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Motivation to workout


Sometimes it can be hard to fine the motivation to workout. You feel tired, you make excuses etc

I love working out, so for me i have motivation to workout 99% of the time, and have to force myself to take rest days. But its not like that for everyone. However i reccommend that you make it a lifestyle, you shouldnt feel guilty if you miss a workout, but sometimes you need to force yourself to the gym even if you dont fee like it. Because you know yo uwill feel better afterwards!

Here are some tips to help with motivation!

Make a collage of loads of motivational quotes and remind yourself why you SHOULD and NEED to workout. How you will feel better afterwards. Even if its just a   20 minute run, its better than nothing. And sometimes the hardest part is actually getting yourself out the door.

Make a playlist with lots of good music and music that gets you wanting to workout.

Look at inspiration Instagram accounts of Tumblrs.

Put on your workout clothes, eat a healthy snack and try to pep yourself for a workout.

Get a workout buddy.

Just Decide to do it. Book a gym class or a time when you will workout and just DO IT!

Buy new workout clothes!

Friday workout


Note to self – Get better at updating my blog! 

Sometimes it feels like i forget that i have a blog, i guess you could say i dont prioritze it as my first thing. But i plan to get better 🙂 The past few days i havent had loads of motivation to the gym, i havent been eating enough so have had the energy. But ive decided to increase my food intake and after just 2 days i am feeling alot better!! Physically and mentally and have loads more energy 🙂 I love food and i love eating!

Today it was Biceps and Triceps to workout!

30 minutes cross trainer

4 x 10 bicep curl

3 x 10 hammer curls

3 x 10 ‘half’ hammer curls

2 x 15 tricep push ups

4 x 8 tricep kick back

3 x 8 one armed dumbbell tricep extension

4 x 10 cable curl

3×12 tricep pull down

3 x12 tricep extension

2 x 10 chin ups

Afterwards my arms were shaking!!! But i had a great pump through out the whole workout 😉

How i built muscle


I think one of the most common things we tell ourselves is  that we can’t. We can’t do this or can’t do that. How often do we actually tell ourselves that we can? We are more willing to tell ourselves that we can’t do something, whether it’s to get up 20 minutes earlier or run that extra km or to lift heavier or even to lose weight. We give up to early and just accept defeat.

Too long I spent telling myself I can’t gain weight or muscles. But that was just an excuse – because of course you can. You can if you want to.
  My body has a difficult time gaining weight, but that’s no excuse.
  I was addicted to my cardio and thought I would become fat if I didn’t do cardio. But doing so much cardio was stopping me from reaching my goal of becoming stronger and gaining more muscle.
   For almost 2 months now I’ve only been focusing on strength training. And I have made progress, maybe not loads. But I have gained muscle mass.
I focused on heavy weights, HIIT and lots of food. And that works for me.

You have to put in the effort and stop telling yourself that you can’t. Because you can.




^^ 6 weeks differnce.

Oatmeal breakfast


Loading up for a workout with oatmeal for breakfast!! Just a few weeks ago i was addicted to quark for breakfast, but now i love oatmeal!!! Gives me so much energy and i dont bloat as much.

I couldnt decide what to workout today… as i took my rest day on Saturday instead of on Sundays like i usually do. I feel like my whole workout plan is messed up.. haha But im thinking ill do legs today and then have a bit of ‘fun time’ where i just practise chins, pull ups, handstands and lots of stretching!!!

This morning before breakfast i went for a 5km powerwalk 😉 Perfect start to the day. Now its time to drink my coffee and get ready to go!

oatmeal for breakfast with cottage cheese, jam and strawberries – and after the picture i added a mix of seeds and milk! & an egg, questbar and coffee 😉


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Cardio & back


Recently i haven’t had time to write out my workouts. But I am still working out:)
  Do you want me to write out my workouts… or is it just a waste of time?

Today I worked out with my sister. And we had decided on doing cardio and then she had to go and I would do back.
We began with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then 5 minute powerwalk & 15 minute intervals. I have a love-hate relationship with intervals! While I run it doesn’t feel so great – not when you’re running at 17/18km hr, but I love the feeling afterwards!

After cardio i felt so unfocused and didn’t really have a plan of what I was going to do. So i didn’t really give it my all, and after 35 minutes I gave up and went home.

4 X 10 row with barbell
3 X 10 push ups on toes
3 X 12 push ups up on medicine ball (on knees)
3 X 15 TRX pull ups
2 X 10 chin ups
2 X 8 pull ups
4 X 10 lat pull down
5 X 10 row in machine
2 X 6 pull ups

Felt super tired afterwards… but now it’s home to reload with food as i have a doctor’s appointment now and later it’s just rest and more food. And hope for a  better workout tomorrow!


Tips on beginning to strength train


A common question which i get is how I started strength training/how to start strength training.

I love strength training! It’s one of my passions in life.. However it wasn’t always that way. I’ll admit, I will always be a cardio girl! I mean I lpve running, walking, hiking, swimming etc but I also love lifting weights 😉

Building muscle is great for many different reasons. And it can also help you to improve your body image.
It helps strengthen bones, build strength and muscles and helps boost your immune system etc

So how did I begin? I began by doing body weight exercises, mainly doing sit ups and some abs exercises. Then I got some more confidence and began to use weights. And I did things like bicep curls… using 3kg which was heavy for me at the time! In fact I remember the moment when I realised I could use 4kg for bicep curls. I was so proud of myself and felt super strong!!

Then I began using the gym machines, I went to the gym one day in the mid morning and there was practically no one in the gym. So I went and tried all the machines, some I couldn’t get to work which I found very embarrassing or was too weak to change the seat or height!!

I then began doing research of exercises… exercises for each muscle group. I began using more weights. Testing myself and my limits and getting more confidence!! When I first began I used the ‘ladies section’ of the gym, where all the dumbbells are coloured and there are pilates balls etc ( that’s where I go to stretch now) but I go to the ‘manly’area now when I strength train 🙂

It’s scary to begin strength training because you’re worried of what people will think, or your not strong enough or dont know what to do. But it’s all about confidence. Go there and do your own thing. Most people are so busy with themselves that they don’t  care about what you are doing.

Also research is important!! Find new exercises and learn the technique. Don’t be scared to test new things or to ask for help.
You are at the gym for yourself. So don’t care about others.
And remember, everyone starts somewhere.

I mean when I began I didn’t even know what a squat was… and now I can leg press 100kg and squat my body weight etc… that might not be alot for someone else. But for me it’s alot. And I am happy with my progress. I dont compare myself to others because I have only been seriously been strength training for less than a year!!

Be confident!!

If you have any more questions, you can email or comment 😉

But remember to eat more when you exercise!!


Breakfast is the most importat meal of the day


Its Monday today! A New Day and a New Week (Im pretty sure i say this every Monday… haha ;))

And its also my official start of my break 🙂 6 more days left!!!

Today i started my day with a delicious egg white oatmeal (with cinnamon and stevia!!), cottage cheese, strawberries and raspberries. And after the picture i added nuts and seeds & milk! (you may wonder why i added them afterwards…Because the bowl didnt look as appetizing afterwards 😉 haha Everything to mke the picture look good!)




Have a great day everyone 🙂


About interval training


As you might know most of my cardio at the moment is interval training. Mainly because it is time efficient and so effective!! 2o minutes of intervals is alot more effective than just 20 minutes of walking or running.

It gets my heart beat racing and sweating!! Also as i am focusing on building muscle cardio isnt my top priority, but i love running and i do enjoy cardio. So intervals is perfect!

I vary between tabata intervals and doing 1 minute sprints, 20 second rest 🙂