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This is why you shouldnt diet.


Written by Cassey from Blogilates! 

Have you ever felt like being on a diet was like being grounded, and if you snuck out and had an “off limits” snack you would feel so bad as if you had ruined everything?

diet jail

I can guarantee that anyone that has been on any type of a restricted plan has felt this “food guilt.” So, I want to take the time today to talk a bit about this type of shame that hinders our progress and creates a backwards understanding of healthy living.

From personal experience, I know what it feels like to screw up a “perfect diet.” You’re on a low calorie no carb meal plan that allows no soda, fried things, or white things…all is going well and veggies with lean protein are your best friend…until you get invited to a friend’s birthday party and you HAVE TO GO. You’re afraid. It’s not that you don’t want to hang out with your gals…it’s just that the food that’ll be served will be too tempting. You’ve been so on track and you don’t want this to make you slip.

Oh goodness. What do you do? Maybe try to eat a salad before you go so that you’re full and will eat less. Drink more water so there’s no room for grilled burgers and fried appetizers.

You head to the party, telling yourself to stay strong. All is good until you open the door. And there it is…straight in front of you…that bowl of hot and sultry spinach dip with beautifully arranged crackers lining the plate. You look to the right and there’s alcohol and friends urging you to relax and have a drink with them. You look to the left and the girls just opened up a freshly delivered box of hot Hawaiian pizza. You see that luminous cheese stretch as someone grabs a slice for their plate. A piece of pineapple drops back into the box and all you wish is to just have a taste.

You keep thinking…ughh…they don’t understand what I have to go through. Seeing this food is torture. They’re so lucky that they can eat whatever they want and be skinny. Look at me, working so hard, suffering like this, all I want is a bite. But I can’t. I can’t ruin it now.

But like a fish attracted to a worm on a hook, you can’t stop the force that’s pulling you towards the pizza. You keep swimming and swimming closer. You grab it, bite it, OMG it’s amazing! But before you can even indulge fully, you feel a pit in your stomach. Almost immediately…that guilt settles in and taints your whole body with shame.

I messed up, you think. All that hard work. Gone. Screw it. I’m a failure. Let’s just stuff myself with whatever and start again tomorrow. No point in stopping now. Let the self destruction begin.


Being on a diet isn’t fun and sometimes it can feel like jail. But if done correctly…changing the way you eat to achieve a healthier lifestyle should be fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding.

The reason why so many diets fail is because there are so many freaking rules. Too many restrictions and directions that it takes so much effort to stay on track. You know what the problem is? All of these “magic diets” are so focused on calories – grams of carbs – grams of protein – grams of fat – so focused on the mini details. Accounting class was my least favorite in college and I really don’t want to look at my food in terms of checks and balances too! Ahhh!!!

I want to look at food as fuel, not as the enemy. I want it to be something that I look forward to. Something that makes me happy. Something that not only fills my belly but also fills my soul. My body doesn’t run on numbers. It runs on good energy.

Here’s what you can do to break out of food jail and still eat well to lose weight (if that is your goal) or to embrace clean eating:



Yeah. The truth is that you are most likely going to gain weight on a diet because you aren’t used to the low calorie/low carb/low fat intake and will get super hungry. As a result, your stomach will secrete a hormone called greleen which will make you even more ravenous! If you like to stay up late and are getting less than 7 hours of sleep, you’re going to be prone to eating more as well. Not because you will have more time to think about food, but because chemically your body will make more leptin which will increase your appetite.


Stop with the calorie counting obsession. Stop with the food fear. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle. And it works. You will lose fat. You will shed any excess weight. Think about this as calibrating your diet and bringing normalcy back into your eating.

– Eat veggies. Lots of veggies. Steam them, bake them, boil them, sautee them. Let veggies rule the bulk of your plate. No veggies are off limits. Have it at every meal.

– Drink more water! This fills you up, helps your system flow better, and will make your skin brighter. You need water to function. HYDRATE.

Those are the two big ones. Now fill the rest of your stomach with lean proteins like chicken, fish, scallop, eggs, tofu, lentils, beans etc. If you’re craving carby things, do whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat. And don’t be afraid of fruit! It is good!!! I’d rather you eat fruit than candy bars!!! Plus it has fiber! Fruit is nature’s candy.

Whole, natural foods are amazing. They taste so good. And are so filling in numerous ways.

Diets or meal plans are designed to give you guidance but eating should not make you go crazy! It should not be so complicated and should not be dictated by numbers. TRUST ME. If you eat more veggies and drink more water, everything will fall into place. Stop focusing and obsessing about food and dieting. Put your energy towards eating whole food and paying attention to when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Be conscious and allow your body to function the way it is supposed to.

As for working out, try to sweat daily. Do a workout that’s fun for you but still challenges your muscles. It should get your heart rate up. You should be sore if it’s something new. Switch it up to keep your body working hard. The workout calendars that I switch up every month are perfect.

So the next time you feel super guilty about eating something, step back and assess your situation. If you feel guilty it’s because you feel deprived. Your eating habits aren’t working for you. Also remember that every body is different. What helps someone lose weight may do the exact opposite for you. I ask that you start to be more aware of how your body reacts to certain foods. Eat more of what works and less of what doesn’t. At the end of the day, you will have to be the one to write your own “diet plan”. It takes time. There’s nothing wrong with following someone else’s published plan, but keep in mind that it is ok to alter it. It is ok to bend the rules to fit your needs.

