one or two which i havent tried… so i want to buy a mixed box to try them all.

I usually buy my questbars seperate in stores here in Sweden, its more expensive to buy them seperatly, but i find that when i buy them in boxes, or like i have before but 1-3 boxes at a time… i end up eating 1-3 questbars a day O_O And really, that isnt so good for my stomach… (theres alot of fiber in them ^_^ ) So i prefer to buy 1 or 2 when im craving them 🙂

Today i  ate a cookie dough questbar as part of my snack, and it is one of my favourites…. i cant quite decide if its my favourite or not? But the top 3 anyway!





Taste: It is soft, tastes exactly like cookie dough though less sweet. It has delicious chocolate chunks!! 5/5

Filling: I think questbars are one of the only bars that are actually filling… so many protein bars like swebars, nutrinick, atkinbars just leave me hungry…. infact atkinbars i find are too sweet, and can make me want to eat another… of course 50% of the time i want to eat another questbar, but thats just because its so delicious, but its one of the best bars to have with you when you need a filling, nutrious snack while on the go. Or perfect as a pre/post workout or a morning snack to have in school 🙂

I give this one 5/5 and would definitely reccommend it as the first flavour you try 🙂



^^And no i havent changed nailpolish in all 3 pictures 🙂 They are taken at different times!!!


Casein chocolate pudding


This evening was the first time i tried making casein pudding, and i can say – it is absaloutly delicious!!

I use MMsports double rich chocolate casein, which tastes amazing and its great to eat before bed!


This evenings night snack was chocolate caseing pudding, sugar free strawberry quark, raspberries & granola. And a questbar on the side!! ^_^I think this is going to be my standard night snack… or just eat this 6 times a day!!!





Taco dinner!


One of my favourite foods is definitely Tacos!! (Other favourite meals are sushi, chicken and sweet potatoe, a yummy salad etc)

And here in Sweden its almost tradition to eat Tacos every Friday, and well Im not one to break a tradition 🙂 So tacos for dinner tonight :):)


Whats your favourite dinner food ? 🙂

Cauliflower pizza recipe


One of my favourite cauliflower recipes is cauliflower pizza. People call me crazy, But i dont like pizza!! Not even when i was younger, though i still ate it then. Of course ill eat a slice or two if im at friends houses or something, but its nota  meal i would choose to eat. However cauliflower pizza i like….

This recipe is from and ive made many of her recipes before, and ive made this recipe several times!!!

Yesterday, when i was home alone i decided to make this recipe, and with 1 small cauliflower i made 2 ‘small/medium* sized pizzas 🙂 Perfect for lunch today as well!


200g raw cauliflower
2 egg whites
1.5 tsp Fiberhusk (psyllium seeds)
1 tablespoon of crushed flaxseed
Optional spices: rosemary, onion powder, herbal salt, pepper

1st Heat the oven to 220C.
2nd Mix the raw cauliflower in a food processor until it almost becomes mushy / grainy. Remove the cauliflower and squeeze it a bit with paper towels so that you remove some fluid.
3rd Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then add put the ‘batter’ onto a baking sheet that you put an oiled / greased greaseproof paper. Spread the batter into a round shape, about 0.3 cm thick. Bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

4th Remove and add toppings and then bake another 10-15 minutes in the oven. Take out and enjoy!

Nutritional information for the bottom:
140 kcal
14 g protein
10 g carbohydrates (from the vegetables)
4 g fat

(i added tomatoe sauce afterwards. &&  YOU can add cheese or cottagce cheese)




Today I was super excited to go to the gym – excess energy from yesterday!

However I’m very sensitive to the weather and as it’s grey and raining it brings my mood and energy level down…. So i did the best I could 😉 no super workout, but it felt good to be at the gym! Lifting some heavy objects 🙂

Warm up: 20 minute powerwalk to the gym

6 set X 8-10 alternating bicep curl, increasing weight each time

4 set X 10 hammer curls superset 10 behalf bicep curls

3 set X 10 barbell curls

4 set X 10 cable curls

3 set X 10 hammer curls with rope (in cable machine)

and finished off with 20 minute stretching for my sore legs!!
My workout wasn’t the best :/ But that’s ok, not every workout can be awesome.


Cheap snack ideas/tips


I dont know how it is in your house, but in my house we do a big food shopping once a week – usually on Fridays. So on Thursdays and Fridays, its all about using whats left, which isnt much. However what i have learned is that you really dont need alot to make somethign really tasty 🙂

As long as you have basic things like oatmeal or flour, milk, eggs/egg whites and things like dates then you can make some sort of snacks and breakfast.


Today using what we had left i made a baked oatmeal pancake, ‘apricot, coconut and date’ balls & ‘coconut, apriot and chocolate bars!’

The ingredients i used for the baked oatmeal pancake was just oatmeal flour, mix of milk and almond milk, egg whites (I’ve gotten asked why i use egg whites and not eggs, its because i buy ‘egg whites in a bottle’ as its cheaper and its perfect to use when i bake things like this, and also buying eggs cost alot… so when i need between 4-6 eggs, its better ot just use 1-2dl egg whites ;)), baking powder & some funlight to give it flavour. Into the oven until it was no longer ‘wet’ and there… a perfect, yummy baked oatmeal pancake 🙂


And for the raw balls, and bars i just mixed together apricots, dates, shredded coconut, a little bit of tahini and for the chocolate bars i added some cacao powder 🙂


Other easy things you can make with basic ingredients is mugcakes, banana & egg pancakes, veggie burgers (as simple as shredded carrots & zuchinni, eggs and flour!) or egg muffins.

There are even simple microwave bread recipes you can make with oatmeal, egg, some milk and into the microwave!!

Just some tips for you who are either on a budget, or dont know what to make/eat with few ingredients 🙂

Ohhh.. also banana and oatmeal cookies!! (Add raisins or chocolate chips for extra taste!) And if you have berries, milk and eggs you can make ‘protein fluff/egg white fluff’!!



^¨Both pictures from before:)