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Rest day


Today is a rest day. And even though i feel both physically and mentally capable i.e not tired (i thought i would be, as yesterday i spent more than 2 hours at the gym and did 2 strength training classes!) But im not actually physically tired. And a part of me wants to go to the gym, but at the same time not. (the part of me that doesnt want to, is the fact that i can barely walk cause i have a HUGE blister the size of my heel, on my heel!)

But today, i am going to I’m actually feeling really focused. And then i know that, i can relax a little. And wont stress when i go to the gym for the rest of the days of the week 🙂 I have also asked for extra time for one of my assignments, just to take a little bit of the stress away. Though if i stay focused this evening i might not even need the extra time ? 🙂

Anyway, remember to rest everyone!! Its important. And of course, prioritize your work/school. Training will always be there, but if you feel really stressed about school or getting your work done. Then skip the gym. Go for a 30 minute walk in stead. And just focus on your studies/work. Because once the stress of that is gone, it will be so much easier to workout – you wont feel as stressed!! 🙂

Difference between peanut butter


For all of you who think that PB is unhealthy…. Yes, some are. The ones which are filled with sugar and hydrogenated fats. But the natural ones, with just peanuts and salt. THey are healthy. Thats healthy fats which your body needs.

Ever heard of, Eat fat to burn fat? Its true. Healthy fats help you burn fat!!! Its the bad trans fats which you should stay away from.

Do you know what’s in the food your eating?


This is so right!! Home made is the best! When you buy packaged food in the store, alot of it contains unnecessary sugars, salt and oil. So make your own!! So much tastier than store bought!


Are you buying fruit yogurt, whole grain bread, protein bars thinking your being healthy?

Think again! Truth is all these items and most store-bought items contain sugar, salt and preservatives.

Did you know that fruit yogurt can contain up to 10% added white sugar, and chemical food-dies to make it look pretty and taste good?

How about that whole wheat bread? Look at the ingredients and you will most likely find that only 30% is whole wheat and that it contains added sugars and salt.

And a lot of so-called “healthy” snack bars have a bunch of sugar or artificial sweeteners and white refined flour.

Or what about that granola your having for breakfast? Most likely it’s filled with sugar and oil.

Start reading the labels and ingredients in the food you are eating and you will most likely be quite surprised by how unhealthy these items marketed as “healthy”…

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Dont count calories.


Something which i want to tell you all, from my own experiences is to not count calories. That was one mistake which i have learnt from. A few months ago (i.e maybe 7 months ago) i started using MyFitnessPal. As i didnt really know how much i should eat (or i knew my BMR) as i wanted fatloss… but at the same time muscle gain (its hard to achieve both at the same time!! Though now as i understand it, periodic fasting is a good way to achieve both at the same time.) 

MFP put my net calories as 1580 (though my BMR is 2305 ). And i used MFP for about 2 months, At first i mostly forgot to put in what i ate, but after a while i became slightly obsessed with it. I had to put in every calorie i ate, and got anxiety if i didnt know how much i had eaten, or forgotten to post what i ate. I was eat a net of 1200 because i didnt want my calorie to be at my actual net calories or to go over that line. So i ate under it. Which was a mistake. If i felt hungry, i wouldnt let myself eat because it would put me at too much calories… basically that continued for roughly 2 months. Until i decided, enough was enough. Food isnt the enemy, and i shouldnt be restricting myself to numbers. And i knew very well that i wasnt eating enough, but because of the calories i didnt want to eat more. So i broke free from the calorie counting.

And since then, ive had a much healthier relationship with food – once again. I now eat until im food. I eat when im hungry, and even sometimes just when im bored. I know i need to eat alot, and when im not calorie counting i believe i actually am eating enough for my body. I listen to my body and give it energy. And thats the most important thing.

For me, i had put my body back into starvation mode. And i wasnt seeing any progress. Infact the opposite. I was constantly bloated, and i think i had began storing fat (which the body does when its in starvation mode) and i just wasnt feeling so happy – iwas feeling tired and depressed. I was eating too little.

But now when im eating just from my bodies signals, i have seen progress. Both muscle gain and fatloss – i am not as bloated as much. And am alot more toned.

I know how easy it can be to get stuck in the whole calorie counting thing, but take it from me. You dont need to count calories. You can still lose weight/gain muscle /tone up from just listening to your bodies signals.

I mean your body doesnt have a calorie counter, it doesnt know whether your getting 300 calories from fruit, dried fruit and PB or getting it from a cheese burger. As long as you eat healthy eating 200 calories more or 200 calories less isnt doing you any harm. Being precise with the number of calories you eat might not always be so good, and can lead to a plateau.

Bodypump and core!


Helllo 🙂

After yesterdays restday, i had lots of energy today, and all yesterday evening i was longing until this morning so i could head to the gym and lift some weights!!

Started off with 15 minutes running 12km/hr and then 20 minuets HIIT! Then it was 55 minutes bodypump – i increased all my weights, and i even have to boast a little – i could lift heavier than some of the guys in the bodypump class!! haha. Proud? Yeah, just a little!! I love feeling strong. I love being able to increase weights, and know that you can do something which you couldnt do before!!

After that i did 30 minutes core. And well, my only thought throughout the whole class was, Why do i put myself through this`? haha. I really hate Core, but i know its good. And i dont do much training for my abs, so its good to go to a class where i am forced to work on my core and do new exercises!! 🙂

I then drank my protein shake (Flavour – Pear&Vanilla! Its so good! And headed home!! :9

Active rest day!


Hello 🙂

Today has been a good day so far!  This morning i went out for a fasted powerwalk with my dog!!  I had thought about going for a run, but this morning i didnt have the motivation or energy to run, so it was a powerwalk instead!!

! i had planned to go to the gym after school, to do some weight training. Though wasnt fully decided as i didnt know which muscle group i wanted to work on!! But when i finished school i just didnt feel motivated to go to the gym at all. The gym is my favourite place, but it just didnt appeal to me at all. And so i headed home instead – so today is now an active rest day!! I know i need to listen to my body and mind!!


80% of the time


I think this is so important to remember. Many people go overboard when they’re trying to reach their goals, thinking that the more you workout or the less you eat, the faster you will see results. But you know what, its a long process. And you need to let it take time.

You also need to remember to live your life. Dont let your fitness, or 100% clean eating take over your life. Because you know what, you are limiting yourself. Fitness and health is part of my lifestyle, it is my lifestyle. But my motto is, moderation not deprivation  I dont do cheat days, because you know what… i choose exactly what i want to put in my mouth/in my body. If i dont want chocolate, i wont eat it. But if i someday do want to eat chocolate, or have cravings for a cheese sandwich, then i’ll eat it. Because i know that there is nothing wrong with it. And eating some food which is less clean than usual wont do any harm! 

You also need to remember to rest. If you hate rest days – like myself. Then take active rest days. Where you do some yoga or go for a long walk or something like that. Another thing which i think is very important, is that if you work out alot and very heavy workouts. Then i reccommend taking a few days off after c.a 6-8 weeks of hard workouts (&rest days) then take 3-5 days of rest, where you give your body and mind the rest it needs. And trust me, you will see results. Those few days off wont do any harm, or wont stop your progress, it can actually help you progress!

And remember to listen to your body. Somedays you need extra rest, and somedays you need more food. Listen to your body.

And remember to live your life. Dont let your weightloss/muscle gaining get in the way of living your life. Because really, when your old and thinking back about your life, is all you want to remember are the days at the gym`?