❤ Cassey

Its ok to eat and enjoy yourself


Today I dont know how many posts ive seen on instagram where girls are posting pictures of chocolate and the huge easter lunch and saying… im not eating any chocolate. Or ugghhh I wish I could eat it all.
   How about….. you actually enjoy yourself and eat some chocolate? Just because you’re eating healtgy and clean doesnt mean you can eat chocolate now and again? And if you want a big lunch today… then eat it.
   One day of bad eating wont fuck things up… and your body can cope with those extra calories. Trust me.
  Acrually… if yiu were to eat loads today and go ti the gym tomorrow you’ll realise youll have more energy 😉

Today. I am going to enjoy myself .. I have already eaten loads of chocolate – though my body is protesting by sweating and generally feel icky. -_- But sure.
Anyway… I hope you all have a great day 😉



Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all havea  great day 🙂 Eat nice food, and dont feel guilty 🙂 But dont forget, just because its Easter. Dont skip out on exercising. Go for a long walk with your family, or go for a run in the morning. Or if you have time and energy, head to the gym for a morning/evening workout 🙂

The problem with Fitspo



I see a lot of people reblogging fitspo as a “healthy” alternative to thinspo, but it’s important to realise that there isn’t that much of a distinction between the two. Idolizing anyone’s body can lead to unhealthy thoughts and behaviour, and if you choose to look at these images it’s important to do so with an awareness of their potential problems.

  • I’m sure you’re familiar with the issues associated with pictures in the media. Makeup artists, hair stylists, professional studios and photoshop ensure that most of the time even the models don’t look like themselves. Even if they really do have the type of figure that you covet, this is a product of their lifestyles. It’s part of their job description to look a certain way, so they can dedicate a substantial portion of their lives to maintaining their body. This probably isn’t practical or advisable for most people. Furthermore, these models are subject to so much pressure and insecurity – you don’t know what unhealthy extremes they might go to in order to keep their jobs.
  • But you see normal tumblr users in fitspo all the time, and they don’t have those advantages, right? Well they do have the advantage of being represented in a single snapshot of their lives. They can choose to take a picture when they’re not bloated, or when they’re tensing their muscles, or when they’re standing in a particularly flattering way. These people do not necessarily look that way in day-to-day life. People with visible abs don’t necessarily have them all the time (or even most of the time). It only takes a little bit of normal bloating for them to disappear – the photos they take might just be well-timed.
  • The person in that picture is not you! You could follow their meal-plan and exercise regime word-for-word and you’d still never look like them, because you are two different people. So many factors come into play, such as height, bone structure, genetics, body type, etc. If you look at somebody else and say “that’s my dream body”, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t try to look like someone else, because you probably never will. Instead, aim to look like the best version of you, whatever that may be.
  • People tend to think that fitspo represents people who are healthier than in thinspo, but that’s simply not true at all. In both cases you have no idea what lifestyle the model leads in order to look the way they do. Sometimes people assume that if someone has muscles then they must be fit and healthy, but this is just wrong. In the same way that the “unhealthy looking” slender person in thinspo might be perfectly fit, the “healthy looking” girl with abs in fitspo might have starved herself in order to make them show. If your aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle and become fit, it’s not productive to idolize people who are the opposite.
  • Fitspo promotes the idea that there is an ideal type of body. This can alienate a lot of people, especially when you consider the percentage of people that actually look like (or even have the potential to look like) the people featured in fitspo. Every body is beautiful, but we live in a society where everyone is brainwashed to think that certain traits are desirable. Being constantly bombarded with fitspo both on tumblr, in the media, and in day-to-day life can shred people’s self-esteem for no good reason, and lead to an unhealthy mindset.

I’m not going to tell you to stop looking at fitspo, because there’s nothing wrong with appreciating beautiful bodies, whatever their shape or size. And of course there is nothing wrong with looking like the people featured in fitspo do, just like there’s nothing wrong with looking completely different. Just be critical of the media you view, and try to keep a healthy mindset.



Exercise makes me happy!


Exercising makes me happy 🙂 going to the gym…. working out. Its one of the best things I know 🙂
I got to the gym. Put on my gym clothes and feel sexy as fuck 😉 haha. Oh yes… the sweat just adds to the look 😉
I love running. I love the feeling after a hardwork out. I love the feeling when my heart is racing. Exercising is freedom  I forget my worries. Forget my stress and anxiety!!

I had an early morning workout today. I wanted to go all out… really go hard today.  So I began with 25 minutes running at 12km/hr.
Then a 55 minute bodypump class where I increased my weights!! I love it when I can do something which I couldnt do a few weeks ago.
And then 20 minutes on the elliptical! !
🙂 feels great now!!! 😄

How are all of you spending your Saturday?  🙂


Baking healthy bread :)





2 dl (70 g) rolled oats

5dl spelled flour,

1 dl flax seed (I took the whole flaxseeds)

1 dl sesame seeds

2 tsp bicarbonate

a pinch of salt

3 tablespoons honey

1 grated apple

4 dl yogurt (I took plain yoghurt).

How to do:

Preheat the oven to 200°C degrees. Stir together all the dry ingredients. Grate the apple and add it to the dry ingredients together with honey and yogurt. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and pour / smear the batter. If you want, you can have some pumpkin seeds on top. Pushed into the oven 45-60min. For me it took just about 45 minutes.


Good morning everyone :)



I was/am feeling very body confident today and ended up taking quite a few ego  pictures:) haha. And here are just a few 😉
   Today its long friday & the start of my easter break! But today the gym is closed… but tgats ok 😉 Im planning to just go for a long walk in the sun wuth my dog 😉 its just as good exercise!!
  You dont always nees to sweat like a pig or go all out for it to be a workout/exercise. 😉 remember that.
   That is aomething which I have learnt along the way
  I used to thinj that a workout had to be a minimum of 90 minutes and I had to sweat and go hardcore… otherwise it wasnt a workout…. but I just burnt out.
  Now I can enjoy just going for a long walk 😉