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Legday and HIIT


Good day everyone 😉

   Today it was legday that awaited me! After a big breakfast i headed to the gym, ready to go hard.

My workout looked like this:

Warm up: 10 minutes on the elliptical

20 minutes HIIT: Run for 1 minutes at 15-17km/hr, rest 20-30 seconds. Repeat for 20 minutes.

After just 20 minutse of HIIT ( c.a 16 minutes of intervals), i was drenched in sweat and breathing heavy. High intensity interval training is alot more effective than say an hour on the crosstrainer. This year i plan on doing HIIT more often as it is so effective, though i continue to go for my morning walks (when i feel like them and have time) and also to beging running more often…. Not so sure how it will go with building muscle as i increase my cardio?

And then it was time for legs…

4 sets X 12 reps – Leg press 

5 sets X 8-10 reps – Leg extension (Increased my weights each set)

4 sets X 10 reps – adductor machine (increased weights each set)

2 sets X 12 reps – calf raises

4 sets X 12 reps – Squats

4 sets X 10 – Deadlift

2 X 1 minute wall sits

And then i practised doing some chins & pull ups, and finished with lots of stretching – i can now do the splits again!!!


Today i had so much energy and i could increase my weights in all of the exercises ^_^ so thats fun, i love seeing progress!!!

My goals 2014


I dont have any specific goals with my training, i exercise so often because i love it. It makes me feel stronger, it decreases my stress levels (while in school), its good for my health and of course always makes me feel super good 🙂

I like to vary my workouts alot, i do different types of workouts – running, powerwalk, my own strength training workouts, home circuits, circuit training, kickboxing, bodypump, circuit, hill walking, using the outside gym, and i plan on beginning to do wall climbing and yoga this year (ive done them before, but have never done them regularly). 

Its good to vary workouts so that you dont plateau, and you always surprise your body.

What i love about fitness and exercise, is the different components of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibilty, speed and power. I work on all the components so that im not just fast, or not just strong but im both… i mean i can lift quite heavy (though not so much compared to others) but i can place my hands flat on the ground – bending over. I can run fast and also do the wheel… the thing which i need to improve is endurance and balance…

However, my goals for this year are:

  • To be able to do a handstand
  • To be able to do a cartwheel
  • To be able to do 10 proper chins & pull ups
  • To get better at doing proper push ups – i can do between 5-12 in a row
  • To start doing yoga regularly
  • To start running longer distances more often

Back to blogging


Its the start of a New Year, 2014! And this year i continue to stay healthy, it is after all my lifestyle.

To start off my New Year i woke up and went out for a long run, one of my new years resolutions is to run more often and long distances, as i have over the past few months only focused on improving my speed and running a max of 6km at a time, but now i aim to improve my speed on 10-15kms 🙂

  Starting my new year with a run is something i have now done for 3 years, it symbolizes how my year will be. Healthy, happy and strong! 

Since i lost wrote (In June i think it was) i still workout, i still eat healthy, i just felt there wasn’t a point in writing a blog, but now i plan on sharing my journey, my successes through the blog and hope to inspire others to become healthy as well.